EU Backs Morocco in Setting up Efficient Asylum System

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Brussels  –  Morocco will benefit from the new EU protection and development program “PRPD-Afrique du Nord” which is aimed at building the capacities of the region in establishing efficient asylum systems, said the European commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos.The program will benefit Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Libya and it also provides for some actions in Niger and Mauritania, said Avramopoulos answering a question by a Euro-deputy on the immigration situation in the Mediterranean.The new European program will help these countries offer support and information for people in need of protection and respond to socio-economic concerns of refugees and host communities, he added.Avramopoulos also assured that the European Commission is not planning to set up asylum centers in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya or other neighboring countries to deal with asylum requests in the EU outside the European territory. With Map

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