Ubuntu Edge achieves 10 percent of 32 million goal in just 12

Posted On Sep 21 2019 by

first_imgCanonical’s most ambition project yet was met instantly with thousands of excited users willing to hand over cash and wait for the Ubuntu Edge superphone.It’s hard to call the project currently being funded on Indiegogo by Canonical a phone. With 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, the specs start to sound like a low end Ultrabook at some point. The Ubuntu Edge is designed to be a smartphone that can flip between Android and Ubuntu mobile operating systems, but also dock into a monitor and behave like a traditional desktop. This phone concept is the combined vision of everything Mark Shuttleworth has been trying to accomplish in the last year and a half, and since the smartphone manufacturers seem unwilling to take the leap he’s relying on the Ubuntu loyal to take him to the finish line.With a lofty goal of $32 million, the Ubuntu Edge project hinges on more than just people. While it is incredibly impressive to see that the 5,000 day-one slots were filled within 12 hours, that drop in the bucket doesn’t get the phone made. The top two perks on the Indiegogo campaign need to see some love as well, and that means people willing to spend $10,000 for a one-of-a-kind Ubuntu Edge experience and the $80,000 enterprise bundle.In a world where so many companies are switching to the Bring Your Own Device model, it seems unlikely that many companies are going to sign up to buy 100 Ubuntu Edge phones complete with training sessions for IT managers and CIOs that will not become useful until some time in 2014.It’s truly exciting to see the clear interest in this project. Over 5,000 people on the first day gave up $600 or $830 for an idea that they think will be great. Canonical has been building this idea for a while and if they can deliver it will be an experience that is unique for the time being.If this project succeeds, Shuttleworth plans to make Canonical-made hardware a yearly occurance, like Google’s Nexus program only better. Ubuntu Edge could be the start of something truly incredible, a premium phone made of premium parts that actually manages to deliver a no compromise mobile computing solution. All it has to do is get there.last_img read more