Macron Says King Mohammed VI Ready to Appease Tension in Al

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Rabat – Al Hoceima was at the heart of French President Emmanuel Macron and King Mohammed VI’s meeting this Wednesday evening in the Royal Palace in Casablanca. During a press conference, Macron told the media that the King is “concerned” by the protests happening in the Rif, “a region that is very dear to his heart.”Responding to the questions of a French journalist about the situation in Al Hoceima, Macron stressed that he has “no right to make a judgment on a matter of domestic policy.” However, the French president stated that the on-going protests in the North of Morocco are a matter of importance to the King. The French head of state also stated that unlike many countries, the demonstrations occurring in many regions of the country “are enshrined in the constitutions,” and that King Mohammed VI believes that they are “very normal and legitimate.”During my meeting meeting with His Majesty the King, “we have directly raised the subject.” According to the French president, the “The King expressed his wishes to see the situation  “appeased”, and the “demands of the citizens to be addressed in a concrete way in terms of public policy.”The North of the Kingdom has always been the King’s favorite summer destination, and according to Macron he is “very concerned by the future of this region that is close to his heart.”

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