Three more sites unaccessible, government denies being involved

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first_img February 10, 2021 Find out more May 29, 2006 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Three more sites unaccessible, government denies being involved EthiopiaAfrica News to go further Journalist attacked, threatened in her Addis Ababa home RSF_en News Three more websites (, and have become inaccessible within Ethiopia. Information minister Hailu Berhan insisted that his government was not involved but he failed to explain why almost all of the opposition websites suddenly cannot be accessed. Follow the news on Ethiopia RSF condemns NYT reporter’s unprecedented expulsion from Ethiopia Ethiopia arbitrarily suspends New York Times reporter’s accreditationcenter_img Help by sharing this information EthiopiaAfrica May 21, 2021 Find out more News Organisation Receive email alerts May 18, 2021 Find out more News Three more websites (, and have become inaccessible within Ethiopia. Information minister Hailu Berhan insisted that his government was not involved but he failed to explain why almost all of the opposition websites suddenly cannot be accessed.Reporters Without Borders wrote to the minister on 23 May requesting an explanation for the blocking of all these sites but has not yet received a reply.—————————23.05.2006Opposition websites and blogs go down but is it censorship or a technical glitch ?Reporters Without Borders has called on Ethiopia’s information and culture minister to explain why several websites critical of the government have been inaccessible in the country since 17 May 2006. Ethiopians have also seen all publications hosted by blogspot disappear from the Internet. Even though the authorities have made no announcement it is likely that the disappearance of the sites is the result of political censorship and not technical problems.”We would like to know if your government has deliberately blocked access to online publications, a list of which we enclose, thus taking the course of filtering the Internet,” the press freedom organisation asked Hailu Berhan in a letter.“The Ethiopian Internet is dynamic and has seen the development of an extremely active blogging community. It is your responsibility to ensure that all opinions can be expressed online, even when some Internet-users directly criticise government action.”“Preventing debate and controlling news and information circulating online will only aggravate an already very tense political climate,” it said. “We also wish to draw to your attention the consequences of filtering a blog tool such as blogspot, which is currently inaccessible in Ethiopia. Blocking access to this service has the effect of censoring all publications which it hosts, the vast majority of which do not deal with politics or with Ethiopia.”A non exhaustive list of websites and blogs inaccessible in Ethiopia:- – – – – weichegud.blogspot.comTechnical ways to get around censorship ? See our “Guide for bloggers and cyberdissidents”. 21 journalists behind barsSome 15 newspaper editors and the leadership of the main opposition coalition were arrested in November 2005, after protest demonstrations against the results of contested legislative elections on 15 May.They have been charged with “high treason” and “genocide” and accused of taking part in an “armed uprising.” Several journalists working for the independent press were also arrested and sentenced at the start of 2006 for defamation cases going back to the end of the 1990s.To date, 21 journalists are currently in prison in the country, making Ethiopia Africa’s biggest prison for journalists.————-Create your blog with Reporters without borders: www.rsfblog.orglast_img read more

Eureka boys squeeze past Hoopa Valley

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first_imgThe Eureka High School boys basketball team hosted Hoopa Valley High in a non-conference matchup Wednesday night. Eureka edged out Hoopa 68-65 to snap a five game losing streak.Eureka (4-14, 0-4) jumped out to an early 10 point lead after the first quarter and by halftime led 43-27.Hoopa (10-9, 2-1) stormed out of the break and mounted an 8-0 run to pull within eight points of Eureka early in the third quarter. Eureka rebounded quickly, and ended Hoopa’s run before it could do too much …last_img

SANParks sells rhinos to foil poachers

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first_img2 April 2015SANParks is to sell 286 white rhino to private buyers as part of its efforts to save the animals from poaching, Kuseni Dlamini, the organisation’s outgoing chairperson, said in Pretoria on Wednesday.“A tender was issued for the sale of white rhino to private land owners who fulfil a number of requirements, including habit and security,” Dlamini said.Poachers killed 1 217 rhinos in South Africa in 2014, including more than 800 in Kruger National Park, up from a total of 1 004 in 2013. The country has a population of about 20 000 rhinos.Suitable and secureDlamini said the tender process was in the adjudication phase, with a team including auditors from KPMG, National Treasury and scientists assessing properties to ensure they would provide a suitable and secure habitat.The sale forms part of a translocation programme begun in October 2014 to move some rhino out of poaching hotspots in the Kruger National Park.About R32-million of land had also been purchased as part of the creation of “rhino strongholds” where rhinos would be kept to allow the population to grow, SANParks said.Dr Howard Hendricks, SANParks acting managing executive for conservation, said the rhino would not be “dumped” on to the properties, and that the organisation would maintain relationships with the owners.Interventions“While we cannot claim to have won the war against rhino poaching during our term, we have gone a long way towards developing and putting in place the interventions needed to contain this threat to our natural heritage,” Dlamini said.Steps included a helicopter donated by the Howard G Buffett Foundation and use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in the Kruger National Park.Ending poaching needed the combined effort of business, NGOs, neighbouring countries and the “whole global community”, he said.Hendricks said rhinos were also being killed by lightning, which had become more prevalent in the past three years.In Bloemhof in Free State, two rhino were killed by lightning last year. Other areas where this had happened were the Northern Cape and the Waterberg region in and SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Trump Administration announces changes to address biofuel concerns

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first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ohio corn farmers welcomed news that President Trump is honoring his commitment to Ohio agriculture by reallocating the waived gallons and upholding the integrity of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).“Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association wants to thank the President for standing up for ethanol and the RFS,” said Jon Miller, president of the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association. “Corn farmers from Ohio and across the nation have been steadfast in our communications with the White House to retain the RFS and reduce the regulatory barriers for higher blends of ethanol. It’s been a tough year for Ohio farmers, and it is good to finally hear a bit of good news.”Under the Trump Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a number of waivers exempting refineries from the requirements of the RFS. After the EPA recently approved 31 additional RFS exemptions for oil companies, efforts from ethanol advocates intensified in reaching out to the Trump Administration. The Oct. 4 announcement that EPA will reopen the rulemaking for the 2020 RFS volumes and propose to account for waivers in the volume requirements allows EPA to follow the law and restore integrity to the RFS.“At a time when we are seeing ethanol production facilities idle, close, or reduce their production levels, this news is appreciated. We would also like to thank our Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association members who overwhelmingly responded and communicated with the President on this vital issue. Not only is this issue extremely important to Ohio corn farmers, it is very important to Ohio communities that rely on ethanol production for jobs,” said Tadd Nicholson, executive director of Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association.Under this agreement, the following actions will be undertaken by EPA and USDA:In a forthcoming supplemental notice building off the recently proposed 2020 Renewable Volume Standards and the Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for 2021, EPA will propose and request public comment on expanding biofuel requirements beginning in 2020.EPA will seek comment on actions to ensure that more than 15 billion gallons of conventional ethanol be blended into the nation’s fuel supply beginning in 2020, and that the volume obligation for biomass-based diesel is met. This will include accounting for relief expected to be provided for small refineries.EPA intends to take final action on this front later this year.In the most recent compliance year, EPA granted 31 small refinery exemptions.Building on the President’s earlier decision to allow year-round sales of E15, EPA will initiate a rulemaking process to streamline labeling and remove other barriers to the sale of E15.EPA will continue to evaluate options for RIN market transparency and reform.USDA will seek opportunities through the budget process to consider infrastructure projects to facilitate higher biofuel blends.The Administration will continue to work to address ethanol and biodiesel trade issues.“President Trump’s leadership has led to an agreement that continues to promote domestic ethanol and biodiesel production, supporting our Nation’s farmers and providing greater energy security,” said Andrew Wheeler, EPA Administrator. “Today’s agreement is the latest in a series of steps we have taken to expand domestic energy production and improve the RFS program that will result in sustained biofuel production to help American farmers.”last_img read more

Canon C300 Mark II: 15 Stops of Dynamic Range and More

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first_img  Sensor  Super 35mm CMOS Sensor with Dual Pixel   Audio  4 Channel Audio 16 or 24-bit   Resolution  4K, 2K, 1080   Battery  Canon BP-A30 or BP-A60   Compression   XF-AVC Intra, Long GOP and Proxy H.265   Cards  2x CFast, 1x SD   Monitoring  Rotating 4″ Monitor   Output  2x 3D-SDI Output, 2x SLR Inputs   Frame Rate  Up to 30fps at 4K, Up to 60fps at 2K/HD, Up to 120fps with Cropped 2K Canon’s latest camera brings some much appreciated improvements to the C300.With NAB 2015 just around the corner, it’s safe to say that there will be dozens of noteworthy announcements and releases from all the major camera companies. It’s been rumored that Canon would be releasing a new C300 for some time and now the wait is over.The Canon C300 Mark IIThe Canon C300 Mark II has many added improvements over its predecessor, most notably the ability to record 4K footage internally and 4K RAW footage externally. This will hopefully make the C300 Mark II more competitive in the modern production world.Another jaw-dropping feature added to the C300 is the ability to record footage with up to 15 stops of dynamic range. Yes. You read that right.At 15 stops, the C300 Mark II would have a dynamic range greater than that of a human eye. This has huge implications for those looking to get the most control over their color in post.The camera is available in both Canon EF and PL lens mounts. In line with the Blackmagic URSA, the Canon C300 Mark II’s lens mounts were designed to be interchangeable. However, to change the mounts you must send your camera in to Canon.The new camera will feature 3 card slots: 2 CFast and 1 SD. The SD slot is only capable of recording up to 2K video in 4:2:0, but the CFast card slots can record up to 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 footage at 30fps.The only area that the C300 Mark II doesn’t shine greatly is FPS. As of the time of this writing, the camera can only record up to 120fps at a cropped 2K and only 30fps at 4K. This makes it slower than the Blackmagic URSA and much slower than the Sony FS7.Who knows… maybe Canon will increase the specs in a later firmware update in the future.Canon C300 Mark II Specs   Lens Mount  EF or PL   Color Depth  4:4:4 HD/2K, 4:2:2 4K   Dynamic Range  Up to 15 Stops   Color  Black The following video, released by Canon, gives us a quick tour of the new C300 Mark II.There is currently no test footage shot using the C300 Mark II, but if the footage is anything like the specs? It’s going to be amazing.Pricing and AvailabilityThe C300 Mark II in both the EF mount and PL mount is only available for pre-order at the moment for $16,000. The camera is expected to be released in September 2015.Want to learn more about the new Canon C300 Mark II? Check out a few of the following resources:Canon C300 Mark II Now Official with Internal 4K & 15 Stops of Dynamic Range – No Film SchoolThe Canon C300 Mark II: Will it be the New 4K Production Workhorse? – PremiumBeatCanon announces EOS C300 Mark II: 4K Cinema Camera – Cinema 5DDo you think the C300 Mark II specs justify the $16,000 price tag? Sound off in the comments below.last_img read more

The Case for Traditional Discovery

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first_imgFor the last eight or nine years, a lot of the content around sales improvement, especially as it pertains to prospecting and discovery, has been about providing insights and ideas, as well as being more strategic. These ideas have been critical to the evolution of sales, especially for B2B salespeople engaged in the complex sale. It is not that these approaches are in any way incorrect, it is that some of us write and speak about them as if they are universal, and I include myself in this accusation.There is still a case for traditional discovery. There are still companies and stakeholders who benefit just as well from a prospective partner who asks questions to understand the areas where they are struggling. There are as many companies and people who are well aware of the challenges they have, who have really good ideas about what they need to make improvements, who need a partner to talk through how they might make those improvements, and who do not need to be compelled to change through a discovery process that allows them to discover something about themselves.The role of a salesperson, especially one who would like to be a strategic partner, and whom one day hopes to be considered a trusted advisor, is to serve their prospective client. Many times we start with the idea of a platonic client, a client that represents all clients. At the time of this writing, there is much work being done around buyer personas, mostly generated by looking at an individual’s title to determine how to engage with them. These are useful orienting generalizations, but they are just that, generalizations. Moreover, all generalizations, regardless of how useful, are lies (this statement itself is a generalization, meaning it is a lie). The generalization we have started from for the last decade is that our prospective clients are not compelled to change, and we need to start every discovery call with context for conversation around why they need to do something different now. The limit of an orienting generalization is that it isn’t universally true.The tension between certain ideas is where you can find real value. It’s critical that a salesperson generate strategic outcomes for their clients in a complex sale, but it’s equally vital that they be able to serve the individual stakeholders where they find them. Not every stakeholder is interested in understanding the strategic necessity to change before they talk about doing something different to improve the results. Some stakeholders benefit from a set of questions that help them understand how they can go about making things better, the choices that are available to them, and the trade-offs they may make.If I were to offer you a principle to guide your actions here, it would be to match your approach to what generates the greatest value for your prospective client. Get the Free eBook! Want to master cold calling? Download my free eBook! Many would have you believe that cold calling is dead, but the successful have no fear of the phone; they use it to outproduce their competitors. Download Nowlast_img read more

Airport procedure eased in J&K

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Farmers Trained to Combat Beet Armyworm

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first_img 2012 outbreak destroyed $31 million in crops The beet armyworm has had a debilitating effect on onion and escallion Story Highlights To combat the dreaded beet armyworm on local onion and escallion production, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has completed the training of some 22 farmers and eight extension officers in pest management procedures.The training course comes against the background of the 2012 outbreak of the pest, which resulted in the destruction of some 45 hectares of crops valued at approximately $31 million.The beet armyworm has had a debilitating effect on onion and escallion cultivation and the livelihood of farmers in South St. Elizabeth.The 22 lead farmers from Junction and Gillards in St. Elizabeth, and eight Rural Agriculture Development Authority (RADA) facilitators, were presented with their certificates in Integrated Pest Management on August 21, during a graduation ceremony held on the grounds of the Ministry’s Hope Gardens offices.Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Roger Clarke, who was guest speaker at the function, said the knowledge and skills which the graduates have acquired will now serve national efforts to combat the impact of the pest on the cultivation and production of onions and escallion.He noted that the 22 lead farmers will now go on to work in pairs to train an additional 150 farmers in pest management procedures, particularly as it relates to combating the beet armyworm.The eight RADA extension officers, he said, are also expected to transition into a mentorship role to guide the newly trained farmers. Additionally, they will provide technical assistance in support of the Agro-Invest Corporation initiative to develop Agro-Parks in the production of over 717 acres of onions.For her part, Assistant Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Representative in Jamaica, Karen Pyne, said the Farmer Field School took a very practical and ‘hands-on’ approach in equipping the farmers with the knowledge and expertise needed to tackle the pest.She informed that the training programme enabled farmers and facilitators to study the beet armyworm in their natural habitat and applied the realistic management approaches to their own experiences.For her part, Deputy Mission Director, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Jeannette Vail, congratulated the graduates, noting that they are now leaders in their field.She said the programme has provided them with the knowledge and expertise needed to combat and put an end to the beet armyworm pest.“Without you, we can’t combat this problem, and so, I ask you to go do the good work and share this information with your fellow farmers,” Ms. Vail said.The ‘Strengthening a National Beet Armyworm Programme’ is organised by the Government of Jamaica, with funding support from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). The programme is being implemented under the Jamaica Rural Economy and Ecosystems Adapting to Climate Change (Ja REEACH) project. 22 farmers and eight extension officers trained in pest management procedures.last_img read more


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first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Meet Tabatha Visutskie, she is an actress, published writer, screenwriter and filmmaker.Her latest short film, 5 THE BEGINNING, has been screened at a few International film festivals around the world. The film is a semi-finalist and finalist. The film has also attracted a distribution company.The screenplay is based on Tabatha’s true story about being a twin, abuse, addiction,healing and having the gift of vision. It gives a glimpse into the world of being a twin; the telepathic language and physical sensations they feel between them. It was first produced as a short film, for proof of concept. Tabatha’s goal is to produce it as a feature, and is currently working with her editor on revisions. Advertisement Login/Register With: Advertisement Twitter Advertisement We had the chance to ask Tabatha some questions about her career.AS A CHILD, DID YOU WANT TO BE AN ACTOR, OR DID IT FALL INTO PLACE THROUGH OTHER ACTIVITIES?As a child as early as three years old, I loved to entertain with my dancing and singing especially when my father would play the fiddle. When I moved to another town; I was introduced in grade school to theatre, I fell in love. One day, I came across a calendar with a beautiful naked woman draped on a red, silk sheet. Her porcelain skin, red lips and those beautiful big eyes. I felt a sense of freedom and confidence that she expressed through her smile and I wanted that. I found out later that the lady on the calendar was Marilyn Monroe. My twin sister Robin and I would write plays and perform with our friends in them. We played the acts out in our backyard throughout the summer break. Neighbors would come and watch us and it soon became a popular event. I was also the director. We had a brilliant idea, “lets charge for our plays” and so we did. The audience grew bigger so did my passion for the arts.WHO INSPIRED YOU TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAM TO PURSUE ACTING? Who inspired me was seeing John Travolta and Olivia Newton John perform in the movie, Grease. I made a decision right there that I wanted to be an actor and told my twin. She responded, “Yeah, I know. You were meant to be an actor, you love it.” Robin has always been an inspiration in my acting, writing and filmmaking career.WHAT CHALLENGES HAVE YOU FACED IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY? WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST REWARDING EXPERIENCE?The challenges that I faced in the entertainment industry was keeping my days open for auditions and to hold a job at the same time. To pursue my acting career and to be employed was and can be very tricky.I won a scholarship to Van Mar Academy in LA. One day, while on route to class, I got into an accident. The incident forced me to leave LA for medical reasons, my heart was broken.The most rewarding experience is that I discovered that I loved writing and filmmaking. I wanted to express truth through story and film so I decided to tell my own journey. I produced under my production company, Twin Visutskie Films a short film, 5 the beginning.It has been accepted to numerous film festivals around the world being both a semi-finalist and finalist four times. It has also attracted distributors. The short film is adapted from my full length screenplay; it is a calling card for investors and a proof of concept.My goal is to produce it as a feature. Throughout it all I was asked to be an international film festival judge for, Stairway International Film Festival and Warsaw Independent Film Festival. That was a tremendous opportunity for me to grow as an actor, screenwriter and filmmaker to view other talent around the world who shared the same passion.The second rewarding experience came to me as an actor. After the LA accident it was a while before I got back into acting. I saw this casting call for actors so I thought, “Maybe it’s time.” My audition was for a small role in the film. As I was auditioning the director, writer, producers stopped me in mid-performance. They asked if I could do an improvisation of a new character they were creating. The film was already a heavy topic dealing with abuse and religion. The role was about a wife who battled her own demon, married to a man who abused children and murdered them. I booked the leading role on the spot in the movie, Forgive Me Father. The producers and director gave me the best actress award in the film. That inspired me to keep on, keep on.WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TYPE OF CHARACTER TO PLAY?A role that is challenging that provokes tragedy and a possible solution and stands up for a just cause. To play a historical character, for example the movie, Passion of the Christ. The characters have depth, heart wrenching story and huge obstacles and choices to decide.Comedy roles are exciting and one needs a quick response with perfect timing to achieving the ultimate goal, laughter. I accept both with open arms.WHAT MARKET DO YOU CURRENTLY WORK IN? ARE THERE OTHER AREAS YOU WOULD LIKE TO WORK?I currently work as an actor, screenwriter and an aspiring filmmaker. As a filmmaker, I have produced five short films, five short plays. As a screenwriter, a few scripts and I am a published writer.My creative writing partner and I are marketing our full length comedy script, Threes’ A Crowd.We are currently looking for an agent.  I work with a recording artist as a co-songwriter. The artist proposed an opportunity for me to direct his music video. It was an amazing adventure and I welcome the prospect of directing other film projects.WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE NEW TRYING TO MAKE IT IN THE ACTING INDUSTRY?1. Stay focus2. Know your vision3. Have faith in yourself4. Surround yourself with uplifting people5. Think of your present success, not what you don’t have6. Gratitude7. School/training8. Researching/read9. Observe people, situations, place, time, climate, listening10. Be a student every day in life, be open to learning11. Exercise12. Pray/meditateWHAT FUELS YOUR PASSION?Life fuels my passion when sometimes I find it hard to find the passion in me. Observation, listening are successful methods of building my humanness and humility to understand others as well as myself. These techniques help me as :As an actor, I observe others and truly listen, to experience my surroundings, smells, tastes, to read between the lines of the script, that’s where the magic is, the story begins.As a writer, I have inspirational pictures, letters, posters, vision board, many things that inspire me all over my house to help me create scripts, plays, writing.As a filmmaker, I get involved creating with other filmmakers being a director, assistant director, casting director, whatever is needed to produce a film or stage plays. I accept work that would enhance my education, experience behind the lens and engage in artistic collaboration. Sometimes I play one of the characters in their films. A movie poster for a feature film that I plan to produce is on my cell phone and that keeps my vision alive.WHAT IS SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT MOST PEOPLE WOULD NEVER GUESS?That I am identical twin.In high school and into my twenties, I was a lead singer in a rock band with Robin. My love for singing has called me back; I compose, write songs and in the near future will record them. It is also my intention to use my music in my films.IF YOU WERE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN, WOULD YOU DO THINGS EXACTLY THE SAME? DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS? SUCCESSES THAT MAKE YOU PROUD?I would have continued my studies to get a degree in criminology to have back up in regards to making money. However, I also knew the risks of being in the entertainment industry and not pursuing my dream was not an option. My love for acting outweighed the conventional means of realistic goals when in reality there was no guarantee with any career choice one makes. I incorporate everything that I have studied combined with life experience into my roles, writing and filmmaking.The greatest successes that makes me proud is that I am acting, I am writing, I am producing both films and plays. Recently someone told me that I am one of the lucky ones that no matter how big the obstacles I continue to pursue my artistic endeavors. They wish that they could have followed their dreams however due to obligations and fear of losing their security stops them from pursuing it.I am very blessed and so grateful that I have the opportunity to live my dream.Tabatha is currently seeking an agent to represent her for screenwriting and filmmaking!FOLLOW TABATHA ON SOCIAL MEDIA:FACEBOOK: HERE TO VIEW ALL INTERVIEWS IN OUR ASPIRING TALENT SERIESIf you are an aspiring talent and would like to be featured in our Aspiring Talent SeriesContact Darlene via email at [email protected] to all (e.g. Actors, Models, Singers, Dancers, Producers, Directors, etc.) Facebooklast_img read more

A display of culinary expertise

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first_imgFood critics, bloggers and enthusiasts are in for a treat as they can witness the expertise of culinary geniuses along with getting a chance to explore various facets of Indian cuisine. Indian Culinary Forum along with the Hospitality First and ITPO hosted the ‘Culinary Art India 2016’ on Tuesday at Pragati Maidan. The event, which is a part of Aahar International Food and Hospitality fair, will see culinary exhibitions, competitions and live cooking contests apart from stalls of food products from around the globe being held at the venue. It is a platform to create awareness about the profession of chefs and felicitate the achievers. The five-day event will go on till March 19.   Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The event has around 300 chefs exhibiting their skills under one roof and participating in various categories of competitions. All the jury members for the competitions are WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies) certified chefs and renowned food critics.Chef Shanli Ong Beng Yew from Malaysia, who is presiding as the chairperson of the jury, said, “We are evaluating the preparations on the levels of creativity of the chefs through taste, proportion and presentation of the dishes. First the eye appeal and then the taste matters, that is the whole idea of culinary art. So far I have seen that the young Indian chefs are very innovative and creative with their methods of cooking.” Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe event started with chefs showcasing authentic Indian regional cuisine. Other categories of competitions include artistic pastry showpiece, fruit and vegetable carving, petit fours and pralines, three-course dinner menu, three tier wedding cakes, plated appetisers and pralines, dress the cake, artistic bakery showpiece, plated desserts and mocktails.Chef Devinder Kumar, President, Indian Culinary Forum said, “The overall participation has increased this year. We evaluate them based on the merits and maintain total transparency. Only the best of the best are awarded for specific categories. It is also a very good platform for visitors, as they also get to see the latest trends in cooking.” The winners of the competitions will be announced on March 19, at the end of the event.  Chef Lukesh Bajaj, one of the participants in the category of authentic Indian regional cuisine said, “North Indian cuisine is my specialty. I have put up two main courses, including vegetarian dishes and non-vegetarian dishes, rice, chapattis and two desserts-‘phirni’ and chocolate ‘gulab jamun’. I had a great experience participating in today’s competition.” Among several stalls of processed food and beverages were Tops, India Gate, and many foreign brands from around the world. The Aahar International Food and Hospitality Fair is not only a forum for exhibiting culinary skills but also a large platform for entrepreneurs and food brands to showcase their products and stimulate business-to-business and business-to-customers sales.last_img read more