Facebook ID valid for US travel

Posted On Aug 17 2019 by

first_imgMr Klein was so shocked he tweeted about the incident, causing a range of responses from equally-stunned followers and commentators questioning if the event was true or not. “We understand passengers occasionally arrive at the airport without an ID, due to lost items or inadvertently leaving them at home… not having an ID does not necessarily mean a passenger won’t be allowed to fly,” the TSA website said. The co-founder of popular video website Vimeo was able to pass through a United States’ airport without his official government-issue identification, using a social media website profile. Vimeo co-founder and DIY.org chief executive Zach Klein could not believe his luck when his Facebook profile was accepted as a valid form of ID when travelling recently, news.com.au reported. Image: Corbis/Artigacenter_img “If passengers are willing to provide additional information, we have other means of substantiating someone’s identity, like using publicly available databases.” Source = ETB News: P.T. This is not a new policy, according to the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), who have been allowing travellers to use “other means” of verifying their identity for some time.last_img read more