Clarkson named as Andrew Hamilton successor

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first_imgOxford students have reacted angrily to the University’s announcement that former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is to assume the role of Vice-Chancellor following the departure of incumbent Andrew Hamilton in December.Mr. Clarkson, who was dismissed from his job at the BBC last month following a scuffle with a producer, is to take up the Vice-Chancellorship in January 2016. A University spokesperson yesterday evening confirmed that talks with the controversial former television personality had been finalised. Justifying the decision, the University said in a statement, “We need a twenty-first century leader for a twenty-first century university. By taking on Jeremy, we are breaking with the outdated image of stuffy academic elitism, and opening up our University to the world.”The spokesperson added, “We believe he will bring all that is best about modern Britain to our ancient institution.”Oxford students have responded with exasperation to the news. OUSU campaigner Hathan Fakehurst told Cherwell, “I fail to see how taking on a rich, white man with a history of questionable and controversial gaffes sufficiently reflects Oxford as a 21st century institution trying to break with the past.”Likewise, former LMH JCR President and student campaigner Amber Cecilé remarked, “The implications for access and outreach are clearly far-reaching. Given his history, what sort of message is Clarkson’s appointment going to send to minorities and oppressed groups considering applying?”But speaking exclusively to Cherwell, Clarkson retorted, “In the course of my discussions with the University, we have found that our thinking converges in many key policy areas, not least fossil fuel divestment and staff relations.”He added, “It’s worth pointing out that taking this role is quite a pay drop for me. Let’s put it this way — you could put about 1500 bright, underprivileged kids through a year of uni on what I was getting at the Beeb, compared to a mere 50 with what I’ll be getting in the VC role. That being said, I did have to work 30 times harder when I was with Top Gear. I’m looking forward to the lighter workload.“Also, let’s not forget that Oxford is an absolute nightmare when it comes to driving. I can’t exactly open up my Ferrari’s throttle on Turl Street. I’ve basically taken this job out of a sense of civic duty. The sole consolation, really, is that I’ve been promised a daily supply of steak, and that the staff here will know precisely what to expect if it isn’t done properly.”The University declined to comment on specifics of the negotiations.Cherwell understands that Cecilé and Fakehurst are jointly organising a campaign against Clarkson’s appointment. A petition is expected to be opened for signing by the end of the week, and the pair intend to bring the matter before OUSU Council. OUSU President Louis Trup is expected to make a statement on the issue later today.Amid the fracas, the Oxford Union has unexpectedly waded into the fray, seeking to distance themselves from the controversial appointment. A spokesperson told Cherwell, “The Oxford Union feels that it must condemn the engagement of such an inflammatory personality. We’re highly concerned that the adoption of Mr. Clarkson into a permanent executive position in the University with which we share our name will make many of our members feel thoroughly distressed and uncomfortable.” A minority of students have responded more positively to the news, however. Oriel finalist Nick Hutch commented, “If it’s keeping him off the air, I just can’t understand why Oxford’s lefties are so up in arms. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing his unique brand of humorous ribaldry coming into play around Oxford. We need to attract the right talent to the job, after all. Worth every penny!”The BBC declined to comment on the announcement.last_img read more


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first_imgIS IT TRUE that it is time to batten down the hatches and set in for a stretch of extreme cold with a chance of snow?…while our children seem to enjoy the snow, adults are annoyed at best by the white powder if there is a bit of driving involved in their day to day lives?…another thing that comes with extreme cold in the City of Evansville is frozen water pipes in crawl spaces that disrupt the home fires but more importantly the aging infrastructure that delivers water to our homes also tend to burst causing giant pot holes and disrupting traffic?…it would be nice to see a plan from the City of Evansville to replace the old dilapidated water lines in favor of newer ones that won’t break when winter hits or make our water brown from rust and awful tasting?…if the truth be told, the people of Evansville by proxy are approving of our elected officials obsession with glamour projects instead of necessary ones?IS IT TRUE the word on the street is that the young man who was found dead at Central High School yesterday may well have been dealing with bullying?…bullying is a recurring problem in many high schools and the schools of the EVSC are no exception?…we reassert our compassion for the students of Central and the family and friends of this young man?…if bullying did indeed play a part in this death, we hope that the bullies are punished for their actions?IS IT TRUE the Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives had publicly stated that a long-term road and bridge funding plan unveiled Wednesday morning will help put Hoosiers to work?…investments in infrastructure creates jobs both in and outside of the direct construction jobs that are temporarily put in place to complete the work?…in a manufacturing-heavy state, where people travel in cars to work because trains and bikes are seldom an option, having well maintained roads are vital to the economy?… the plan calls for the average Hoosier would pay $5 more per month than they do right now, and that in our way of thinking is a bargain?…the Evansville City Council and the Vanderburgh County Council and Commissioners could take a lesson in maintenance from the Speaker of the House?IS IT TRUE the 2016 Federal Register’s record-setting page count ends at 97,110 pages?…in 2016, more than 15,000 pages above the previous record were adopted which exceeds the previous record of 82,000 pages set in 2010?…the difference is more than 19 percent, which is no small feat for a document that has been published since 1936?…in percentage terms, this new record exceeds the difference between Babe Ruth (714) and Henry Aaron’s (755) home run totals by more than a factor of three?…Aaron would have needed to hit at least 850 home runs to beat Ruth’s record by the same margin as this year’s Federal Register beat 2010’s record?…Regulatory agencies issued 3,853 regulations, more than a 13 percent increase over last year, and the highest total since 2005?…if we really want to examine why in the daylights it takes twice as long and cost four times as much to build new infrastructure we need look no further than the cage of the regulatory beast which seems to have paralyzed our country for many years?FOOTNOTE: “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that local Attorney Scott Dank’s can make the Vanderburgh County Demo Party competitive once again?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Seed pricing

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first_imgPine nuts: Demand has remained surprisingly strong, even at the historically high price level over the past two years. Innovation has also helped cement this product into the mainstream. The positive reports at the turn of the year, that better crops in China and Russia had partly restored supply to somewhere approaching normality and the subsequent decrease in pricing has triggered even further demand and prices are now rebounding. We would expect to see prices continuing to rise over the remainder of 2011 in the run-up to the October/November harvest.Pumpkin: The price of pumpkin seeds has improved from the highs of last year, but with China not producing the tonnage required to more than match international and domestic demand, prices appear to be on the rise again. Despite its increasing use in snacks and cereals, China seems unwilling to increase the acreage given to pumpkin seeds, creating something of stalemate between supply and demand, until another origin can emerge to remove the current monopoly away from China.Sunflower: Prices have continued to firm since the last report tracking, as always, behind the volatile ’edible oils’ market. Still much cheaper than both pine nuts and pumpkin seeds, we would expect to see pricing remain stable for the remainder of 2011. But we are mindful that demand for this comparatively discounted product should be further stimulated by the price reason alone.l Based on information supplied by RM Curtislast_img read more