Dallas reaches end of Ebola monitoring period

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first_img Share 224 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share Tweetcenter_img HealthInternationalLifestylePrint Dallas reaches end of Ebola monitoring period by: – November 8, 2014 Share DALLAS (AP) — Dallas calmly marked the end of its Ebola crisis on Friday when the last of the 177 people who were being monitored for symptoms of the deadly virus were to be cleared at midnight.Thirty-eight days after Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola in a local hospital, officials expressed relief and resolve that they were prepared if anything similar — with its resulting panic, fear and constant media attention — ever happened again.“It’s a time to reflect on the sacrifices of our hometown health care heroes and the city, county, and school district employees that worked so hard, along with our state and federal partners, to keep us safe during the Ebola crisis,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said in a statement, calling it an early Thanksgiving for the city.Monitoring for the last person who came in contact with Duncan or the two nurses who contracted the virus will end at midnight Friday. About 50 people who returned to Texas from West African countries where the virus has killed thousands will remain under monitoring.last_img read more

Assistant coach Bhattacharjee driving Syracuse’s future with recruiting success

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first_img Published on September 17, 2014 at 12:01 am Contact Liam: lpsull01@syr.edu Facebook Twitter Google+ After a 3-2 double-overtime win over Vermont last Sunday, Syracuse head coach Phil Wheddon made a joke about assistant coach Neel Bhattacharjee in front of the team.“Phil overheard someone say ‘Neel’s so cute’ after the joke,” said freshman Jessica Vigna, laughing. “So then on the white board afterward, the team put up, ‘Neel equals cute.’”Whether it’s Bhattacharjee’s personality or looks that has the team deeming him “cute,” Wheddon is mostly impressed with the recruiting coordinator’s immediate success. Bhattacharjee has been on the SU staff since 2012 and the team’s newest class is the first that he is mainly responsible for.The 11 freshmen were ranked the 17th-best class in the nation by TopDrawerSoccer.com, and a handful have been in the mix in Syracuse’s (3-2-3) second year in the Atlantic Coast Conference. So far this season, eight of the 11 freshmen have started in at least one game, and first-year goalie Courtney Bronson, who was expected to start prior to the season, is sidelined with an injury.“I think we have a very well-balanced class where we addressed some very specific positional needs,” Bhattacharjee said. “A number of them have made strong contributions, with starting time and playing time.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“We’re excited because we know they’re just going to continue to grow and develop.”Bhattacharjee’s work is contributing to results.Freshmen Alex Lamontagne, Jessica Vigna and Alexis Muraco have all recorded their first collegiate goals. Lamontagne is second on the team in goals, with three, this year, and second in points, with seven.“His personal touch on emails and attendance at my games was really cool,” said Vigna, who scored her first goal and collected an assist in SU’s 2-2 tie at Drexel on Sunday. “It definitely played a role on me choosing SU.”Responsibilities as recruiting coordinator include evaluating talent, emailing recruits up to three times a week, attending games and giving tours when recruits visit campus. But Bhattacharjee reduces the recruitment process into two simpler categories: evaluation and formal recruitment.Bhattacharjee heads recruiting and is also the only assistant coach listed on the team’s roster, and Wheddon recognizes the effect he has while juggling roles.“He’s invaluable to our success,” Wheddon said. “Having a top-20 class in his first real year in recruiting is unbelievable.”The No. 17 ranking is no stroke of luck for Bhattacharjee. Prior to joining Syracuse in January 2012, Bhattacharjee worked as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for the women’s soccer program at Boston College, where he said he brought in top-10 recruiting classes.After Syracuse tied BC in 2011 — a year after BC reached the final four — Bhattacharjee took notice of Syracuse, and was impressed with the progress the program was making.“I told Phil I could continue to get him even better players,” Bhattacharjee said. “This is a place where we could do some special things and have an impact.“I’m excited to be a part of it.”Aside from recruiting, Bhattacharjee specializes in goalkeeping, like Wheddon, but is responsible for coaching all of the team’s units in practice and in games — with Wheddon and him splitting time with the Orange’s goalies and positional players.While he stays busy on the field, his most noticeable contribution to the program is the talent he’s recruited and his commitment to pushing the program forward.“We are trying to improve our stature within the conference and also nationally,” Bhattacharjee said. “If we can do some good things in the ACC, success just leads to more success.“Everyone’s attracted to a winning program, we just need to build on that.” Commentslast_img read more

Andy Murray Withdraws From The US Open, Fails To Recover From Hip Injury

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first_imgWorld number two, Andy Murray has withdrawn from the US Open following his failure to recover from a hip injury he sustained at the Wimbledon.The 30-year-old Brit, who won the US Open in 2012, was due to face world number 104 Tennys Sandgren in the first round at Flushing Meadows.Announcing his withdrawal, Murray said: “I did pretty much everything I could to get myself ready here,”“I took a number of weeks off after Wimbledon, spoke to a lot of hip specialists, tried resting, rehabbing to get myself ready here and was practising OK the last few days but it’s too sore for me to win the tournament and ultimately that’s what I was here to try and do, so, unfortunately, I won’t be playing this year.”The last time Murray pulled out of a Grand Slam was at the 2013 Frenc Open and also did not play at the Tennis Masters tournaments in Montreal and Cincinnati this month as he underwent rehabilitation.“I certainly wouldn’t have been hurting myself more by trying to play. It was more a question of whether it would settle down in time. I kind of ran out of time.” he added.Andy Murray joins defending champion Stan Wawrinka, Novak Djokovic, Kei Nishikori and Milos Raonic on the US Open injury list.Relatedlast_img read more

New Fallout Shelter update brings the game to PC adds narrative quests

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first_imgFallout Shelter was an appetizer released a few months before Fallout 4 arrived. A free-to-play mobile game that dropped little hints about what was to come in the “real” Fallout game. This little time waster was fun – for a free game – but it only took a week or so for players to do everything there was to do in it. Updates appeared over the last year, each adding in a few feature, but players could still unlock virtually everything in a short period of time. The latest update includes some substantial improvements, and a new quest system that will keep players actively engaged in ongoing story-based content.In Fallout Shelter, players are the Overseer of a vault, but so far they haven’t actually had an Overseer’s Office, like the ones seen in the other Fallout games. The new update fixes this and, once players unlock their office, they can begin to use the most important feature of the update, the Quest system.One of the basic mechanics of the game has always been sending vault dwellers out into the wasteland to gather supplies. Early in the game, this forces players to decide how many workers they can spare from vital jobs inside the vault, like producing food, water, and power. However, there is a limit to how many dwellers can be sent out of the vault at once, and vaults will eventually end up with more dwellers than productive jobs.Once all the rooms were fully upgraded and the population cap was reached, the vault essentially managed itself, and the game turned into a slow grind as dwellers wandered the wasteland looking for rare loot that wasn’t even needed to maintain the vault. When players hit this point, there would be an abundance of unemployed dwellers, wandering around on perpetual coffee breaks, with nothing to do.The new quest system allows up to three dwellers to join forces and go to new locations where they use new fighting mechanics to explore new locations and fight enemies. As the Overseer’s Office is upgraded, players will be able to send out three different groups on three separate quests, thus having up to nine dwellers on quests at a time (In addition to having twenty five exploring the wasteland with the original exploration mechanic).These quests have ongoing stories that are broken up into smaller parts. For the introductory story alone there are fifteen different sub-quests that involve dwellers tracking down a mysterious vault hidden deep in the wasteland. There is funny text explaining the story, and the dwellers will meet NPCs at their destinations. Dialog sometimes has multiple choices too. It isn’t as elaborate as the dialog in the main Fallout games, but it is a significant step up for Fallout Shelter, which previously had no story, just snips of ambient chatter between vault dwellers.Once at the quest destination, the game uses a new set of mechanics. Players guide their party of adventurers through the destination, room by room, in a dungeon crawl. Each room has hidden loot in the background, and enemies to fight, or perhaps a friendly NPC with expository dialog.When bad guys appear, combat is a little different than in the vault. When on quests, the player can pick targets for each member of the party, and there is a simple mini-game where the player can tap a flashing icon at the precise moment to do extra damage. The party can thus team up on a single target if one enemy needs to be taken out quickly for tactical purposes.The quest parties have a limited selection of supplies, they can only bring 25 stimpack and RadAways between them, although they might scrounge more at their destination. If a member of the party dies, they can only be revived after the quest. The quests can be failed if the party isn’t up to the challenge, so players have to put thought into which dwellers are best-suited for which missions, and how weapons and armor should be allocated.The team has to travel to and from the quest destination in real time. This is the game’s little hook to make players cough up real-world for the dreaded “Premium Currency”. This is a new feature for Fallout Shelter. Players can use special “Nuka Cola Quantum” to speed up events in the game. Parties will instantly arrive at their quest destination, or the currency can also be used to speed up crafting in the vault, to skip “Objectives”, and to recall individual dwellers who are exploring the wasteland.Players will find Nuka Cola Quantum on quests, but it can also be bought with real-world money. Many free-to-play games suffer from a “Pay to win” flaw, but Fallout Shelter doesn’t have any competitive elements (so far), and the quantum soda does nothing more than ask players whether they value their time more than their money.There are some new mechanics that are available on quests and in the vault too. When a character is badly injured, a Stimpack icon appears over their head, and this makes it easier to heal dwellers in the midst of combat. The original system made it very difficult to tap on the right character when six people, four deathclaws, and a Mister Handy were all running around the same room in the heat of battle.New enemies like radscorpions and feral ghouls are included in this update. These enemies will add radiation damage to dwellers that they encounter, and can be particularly tough. The radscorpions are prone to suddenly bursting onto vaults, and are one of the most dangerous foes so far in the game.  There is a new set of melee weapons, too. These can be found in the wasteland, or crafted in the same rooms that players use to craft guns.When playing any game, people must ask “Why am I doing this”? Before this update, that was a hard question to answer for Fallout Shelter. There was little challenge, sparse narrative, and players could experience almost everything it had to offer in a short period of time. The new daily quests and long-form stories justify checking back in with the vault on a daily basis. The new combat system and party management require the player to actively engage with the game, rather than passively watching as their dwellers manage themselves. Players who haven’t tried it yet have the best excuse so far to download Fallout Shelter, and there is enough new content to make long-time players unseal their old vaults for these new adventures.Fallout Shelter is available now for iOS, and Android. This update also brings it to PC for the first time, via Bethesda.net.last_img read more