Moroccos Reaction is Proportional to Seriousness of Bans Blunders Official

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Rabat – Morocco’s reaction to statements by UNSG Ban Ki-moon on the issue of Western Sahara, during his latest visit to the region, “was proportional to the seriousness of his blunders,” said Nasser Bourita, Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs at a press conference.This was the least Morocco can do, he said, noting that Morocco, which differentiates between the UN and the UNSG, does not need to be taught lessons on his commitments to the UN and has no problem with the UNSC or the UN but rather with the blunders of Ban Ki-moon.Morocco is one of the major contributors to the UN peacekeeping missions around the world where many soldiers fell as martyrs under the UN banner, he said, underlining that the Kingdom is among few countries which were involved in peacekeeping missions in the four continents. He also recalled that Morocco chairs the Global Counterterrorism Forum and will host the COP22, in addition to his contribution in the different UN bodies.He enumerated four controversial blunders made by Ban concerning the national issue as the use of the word “occupation” which has serious consequences politically and legally as it touches the very essence of the issue.Secondly, the travel of Ban from Tindouf and not from the Moroccan southern provinces to Bir Lahlou insinuates that this region is an extension of Tindouf, he said, explaining that this region is located in the buffer zone and is part of the Moroccan Sahara which the Kingdom put at the UN’s disposal to facilitate the implementation of the ceasefire agreement.The third thing, he went on, is the UNSG’s allusion to the referendum, a concept which has become outdated and obsolete and which the UNSC gave up since 2004 and so did the UNGA since 2007.The fourth blunder concerns Ban’s call for a conference of donors while the other parties refuse a census of populations in captivity in the camps of Tindouf, he said, recalling that Ban Ki-Moon himself has repeatedly called for such headcount since 2009.Bourita concluded by saying that the current settlement process is under way thanks to the Moroccan autonomy proposal.MWN with MAP

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