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center_img “From the critically acclaimed writers of The Dregs comes a new horror series about body image, social media, and memory. When an entrepreneur with a god complex creates a technology that allows two minds to share one body, he doesn’t anticipate the degenerative effects of long-term trials. Come Into Me is a contemporary comment on connected culture and our longing for approval in the digital age. This is a world where technology and flesh become indistinguishable, begging the question, ‘How much sharing is too much sharing?’ Prepare yourself for the insane lovechild of The Fly and Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.”COME INTO ME #1(W): Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler (A): Piotr Kowalski (C): Niko Guardia (L): Ryan FerrierFrom my previous reviews for Geek, we all know (or now know, welcome!) that I love body horror. If someone can think of a way for our bodies or minds to be changed or manipulated in some way (usually by technology), I’m all for it. This is the case with Come Into Me. This comic that takes body horror and the human connection into a horrifying fusion future that no one should want.via Black MaskZac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler combine their powers to bring us a haunting future that can permanently intertwine us. What happens when someone’s body breaks down? They need a different body to inhabit it. Sebastian, the man, myth, and legend is the creator of ImBeing, a company that specializes in this practice. ImBeing will not only allow us to know what each other is thinking, experiencing or feeling without having to try. It takes this concept and interlocks us to each other in a way that, again, no one should want. Come Into Me #1 brings Thompson and Nadler together to create an absorbing and compelling idea that can easily be a Cronenberg movie written by the pair.Something that’s very interesting about this comic that very much took this to a new level was how great beginnings come into great corruption. Mostly because of self-gratification and greed. The company (and Sebastian) have strict rules about for the trails, especially after a disaster that carries out beforehand. When a woman comes in and connects with Sebastian, it changes his perspective on the project and also his life. This woman suffers from her own greed and self-gratification, for a very different reason. Thompson and Nadler write them as two half of a whole, which very much details what this narrative is about.via Black MaskPiotr Kowalski’s art is a hauntingly cryptic and enhances the experience within this comic tenfold. With a script as marvelous as Thompson and Kabler’s with Kowalski’s art, you’re left wondering what everyone’s thinking, feeling, experiencing. Kowalski truly shines when balancing the stories of Sebastian and Becky. Both when the pair is apart and when they become one. That’s where we see the differences between them, but knowing they want the same. Kowalski brings the longing of two people together. He also plays back into replayed memories that are utterly stunning.Kowalski’s art is only enhanced by Niko Guardia’s colors. He flows between neon and pastel, bright and dark, cool and warm. It not only disorients the readers in a good way but brings a personality and mood to these characters. I’d almost go as far to say that the colors, very much engulf the characters but also play to them. Guardia’s colors create our knowledge and mood of these characters, and we’re in their world (and minds now.)via Black MaskRyan Ferrier’s letters work with this comic so brilliantly. He knows where to place to make a smooth conversation. Placing in a way that amps the story to widen your eyes to figure out what’s happening next. He excels when it comes to the conversations between Becky and Sebastian. So much relies on that conversation, especially when they take place in his head as the host. Ferrier’s letters places to give life to both the characters, even when ones not seen. He never let either one of them feel off.Come Into Me #1 is a new experience that, again, no one should want, but everyone should be apart of. It’s harrowing, haunting and beautifully tragic story about human connection that we all want, what we’re willing to share and what we’re eager to do to get it. Come Into Me #1 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop.3/7/18 Releases – In addition to Come Into Me #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Vampironica #1 by Meg Smallwood & Greg Smallwood (W), Greg Smallwood (A), Jack Morelli (L) Archie ComicsEternity Girl #1 by Magdalene Visaggio (W), Sonny Liew (A), Chris Chuckry (C) Young Animal/DC ComicsJudas #4 by Jeff Loveness (W), Jakub Rebelka (A), Colin Bell (L) BOOM! StudiosDry Country #1 by Rich Tommaso (C/W/A) Image ComicsNew Mutants: Dead Souls #1 by Matthew Rosenberg (W), Adam Gorham(A),  Michael Garland (C) Ryan Stegman (CA) Marvel Comicslast_img read more