Ouya Kickstarter ends with 859 million pledged

Posted On Sep 21 2019 by

first_imgThe Ouya Kickstarter has broken all kinds of records. The first of which was the amount of money raised in the first 24 hours on Kickstarter. Double Fine held the record with $1,064,652.05, but Ouya more than doubled that ending its first day with $2,589,687.77 pledged.Since then the money has continued to roll in, and the $99 Android games console also got the support of OnLive and can count Final Fantasy III as a launch title.Today, the Kickstarter finally ended, and it will come as no surprise the total pledged has set another record. In just 30 days the project has raised a staggering $8,596,475 through the backing of 63,416 people. Remember, the project originally only wanted $950,000 to reach its goal.Now the pressure is on the Ouya team to deliver the Rubik’s Cube-sized console by March next year. Only 1,000 are promised to ship as early bird units, but after that there’s tens of thousands of people waiting to get their hands on one.There is obviously going to be a lot of interest surrounding the launch of Ouya from the games industry and in particular hardware manufacturers. Nothing like this has been attempted before, and it threatens to upset the tried and tested approach of console release cycles.Typically, a company like Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft invests millions developing a new machine hoping to make the costs back many times over in sales of the console and games. The Ouya took the opposite approach, being funded by gamers and other interested parties before it is manufactured. The question now is can it continue to grow its user base to hundreds of thousands, if not millions next year after release?Read more at Kickstarterlast_img read more