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first_imgReported by WVUA 23 Reporter Keldreck ConwellWritten by WVUA 23 Digital Reporter David Williams IIIMORE ON ELEVATE TUSCALOOSA:Walt Maddox: Plans for Elevating Tuscaloosa: Feb. 20, 2019Walt Maddox: Looking Ahead: Feb. 21, 2019Elevate Tuscaloosa Plan Voted Down: March 6, 2019Elevate Tuscaloosa Could be Brought Back Up for a Vote: March 26, 2019 After a motion brought it back into the Tuscaloosa City Council’s consideration, the mayor’s Elevate Tuscaloosa plan has a chance once again.Tuscaloosa District 1 City Councilwoman Phylis Odum made a motion to bring the Elevate Tuscaloosa plan back to the table. Originally, she voted against the bill but with this, she has given it new life.Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox originally presented the Elevate Tuscaloosa plan in February. Currently, the plan still receives mixed emotions among Tuscaloosa City Council members. Odom said she believes the plan failed initially due to unaddressed concerns about the effects of the plan on many in the community.“Again, there are some things that can probably be tweaked to make a unanimous vote,” Odum said. “Which we will probably won’t ever get a unanimous vote, but that along with the hardship it may put on the elderly and the poor to have that extra sales tax.”In the plan, Maddox laid out his vision to help transform the city to a technologically-driven community. The plan called for a 1% sales tax increase that would generate $250 million over the next decade to fund 19 projects.“I appreciate the mayor giving us the time to study this budget,” Raevan Howard, District 2 councilwoman said. “To have meetings with him and city staff, to ask was this ever in the plan, is this something that’s in the plan and can we make this happen if we increase our revenue.“And another very immediate need that I have for my community and my concern is completing some of the issues that are current at the McDonalds Hughes Center, taking care of some of those immediate things.”The original plan focused on creating new event centers, a basketball complex, an expansion of mass transit and funding education projects. After re-evaluating the needs of the community, the mayor has added additional projects to the budget of his plan.“Some of my parks have been neglected for several years and the mayor from that conversation was able to add a little over a million dollars for community parks,” Howard said. “So through that conversation, I was able to get $1.5 million to fix some things, a wish list of things.”Odom and Howard both agree that this plan has the potential to work as long as an updated version can be agreed upon.“Oh yeah, we have that availability to,” Odom said. “We can do that, one of the no voters would have to bring it up, we cannot just bring it up for vote, but we can actually bring it up for further discussion and tweaking if need be.”The Tuscaloosa City Council is planning to have a discussion about Elevate Tuscaloosa on Tuesday, April 9.last_img read more