Fortuneonehundred for St Cecelia Cup at Caymanas Park

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first_imgFORTUNEONEHUNDRED, who beat a good field over 1300 metres in the Seek Exercise Book Trophy on August 15, is tipped to defy topweight of 57.0kg and capture the Saint Cecelia Cup open allowance feature over the same distance at Caymanas Park today.Trained by 14-time champion Wayne DaCosta, the American-bred five-year-old horse made amends for his near miss against TRADITIONAL PRINCE over 1100 metres on August 1 with a 1 1/4-length victory over his old rival in the Seek Trophy a fortnight later, covering the distance in the smart time of 1:17.3, behind splits of 23.2, 46.1 and 1;10.4 for the first six furlongs.Title-chasing jockey Robert Halledeen, who is making few mistakes in his bid for a first jockey’s title, again has the ride.Although facing stiff oppositionfrom the likes of the Patrick Lynch-trained TRADITIONAL PRINCE, TIMEFORARMS, PHINEAS and down-in-class PETE’SWILDONE, FORTUNEONEHUNDRED should use his speed to best advantage and make all from the number one post position.ready for actionHe has caught the eye at exercise in preparation for this trophy and, although 2.0kg worse off with main rival TRADITIONAL PRINCE, is ready for action once again and should hold TRADITIONAL PRINCE, TIMEFORARMS and PETE’SWILDONE at bay in deep stretch.The speedy three-year-old filly, MOM’S STUDENT, winner of the Jamaica Oaks in April, ran encouragingly behind TIMEFORARMS over 1200 metres on June 6 at this level, finishing a fair seventh after racing prominently into the straight.Reporting well refreshed from a three-month respite, MOM’S STUDENT has been taken to task at exercise by trainer Fitzroy Glispie and while expected to inject speed into the race with her light impost (50.0kg), should be outclassed by the more experienced FORTUNEONEHUNDRED approaching the distance, leaving TRADITIONAL PRINCE to carry the fight to my selection once again.Other firm fancies on the card are recent winner FRANKENSTORM, to repeat in the first race over 1000 metres (round); WHO’S BOSSY, in the second for maiden four-year-olds and up; EDISON in the fifth over the straight for overnight allowance horses, as well as CLEARLY OURS in the sixth and the well-prepared DINNER AT SEVEN in the eighth over the straight.last_img read more

AMD powers worlds largest most expensive supercomputer

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first_imgUS$254.99 TodayYesterday7 days ago30 days ago AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor with Wraith Prism LED Cooler AMD has just scored a gigantic deal in that the company will power the next-gen fastest and most expensive supercomputer in the world, with the US Department of Energy buying a new AMD-powered custom supercomputer built by Cray called Frontier.   Frontier will come online in 2021 and is powered with super-fast EPYC processors and Radeon Instinct accelerators that will pump out an astonishing and record-breaking 1.5 exaflops of processing power. The system will be used for various tasks which will include performing advanced calculations in nuclear and climate research, simulating quantum computers, nuclear reactors, and more. The new system will be delivered in late 2021 and turned on and cranking along in 2022 for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. AMD has some huge bragging rights here as Frontier has as much processing power as the 160 fastest supercomputers combined — yeah, combined. The Department of Energy has allowed 30 megawatts of power, with Frontier to use pretty much all of it. Inside, we’ll see an abundance of EPYC processors with 4 x Radeon Instinct GPUs each. All of it is connected through AMD’s own Infinity Fabric inside of Cray-made Shasta cabinets with 100 of them installed and each using 300kW of power, combined using 30MW of power. The EPYC processors in question are not the current first- or even upcoming second-gen ‘Rome’ CPUs, but rather next-gen Zen cores. We are probably looking at Zen 3 or Zen 4, where we could see the world of 128C/256T if things got crazy enough on 5nm or 6nm. The GPU in question is the same, as it’ll be a post-GCN GPU that will be coming next year, so expect something very new in both the CPU and GPU inside of Frontier from AMD. Patrick Moorhead, Founder, President and Principal Analyst of Moors Insights & Strategy reached out to me about the new Frontier supercomputer, where he said: “The Frontier supercomputer win is a big deal for AMD for many reasons. It has been years since AMD was inside the #1 supercomputer, all the back to the Opteron days. With Frontier, not only are EPYC CPUs involved, but Radeon Instinct GPUs, too. I believe the DOE chose AMD for three reasons:   Performance of the CPU and GPU piece-parts The combined platform performance of CPU plus GPU enabled via Infinity Fabric Semi-custom silicon capabilities evident with Microsoft and Sony engagements”. $254.99 center_img $273.50 $248.29 Buylast_img read more

What Kind of Discount Can We Get A Guide to Handling Sales

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first_imgThere’s no escaping the prying grip of a smart buyer — unless you want to lose a deal. Just like you, the buyer is trying to get the best deal they can get. Going into the deal with a mutually beneficial outcome is the only way to go.In order to effectively wade through sales discount discussions and negotiate like a pro, know that, to have a mutually beneficial outcome is to understand why a discount is needed. It lays a framework for how to field questions, objections, and the path forward. Below are a few discount reasons I often run into:They’re fishing – The decision has been made, but in the final hour they’re looking to squeeze a nice prize out of you.True budget constraints exist – When working lower in the org chart, it may be true that there is a set budget for a project. But keep in mind, making a business case for more is not uncommon in forward thinking organizations.Value misaligned – Too often, reps haven’t fully painted a future without your product, which leads to the value being misunderstood.The prospect is shy of a longer term length – They want a discount to offset.The prospect is concerned about timing of payments.Software eaters– For folks that buy a lot of software, it’s become the norm to discount 20+% and set prices accordingly. Thought it’s a shame, it’s reality.Existing Technology stack – Incumbent technology is less expensive, or competitors in the deal are offering lower prices.In any situation, once you’ve understood the underlying motivations, you’re ready to answer the question, which comes in many forms:Do you have any wiggle room on price?What kind of discount can you provide?What is your best price?What can we do to get creative here?Before jumping into a response, I always like to coach an additional question: “Can I ask what’s driving that question?” If you hadn’t already figured it out, it will give some clues to your puzzle above.But just because the puzzle is showing signs of life, doesn’t give reps the microphone to start blabbering nervous nonsense. At, we drive transparency through our culture, and believe that the pricing we’ve set forward to prospects will absolutely be returned in time saved, productivity gained, and process improved.In certain cases discounts will be mutually beneficial to all parties. Here’s how:First, you must know your levers and make them very clear to the prospect. A discount costs your company something and before you go straight the 20% off, ask your reps how you’ll rebalance the scales. The levers we pick and choose from are:Volume or Spend: How many widgets/units or what package type is the prospect purchasing? A common scenario we might see: “Wayne, I know we’ve talked about our basic and plus packages. If we work with you on a discount, would you be willing to start in the plus package?”Term: Longer terms mean more predictable revenue for your company and are certainly worth something! “If we work with you on a discount, would you be willing to consider a 24 month initial term, Wayne?”Timing: This is when the final deal will be done. “Wayne, if we work with you on a discount, when can you commit to getting legal work done?”Payment Terms:: If your standard is annual n30, this may not be as relevant. But for clients willing to pay upfront, cash flow is worth something!Ideally, the prospect will work with you to pull two or three levers, and you can make the case internally for a discount.I always try to coach reps on getting creative before getting negative, though. Keep in mind, there’s more than one type of discount. For example:First month at no cost with a contract in placeFirst two months discountedPremium Services IncludedAdditional Value Drivers Included (think features and functionality)___% discount on first yearThis list is by no means exhaustive, but you’ll notice that all of these affect ARR/MRR as little as possible. Keep them simple, but make sure that reps have the autonomy and enablement to pull the right tool from the toolbox.Discounts won’t kill your revenue as long as you have strategic discount options in place. Don’t let your reps jump to the discount in desperation or decline a deal without coming to a negotiation through conversation.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more