The world’s top 11 biggest football clubs revealed! Power ranking the very best

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first_img Based on total trophies won, Barcelona come top… but there are more categories to consider! To find out which clubs come top in each category, and see which club comes top overall, just click the arrow above, right, to find out which is the world’s biggest football club – We’ve worked out which football club is the biggest in the world using a range of measurements (see below for an explanation of each category and how points are awarded). Starting with total trophies won, Barcelona have won 85 pieces of silverware, giving them 10 points in this first category. They are followed here by 2) Real Madrid 80 trophies = 9 points. 3) Bayern 65 trophies = 8 points. 4) Man United 64 trophies = 7 points. 5) Juventus 60 trophies = 6 points. 6) Liverpool 59 trophies = 5 points. 7) Milan 47 points = 4 points. 8) Arsenal 43 trophies = 3 points. 9) Inter 39 trophies = 2 points. 10) Atletico Madrid 28 trophies = 1 point. 11) Chelsea 26 trophies = no points. 17 17 17 17 17 17 8. AC Milan scored 21 power ranking points 17 Most European Cups won – Real Madrid come top – 1) Real Madrid have won a record 11 European Cups, claiming 10 points in this category, followed by: 2) AC Milan – 7 European Cups = 9 points. Joint 3) Barcelona, Bayern and Liverpool – 5 European Cups = 8 points. 6) Inter and Man United 3 European Cups = 5 points. 8) Juventus – 2 European Cups =3 points. 9) Chelsea – 1 European Cup = no points. Joint 10. Arsenal and Atletico Madrid – no European Cups = no points awarded in this case, for failure to win the coveted trophy. 11. Atletico Madrid rank 11th in our list of the world’s biggest football clubs, scoring 11 power ranked points 10. Chelsea scored 15 power ranking points Most valuable club – Real Madrid come top – 1) Real Madrid were valued by Forbes at £2.52bn earlier this year, giving them another 10 points. They are followed by 2) Barcelona – valued at £2.46bn = 9 points. 3) Man United – valued at £2.3bn = 8 points. 4) Bayern – valued at £1.85bn = 7 points. 5) Arsenal – valued at £1.4bn = 6 points. 6) Chelsea – valued at £1.15bn = 5 points. 7) Liverpool – valued at £1.07bn = 4 points. 8) Juventus – valued at £900m = 3 points. 9) AC Milan – valued at £700m = 2 points. 10) Atletico Madrid – valued at £500m = 1 point. 11) Inter – valued at £440m = no points. 17 3. Man United scored 45 power ranking points 6. Liverpool scored 29 power ranking points 2. Barcelona scored 51 power ranking points 5. Juventus scored 31 power ranking points 17 Biggest transfer fee paid – Manchester United come top – 1) Man United’s £89m fee for Paul Pogba puts them top in this category and claims 10 points. They are followed by: 2) Real Madrid £86m for Gareth Bale = 9 points. 3) Juventus £75.3m for Gonzalo Higuain = 8 points. 4) Barcelona reported £75m for Neymar = 7 points. 5) Chelsea £50m for Fernando Torres = 6 points. 6) Arsenal £42.5m for Mesut Ozil = 5 points. 7) Liverpool £35m for Andy Carroll = 4 points. 8) Atletico Madrid £33m for Falcao = 3 points. 9) Bayern £31.6m for Javi Martinez = 2 points. 10) AC Milan £30m for Rui Costa = 1 point. 11) Inter £28m for Christian Vieri = no points. 17 Biggest average attendances – Barcelona come top – 1) With an average home attendance of 79,724 in 2015/16, Barcelona scoop 10 points in this category. They are followed by 2) Man United 75,286 = 9 points. 3) Bayern 75,000 = 8 points. 4) Real Madrid 71,280 = 7 points. 5) Arsenal 59,944 = 6 points. 6) Atletico Madrid 47,113 = 5 points. 7) Inter 45,538 = 4 points. 8) Liverpool 43,190 = 3 points. 9) Chelsea 41,500 = 2 points. 10) Juventus 38,662 = 1 point. 11) AC Milan 37,861 = no points. 7. Arsenal scored 22 power ranking points 1. Real Madrid top our ranking of the world’s biggest football clubs, scoring 55 power ranking points 9. Internazionale scored 16 power ranking points 17 17 17 4. Bayern scored 41 power ranking points 17 “Manchester United is probably the biggest club I have played for,” commented Zlatan Ibrahimovic this week.“The only one I can compare it to is [AC] Milan.”That is a bold claim, considering the Swedish striker has also turned out for Barcelona, Juventus and Internazionale.So which is the biggest football club in the world?It’s not a straightforward question to answer, but we’ve had a go!Our starting point was to consider a selection of categories by which to judge clubs.We settled upon the total number of major trophies won, as well as the number of domestic top flight titles and European Cups/Champions Leagues, to ensure all types of important silverware were covered.In order to include only the highest level of club competition, we have restricted our ranking to clubs from the top four league competitions in Europe: England, Spain, Germany and Italy. These countries are historically the most dominant in European competition and, therefore, we have adjudged their domestic competitions to be the toughest to win. The level of European club football is also far in advance of any other continent, with the world’s best players plying their trade in Europe’s top leagues.We then wanted to find out levels of support, so took the most recent average attendances across a season (2015/16) as a reliable guide.Additionally, we looked at wealth (as measured by Forbes’ most recent sports club valuations) and record transfer fees paid (to measure how wealth translates into spending power).Finally, in order to include only the very biggest clubs, we decided on entry criteria of at least 10 domestic titles or more, or a Champions League victory in the past decade.Once these conditions were established, we had a pool of 11 clubs vying for the title of world’s biggest: Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Arsenal, Juventus. Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Chelsea and Inter.In each category clubs were awarded points: 10 for first place, nine for second, eight for third and so on, down to one for 10th place and no points for finishing last.Find out how each club fared in the slideshow above. 17 17 17 Most league titles – Juventus are joint top with Real Madrid – Joint 1) Juventus and Real Madrid have won 32 titles apiece, giving them 10 points each in this category. They are followed by 3) Bayern 26 titles = 8 points. 4) Barcelona 24 titles = 7 points. 5) Man United 20 titles = 6 points. Joint 6) Liverpool, AC Milan and Inter’s 18 titles each = 5 points apiece. 9) Arsenal 13 titles = 2 points. 10) Atletico Madrid 10 titles = 1 point. 11) Chelsea 5 titles = no points. last_img read more

When love defies words …

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first_imgFor Valentine’s Day today, a typically guarded auto body specialist named Noah Dixon will present his wife, Suzy, with a poem revealing his innermost thoughts. The poem will convey Noah’s pride watching Suzy care for the couple’s three children and reflect on a recent trip to Hawaii. The sentiments will be all Dixon’s. But the words will come from a man he met with for just 20 minutes at a Denny’s. North Hollywood resident King James Edmonds, 47, is a poet-for-hire. He writes love poems for the tongue-tied, the writer’s-blocked, and those who appreciate a professional’s touch. For $100, he promises each client a one-of-a-kind, individually tailored piece of work, delivered within two weeks in a silver frame. All he requires from the client is a short face-to-face meeting or phone conversation. “As they talk about their loved one, I create the poem in my mind,” he said. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant Edmonds truly belongs in another time – a slower, more romantic era when men threw their coats on top of puddles for ladies to walk across and poetry was more than something to slap on greeting cards. He does most things slower than the average person. He speaks slowly, he even moves that way – like he’s thinking about every movement. A former jazz radio disc jockey from New York City, Edmonds has a soothing voice that comes in handy when trying to get his clients to think like a romantic. He likes to say he sings like Barry White, but he looks more like Issac Hayes with hair. He can have an intense presence. The 6-foot-1, solidly built man who changed his name to King as a tribute to his mother more than 10 years ago looks deeply into his clients’ eyes as he asks them about the details of their love lives. “That’s where I see the poem, in their eyes,” he said. His life as a professional poet began by accident five years ago, when a good friend, Gary Freeman, told Edmonds he was out of ideas for his future wife’s Valentine’s Day gift. “He did the trip to Cancun, he did the roses, and I just said, I could write a poem.” He interviewed Freeman for about five minutes before getting to work. “Forever Gary and Trice” was a huge success. It began, “If I was a poet and words spoke free, I could truly say, there is no one else for me.” Freeman was amazed with the details Edmonds put in the poem. “It’s like he experienced the relationship I was going through,” he said. Both agreed he had a gift to share with the public. Edmonds approached his business the same way he approaches life. With extreme patience, he began building client base both from word of mouth and by handing out fliers on the street. In 2004, he started to promote his work. He estimates he’s now written about 35 poems. When not writing, he works part time as a sales associate at Incolay, a company that does reproductions of classical works of art. This year, the company will print one of his poems, “Beautiful,” on Incolay stone, making it available both in its gift catalog and to retailers. Edmonds doesn’t have a fancy studio, so he meets with clients wherever he can. His two latest meetings took place at an old Hollywood-theme Denny’s in Sherman Oaks, where in a tucked-away booth lined with black and white photos of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, Edmonds probed two lovestruck husbands for information about their relationships. Edmonds asks each client the same questions, so he can understand what they love about their significant others, get descriptions of romantic moments and gauge their hopes for the future. He also likes to turn the tables on his clients, asking what their partner would say they love about them. Both clients were tripped up by this question. “Wow, hmm,” new client Billy Seals said when asked the question at a recent interview. He thought hard before proceeding to tell Edmonds all about “Billy-itis” – the name his wife, Verjeania Sharp, has given to describe how she feels about him. “This is gonna be some poem,” he said when the interview ended. Edmonds, who has never married, describes himself as the ultimate romantic at heart. He admits it’s a bit ironic that the man who brings couples closer together has never had a relationship last longer than seven years. “If you can’t live through your own romance, you can live vicariously though others’ romance,” he said. Edmonds said his biggest goal is to have his poems touch the people who receive them, and that clients have been consistently amazed by the detail that comes through in his writing after just one short meeting. “It was really an interesting experience; my wife loved it,” said Dean Dena, who commissioned a poem from Edmonds last year for his wife’s birthday. “It was real personal – almost like I wrote it but with his flair for writing.” Dixon is excited to see the look on his wife’s face when she reads her poem. “She had no idea I was doing this. I’ll get extra points.” Cortney Fielding, (818) 713-3699 [email protected] 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more