Destiny trailer will leave you begging for a movie

Posted On Sep 1 2019 by

first_imgBungie has been laying it on thick for the last week in preparation for the September 9 launch of Destiny, but today’s trailer is something completely different. Instead of the usual in-game content or cinematic fun, Bungie has treated us to a little bit of what Destiny would look like as a live action film.When the folks at Machinima teamed up with Microsoft to launch a Halo mini-series in preparation for Halo 4, it opened the doors to a whole new kind of emotional connection with the Halo universe. Instead of the empty bond you would normally have with the faceless and almost entirely voiceless Master Chief, you now had real faces attached to the worlds you were about to explore. The release was so successful, Microsoft is planning an entire series to go along with the launch of the next Halo game with the help of Ridley Scott himself. Bungie has decided Destiny $49.99 at Dell needed to have a little bit of that same live action flavor, and after checking out the trailer you will absolutely be demanding more.Joseph Kosinski of Oblivion and Tron: Legacy fame has worked with Bungie, Activision, and 72andSunny to put together this 90 second commercial, and unfortunately this is all there is to enjoy. The spot puts you side by side with one of each of the Guardians, and gives you plenty of attitude and excitement to get you pumped for the game.Next Tuesday is right around the corner, but between this and the awesome Google Maps promo that wait is starting to feel like forever.last_img read more