Wigan v Chelsea in pictures

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first_imgFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebook A selection of images from Chelsea’s 2-0 victory at the DW Stadium. (Click on an image to begin slideshow)See also:Early goals help Chelsea see off WiganWigan v Chelsea player ratingsBoss hails Hazard after Chelsea victoryHazard has class – but he can also look after himselflast_img

Eureka boys squeeze past Hoopa Valley

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first_imgThe Eureka High School boys basketball team hosted Hoopa Valley High in a non-conference matchup Wednesday night. Eureka edged out Hoopa 68-65 to snap a five game losing streak.Eureka (4-14, 0-4) jumped out to an early 10 point lead after the first quarter and by halftime led 43-27.Hoopa (10-9, 2-1) stormed out of the break and mounted an 8-0 run to pull within eight points of Eureka early in the third quarter. Eureka rebounded quickly, and ended Hoopa’s run before it could do too much …last_img

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — June 25, 2018

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first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We are dry today over an overwhelming majority of the state. Now, there is a little action that we need to watch near the Ohio River, but most of the rain and thunderstorms we are seeing through the day today stay south in KY and WV. Still, it bears watching and we can at least see some clouds building at times through the day in the far south. The rest of the state will be sunny, dry and pleasant.  Tomorrow we see sun followed by increasing clouds. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be nosing into western Ohio by midnight tomorrow night and will then spread east from there across the state through the overnight and through Wednesday. Rain totals look to be from .25”-1.5” with 100% coverage. We all see rain tomorrow night through Wednesday. Thunderstorms will be needed to reach the upper end of the rain range, but we think where some potential for stronger thunderstorms Wednesday is.  Thursday features mixed clouds and sun, but there is a chance of a few scattered to isolated shower in far southwest Ohio, near the Cincinnati area. Rain totals will be minor. Dry weather is in for the entire state Friday through the weekend.  Thunderstorms develop overnight Sunday night in NW Ohio and will then move east across north central parts of the estate through Monday morning, ending up in NE Ohio by early to mid-afternoon. Most of this action stays north of US 30 until we get to Monday evening. Then, we see scattered showers sag south through Monday night and into Tuesday. We end up seeing .25”-.75” across 60% of the state when combining all action from midnight Sunday through Tuesday. We are dry Wednesday in all areas.  For the extended period, we have scattered showers around for Thursday, July 5th. These will have only a .25”-.5” potential, but 70% coverage. Then a strong high-pressure dome moves in for the remainder of the forecast period, keeping us Sunny, dry and warm from the 6th through at least the 11th.  Temps will be below normal today and tomorrow, but from Wednesday forward, we will see a move to above normal levels statewide.  Overall, this pattern shows still timely moisture potential, but you notice each system is significantly smaller, has shorter duration and much less total precipitation than we have seen over the past 7 days. The map at right shows 10-day rain totals. Combine that with temps that rise quickly, and we will be looking at a much different forecast pattern for the start of July than what we saw for the month of June. Temps are likely not problematic but will look to stay above normal for most of the upcoming month.last_img read more

Pre-Visualizing Your Scene: The Pros and Cons of Set.a.light

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first_imgIn this review, we’ll take a look at the set.a.light pre-visualization program, its virtual assets and limitations, and how to use it.Set.a.light 3D is a pre-visualization program for photographers and filmmakers. Users can realistically simulate lighting setups and learn how lights and cameras interact to create an image.I’ve been using set.a.light for a couple of months now, and I’ve spent endless hours tinkering with different lighting setups. There are three main windows. You have a perspective view that lets you see your scene, a “rendered view” that lets you see what the camera is seeing, and a top-down “lighting diagram” view that you can output (once you’re done) to help recreate the lighting on set. Create an EnvironmentImage via Elixxier Software.The first step is to create an environment and something to shoot. This is one of five preset models that you can customize with different outfits, hair styles, and skin colors. There are also multiple poses to choose from, some right out of Zoolander, but standing and sitting have worked out fine (so far) for me.Fit Your SceneYou can then choose the camera lens, sensor size, position, f-stop, and ISO that fits your scene. The camera sprite is a generic-looking DSLR on a lighting stand, which I hope will change in future versions.Light the SubjectImage via Elixxier Software.You’re now free to light the subject to your heart’s desire. You can bring in fifty Skypanels, line the roof with spot lights, or just recreate a scene from your favorite film. You can use bounced light, and there’s even a “light blocker” for negative fill.LimitationsSet.a.light does have a couple of limitations. It doesn’t (yet) have diffusion or silks that you can use to diffuse lights. Most of the lights featured are flashes or flash modifiers, though they do have several ARRI LEDs and tungsten spotlights.With the basic version at $70, set.a.light is a great way to get some time on set, even if it’s virtual, and discover how to use light to best tell your story.Top image via elixxier software.Interested in the tracks we used to make this video?“Tulips” by Origami Pigeon“Never Gonna Be the Same” by Joseph“Homeworks” by Weird Visions“Feelings” by JosephWant more on lighting? Check these out.Lighting in a Pinch: Five Tricks Using Your Mobile PhoneA Cheap Trick for Lighting a Daylight Interior Car SceneNature’s Lighting: A Guide on Shooting With or Against the SunFollow Fill: The Simple Solution to Lighting a Difficult SceneInside the Electric Department: Lighting, Tools, and Safety Skillslast_img read more

The Secrets of Making Money as a Documentary Filmmaker

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first_imgHere are some insightful tips on how to pitch and sell yourself, land the best gigs, and actually get paid for documentary film work.I don’t know about you, but for all the great classes I took in film school, and all the information I learned online and from friends over the years, there never was a course in how to actually make money as a filmmaker. Not only was there not a course, but it seems like it’s a struggle for many — especially when you’re first starting out.Yet, people do have careers in film and video. Yes, it can be hard at times. But it can also be very exciting to combine your avocation with your vocation. Although, with documentary filmmaking specifically, the genre is not always akin to becoming a millionaire.That being said, there’s plenty of documentary-style work out there. You just have to know where to look.Traditional Media ChannelsTraditional media channels do a lot of their work in documentary-style filmmaking. Image by guruXOX.I use “traditional media channels” as a loose catch-all term. Basically, I’m talking about newspapers, magazines, alternative weeklies, public television stations, and community blogs that you’ll find in whatever town or city you live in.Documentary content, specifically, is needed for these traditional and journalistic-style channels. Yes, there might be some crossover into your old school TV news style content. But, many news stations now produce more run-and-gun documentary-style content, aimed more for social media than the 6 o’clock hour.Land these gigs: To get these gigs, you can cold call or email. However, your best bet would be to network. Try to connect with someone in the newsroom who oversees digital content. Bring a demo reel (or relevant samples). If you have your own gear, let them know. And to really get your foot in the door, bring some solid pitches!Agency Work and Branded ContentCompanies are turning toward documentary-style film work in order to attain a more personal touch. Image by TZIDO SUN.I’ve worked on dozens of different documentary-style projects over the years. So, I can say that if you can manage the corporate bureaucracy, agency work and branded content are some of the most lucrative gigs. Whether you’re working directly with individual companies or organizations, or being hired out from a marketing or creative agency, branded content lends itself closely to documentary filmmaking.I say “closely” because branded content, at the end of the day, means to sell a product or service (or just generally promote a brand). However, the industry has definitely embraced the documentary-style for many of their more personal — and often longform — material.Land these gigs: Similar to the advice above, getting your foot in the door for branded content work usually requires connections inside the companies or agencies you’d like to work for. Most companies will be open to you introducing yourself. Some will even take meetings just so you can show your work and let them know your availability.Nonprofits and Cause-Focused ProjectsCause-focused documentary filmmaking is not only rewarding but helps implement change to our world. Image by Studio 72.On the other end of the high-paying spectrum (often, but not always), we find the cause-focused documentary projects championed by nonprofits or action groups. For many of these organizations trying to bring about change, shorts to even feature-length films about specific issues or causes can be great opportunities to really dive deep into a documentary project.While not always the highest paying, these can ultimately be some of the most rewarding projects for documentary filmmakers. After all, your films can actually help bring about change in the world.Land these gigs: Finding these projects sometimes takes a bit of luck, though. However, if you’re passionate about any number of major causes in the world, creating cause-focused short documentary projects on a specific subject is a good way to show your passion and expertise if you can find a relevant nonprofit.Submitting for GrantsApplying for grants is a great avenue when considering funding for your documentary. Image by 2p2play.Finally, if you’re just looking for funding for your documentary — and it doesn’t fall into any of the paid gigs above — your best bet might be to apply for grant funding.Be warned though, applying for grants is no simple task and requires a great deal of work itself. Not only can grants be very competitive, they’re also usually awarded to those with the most experience. For documentary filmmakers starting off, you’ll need to work a bit to build out your résumé and past projects to really show you can be trusted with the money to deliver a finished project.Land these gigs: First, you’ll need to do your research to find grants you qualify for. From there, the application process can be quite arduous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re interested in searching for and submitting for grants, here’s a great article that breaks down each step of the process.Cover image by 2p2play.For more advice, tips, and tricks for documentary filmmaking, check out these articles below.Documentary Tips: Capturing the Who, What, When, Where, and Why5 Tips on How to Create a Great Short Documentary FilmSupport Your Documentary Vision with a Thoughtfully Considered SoundtrackThe 6 Types of Documentary FilmsA Complete Guide to Documentary Filmmakinglast_img read more

Airport procedure eased in J&K

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first_imgThe Union Aviation Ministry on Thursday decided to discontinue baggage identification by passengers at the Jammu, Srinagar and Leh airports in Jammu & Kashmir.“Furthering our mission of enhancing citizen convenience, we have done away with mandatory baggage identification by passengers at Jammu, Srinagar and Leh airports. We remain committed to making your journey delightful and hassle-free,” wrote Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu on Twitter.Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti welcomed the Centre’s move: “Thankful to Mr. Prabhu. This decision will go a long way in lessening the inconvenience and enhancing the travel experience. I would also request him to look into airline ticket pricing to J&K to ease the burden for budget travellers.”last_img

Below-par bowling, India’s bane?

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