What in the world would you store on a 128GB iPad

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first_imgEarlier today, Apple announced that it would be releasing a 128GB iPad on February 5. Nothing about the tablet is any different from the most current iPad model (the fourth generation), except for the increased storage capacity. There will be both black and white models, with the WiFi-only model retailing for $799, and the WiFi and cellular data model retailing for a hefty $929. The unit will be sold through any Apple Store, Apple’s online storefront, and any Apple partners.According to Apple, the increase in storage is a response to the tablet becoming more widely used in a business environment, such as in the music or film industries. Apple also notes that the company feels average users want more storage — that’s where we raise our collective eyebrow.So, we tried to think of some things that non-business user types would do with a 128GB iPad. Here is what we came up with…The maximum file size of an iOS app is 2GB, so you can fit 64 size-capped appsIf the average size of a standard MP3 is 5MB, you can fit 26,214 tracks in your music libraryA scene release of an episode of Family Guy is usually around 60MB to 90MB, with an average of 75MB. So, you can fit 1,747 Family Guy episodes (sorry, there are only 199 episodes total). A non-720p scene release of Parks and Recreation is about 170MB, thus you can fit around 771 episodes of the fantastic showThe iPad version of Angry Birds, Angry Birds HD, is 45.4MB. You can fit 2,887 instances of this game on your iPad, which you probably need to do for your iPad to reach its full potentialGeorge R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones on iBooks is 11.3MB, so you could read 11,599 digital copies of the book, assuming you remove the one you just finished before starting on the next identical copyA full run of all six seasons of Lost in HD on iTunes is around 170GB, so you’ll unfortunately have to switch to SD — which is around 70GB or so — if you absolutely can’t live without the entire series on your tablet at onceIf anyone out there can find actual-everyday uses for all that space on an iPad other than “all the music I can possibly download and rarely listen to” or “tons of raw images and video that I’ll occasionally look at maybe once, who knows,” we’d love to hear about them.last_img

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