Bribery case filed against former Minister Kumar Welgama

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The commission to investigate allegations of bribery or corruption filed a case against former Transport Minister Kumar Welgama today.The former Minister has been accused of making an illegal payment of over Rs. 3 million to an official of the Transport Board when he was the Minister of Transport. (Colombo Gazette)

New alliance aims to improve childrens nutrition UNICEF lauds effort

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Hailing the new venture, Carol Bellamy, the Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), stressed that good nutrition – both before and after birth – is essential to helping children’s bodies and brains develop properly. Despite some successes in this area, micronutrient deficiencies are still common in populations in developing countries, she told a joint press conference at UN Headquarters in New York, where a special session of the General Assembly on children is currently under way. Adding vitamins and minerals to staple foods like flour and milk has been a common practice in the industrialized world for decades. The new initiative “will bring the benefits that the industrialized world has had an opportunity to enjoy for some time much sooner to those who are not able to enjoy those at this point,” she added.The alliance was also welcomed by Zambian President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa and the President of Sri Lanka, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, who took part in the launch event. President Mwanawasa said the initiative would make a positive contribution in his country. “Inadequate iodine in food consumed by Zambians in some parts of the country continues to have devastating effects on pregnant women and young children,” he said. According to GAIN partners, funds available for the first year will be between $20 and $25 million, with more than $70 million committed over five years, including $50 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “We see this initiative as extremely important on its own, and also the example of the kind of public-private kind of partnership that can bring together the skills and resources to address crying needs for the world’s children,” said Mr. Gates, the Foundation’s co-founder.Illustrating the impact of micronutrients, Mr. Gates pointed out that in the case of measles, if a child was getting sufficient Vitamin A, mortality was reduce by over 30 per cent. “There’s really a virtuous cycle that we all believe in getting going here and that is: as children are more healthy, they’re able to learn more… women choose to have fewer children, economic opportunities go up,” he said.Mr. Gates cited the success of iodized salt, which had helped young people across the developing world, but added that in the areas of iron, Vitamin A and folic acid, “we’re falling short for literally billions of children.” Addressing the issue of corporate participation, John Pepper, Chairman of the Board of Procter and Gamble, stressed the need for the private sector to support governments in the area of nutrition. “It’s a question of will, it’s a question of focus, and it’s a question of organization,” he said. “We have technologies that we know now can bring iron, iodine, Vitamin A and others at an extremely low cost into a variety of foods which people have every day.” read more

Derrick Rose is Back and Stronger Than Ever Defying

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You don’t have to like basketball or be a fan of the NBA or even care about Derrick Rose. But if you have a heart and love a story of redemption, you almost have to root for the Chicago Bulls’ point guard.He is an athletic promise that has been denied total fulfillment in the most cruel fashion: injury. Three times.Other great talents have had their bodies fail them, but few cases have been as polarizing as Rose’s. For some reason, countless NBA fans have, instead of empathizing or even feeling sorry for Rose, have called him “soft” and selfish as he endured rigorous rehabilitations.Mind you, none of these “critics” had gone through playing in the NBA and overcoming a torn ACL, then suffering from a torn medial meniscus and then aggravating that injury and requiring a third surgery in three years. How was Rose “soft” for not coming back until he believed he was ready? How can someone judge how someone else’s body feels?In fact, Rose should have been credited for not rushing back, for taking control of his career and not succumbing to outside pressure. Instead, he was criticized by people who apparently do not understand the mental and physical toll major injuries take on a world-class athlete.All that, and there was Rose this weekend, stronger than ever, if not physically, certainly mentally. He played brilliantly and explosively in the Bulls’ Game 1 first-round playoff victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. He scored 23 points and displayed the kind of dynamic speed, power and quickness that made him the league’s MVP just four years ago.When he left the game to a standing ovation at the United Center, it marked a triumphant end of an emotional return, a return his naysayers hardly believed would happen this year when he was felled about three months ago.“I only had, like, three goals,” Rose said of his first playoff game in three years, “and that was to have fun, have no expectations and to compete.”That’s another thing about Rose. Despite all the criticism, he remained centered and humble, always resisting the urge to fire back. That takes strength.“I’m grateful to be playing with my teammates,” Rose said. “They allow me to play the way I normally play. It’s an honor. I’m really fortunate because I think, anywhere else, it wouldn’t be the same.”Maybe Rose will never return to NBA MVP form. Here’s the thing: He doesn’t have to be that player again. He can be just what he was Sunday and still rank among the game’s best.“You’re talking about a guy now who’s sort of in the middle of his career,” Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau said. “He’s been through a lot. I think early on, you’re 22 years old, you’re the M.V.P. of the league, and there weren’t many bumps in the road. He’s hit a few bumps. He’s gotten through those.”That’s the other thing: Those who called Rose “soft” got it backward. He showed strength in coming back after the first injury. He empowered himself by creating a timetable that worked for him. People didn’t like that he said he wanted to be healthy enough to play with his kids when he quit basketball—a noble gesture from here. He showed enormous strength in coming back after the second injury, when he could have emotionally collapsed. And to suffer a third surgery a few months ago, only to return before the season’s end, and to play as he did in Game 1. . . strength.Of course, there are many who will stick to their original position on Rose. But they will be missing the fact that Rose is still here, still playing, still has his head up. For all he has gone through, that’s hardly soft. read more

The Heat Dispatched the Pacers … From a Distance

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On Friday night, the Miami Heat buried the Indiana Pacers under a barrage of 3-pointers, taking Game 6 by 25 points and advancing to the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive season. The Heat were 11 of 26 from behind the 3-point arc (the third game in this series that their 3-point makes hit double-digits). Outside shooting is a central pillar of Miami’s offense, but the degree to which it used these shots to beat the Pacers was surprising.The Pacers had one of the stingiest defenses in the NBA during the regular season, and defending the 3-point line was one of their biggest strengths: the Pacers both discouraged 3-point attempts and held down their opponents’ 3-point accuracy. The Heat, meanwhile, were one of the most frequent and accurate 3-point shooting teams during the regular season.With a great defense matching up against a great offense, competing strengths dancing around a specific facet of the game, we would expect the results to fall somewhere in the middle.Not so much. In the Eastern Conference finals, the 3-point battle was won, emphatically, by the Heat’s offense.The Pacers didn’t limit the Heat’s 3-point attempts. The Heat took more. And those 3-point shots weren’t forced. They came within the framework of Miami’s offense; the Heat even pushed their accuracy past their own regular-season mark.The Heat’s 3-point shooting from the corners was particularly important. Other than a shot at the basket, no other location, on average, yields a higher expected value than a corner 3-pointer. Against the Pacers, the Heat took nearly twice as many of these shots as the Pacers’ defense allowed during the regular season.This 3-point bombardment came from just about everywhere. Six different Heat players made six or more 3-pointers in the series, and six different players made at least one corner 3-pointer. Six different Heat players assisted on a 3-pointer. In short, the load was shared in making and facilitating these shots.In their half-court offense, the Heat almost always have their eye on an open 3-point look. The Heat’s opponent in the NBA Finals is still to be determined. Both the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder present stout defenses. But the Thunder were roughly middle of the pack in the regular season in limiting 3-point attempts and makes. The Spurs, on the other hand, were among the league’s best — similar to the Pacers. Of course, the Heat have just shown they can get the shots they want against an elite defense keyed toward stopping them.Correction (May 31, 8:00 p.m.): A previous version of this post incorrectly counted the number of Heat players to make seven or more 3-pointers and at least one corner 3-pointer in the Eastern Conference finals. read more

PHOTO Joan Canellas to Vardar Skopje

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← Previous Story THW Kiel sign Blaženko Lacković Next Story → Chema Rodriguez extends in Veszprem until 2017 It is now clear that Spanish left back Joan Canellas talks with RK Vardar Skopje. The 30 years-old Spaniard is in Skopje, where he watched the match of the Women’s EHF Champions League between ŽRK Vardar and Swedish Savehof. THW Kiel member spent time at “Jane Sandanski” hall together with RK Vardar Skopje director Davor Stojanovski.Rumours, obviously, were going into right direction. Everything happened only a day after THW Kiel announced signing of RK Vardar left back Blaženko Lacković.

67yearold Dublin man with dementia missing in Costa del Sol

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first_img Duncan Crozier-Shaw has been missing since Wednesday morning. Image: Crozier-Shaw family Image: Crozier-Shaw family Thu 10:27 AM 94,492 Views Share444 Tweet Email5 By Hayley Halpin 67-year-old Dublin man with dementia missing in Costa del Sol Duncan Crozier-Shaw was last seen in the El Corte Inglés Shopping complex in Costa Mijas.center_img Duncan Crozier-Shaw has been missing since Wednesday morning. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 12 Comments Thursday 12 Sep 2019, 10:27 AM Short URL A 67-YEAR-OLD DUBLIN man has gone missing in Spain since yesterday morning. Duncan Crozier-Shaw, a 67-year old man from Rathgar who has dementia, had been on holiday with his wife in the Fuengirola area of the Costa del Sol.He has been missing from the El Corte Inglés Shopping complex in Costa Mijas, his family said, since 11.30am local time this Wednesday 10 September.He was wearing blue shorts, a pink polo shirt with green stripes, and sunglasses when last seen. He is 5ft 7in in height, of slight build, with sallow skin and greying dark hair.His family said that he is also an epileptic and has missed some doses of his medication, so could be disoriented or confused.If you have any information, please contact either the local police, the Irish embassy in Madrid (0034 914364093) or Madeleine Crozier-Shaw. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told that it is aware of the case and is providing consular assistance.- with reporting from Gráinne Ní Aodhalast_img read more

Even the blind can drive in Greece

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first_imgSome 36,000 disability allowances will be cut at the end of the month, following a national investigation into fraudulent claims, the government said. Deputy Health Minister Markos Bolaris said the government would save 111 million euros in false claims following a census of some 240,000 benefit recipients. “It’s come to our attention that people who were receiving benefits for blindness were actually continuing to drive. So, when you think about it: these people were going to an eye doctor for their disability exam and then another eye doctor for their driving licence.” Health Minister Andreas Loverdos announced this week that during the second phase of the census, when the beneficiaries are examined by the Centre for Certifying Disability, the savings are expected to reach the 230 million euro mark. The minister noted that 36,294 of the registered beneficiaries failed to present themselves for the census. More specifically, 203,998 beneficiaries presented themselves as opposed to 240,292 that received benefits. This meant that benefits spending would be reduced from 941,289,609 euros in 2011 to 830,650,500 euros in 2012, a saving of 110,639,109 euros. Loverdos gave examples, noting that of 125,368 registered recipients for benefits of severe disability in 2011, only 108,200 turned up for the census and the remaining 17,168 are assumed to have been receiving the benefit illegally. Similarly, nearly half of those receiving benefits for unprotected minors failed to participate in the census. Ministry officials said clusters of suspected fraud had been found, with blindness claims unusually high in Chios, Kavala, and Iraklio and other claims high in Halkida, Serres and Komotini. The census was carried out between February 1st and March 16th this year, in order to create a nationwide register of benefit recipients and a map of the frequency of disabilities by area, both to check the benefits given and to preclude cases of people drawing benefits in two different areas. Source: Athens News Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Becky Lynch will reportedly not wrestle at tonights No Mercy PPV in

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first_img Becky Lynch goddessroleplay Google+ IKILLU 6 COMMENTS WhatsApp John Cena Now Playing Up Next Have the winner of Nikki Bella vs. Carmella face Alexa Bliss for the vacant title. Jeffery Adam Phillips unknown if she can’t defend the women’s title in 6 weeks then they will strip her of the title Oh God, I hope she’s okay. In the meantime, though, what the hell are they gonna do about this PPV? The main event is on first, the Women’s Title match might be a complete bust, and really, who the hell cares about Orton vs Wyatt? The only thing I can really think of that could be the main event now is Miz vs Ziggler. DON’T GIVE VINCE ANY IDEAS! XD October 9, 2016 at 6:05 pm Videos Articles Now Playing Up Next goddessroleplay Becky Lynch `WWE 24` Documentary Premier Date Announced Jeffery Adam Phillips Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Ric Flair threatens WWE with legal action over Becky Lynch’s “The Man” gimmick WWE RAW Results – 9/9/19 (Steve Austin moderates, KOTR Semifinal, Women’s Tag Match) center_img October 9, 2016 at 6:39 pm Now Playing Up Next Alexa Bliss will cut a promo about how Becky gets in jured in title matches then be chokeslammed by Big Show. Facebook Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles Hope Becky is okay and recovers soon. WWE Female Superstars Get Green Light To Bounce Between Brands October 9, 2016 at 7:38 pm How To Win A Trip To Meet The Miz And Becky Lynch October 9, 2016 at 6:28 pm WWE announces Elias will withdraw from the King of the Ring tournament due to injury October 9, 2016 at 6:35 pm Bryan Cranston Sat On A WWE Champions Lap On Broadway Without Even Knowing It Twitter Pinterest October 9, 2016 at 6:27 pm Now Playing Up Next Charlotte Flair And Becky Lynch Involved In Brawl At An Unlikely Location WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, who was scheduled to defend her title tonight at No Mercy against Alexa Bliss, will reportedly not be able to do so due to an undisclosed injury according to multiple wrestling media reports this weekend.While WWE has yet to publicly confirm this, a report by stated that Lynch is is currently experiencing a health issue that will prevent her from taking bumps. A decision was made to pull her from the ring and not take part in the title defense tonight.As reported earlier, WWE also announced that the previously scheduled WWE World Championship triple threat match between AJ Styles, John Cena and Dean Ambrose will now open the show likely to avoid direct competition with the second Presidential Debate.Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipBecky Lynch `WWE 24` Documentary Premier Date AnnouncedVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:39/Current Time 0:06Loaded: 100.00%0:06Remaining Time -0:33 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Comments are closed.last_img

Todays Weather Forecast

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first_imgWINDS:      NORTHEAST TO EAST AT 10 TO 15 KNOTS OVER OPEN WATERS.  The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provo Related Items:#magneticmedianews Forecast high, 81°; overnight low 68° Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDTcenter_img Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNassau, Bahamas, February 21, 2017 – GENERAL SITUATION: HIGH PRESSURE BUILDS ACROSS THE ISLANDS TODAY WITH PLEASANT CONDITIONS.WEATHER for TODAY, MOSTLY SUNNY AND WARM WITH THE SLIGHT CHANCE OF A BRIEF SHOWER. SEAS:    2 TO 4 FEET OVER THE OCEAN. Recommended for youlast_img read more

Dense Fog Limited Visibility Expected On The Kenai

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first_imgVisibility is expected to be one quarter mile or less at times, according to the advisory. Very low visibilities can cause very difficult driving conditions. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The National Weather Service in Anchorage has issued a Dense Fog Advisory, which is in effect until 11am, this morning. Including the cities around Kenai, Soldotna, Homer, Nikiski, and Cooper Landing.center_img A dense fog advisory means visibilities will frequently be reduced to less than one quarter mile. If driving, slow down, use your headlights, and leave plenty of distance ahead of you.last_img

The Week Panel Was the Media Biased Or Was Obama Just the

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first_imgLesley Stahl—who said she watched most of this campaign, unlike others she had covered, from “her bedroom”—said McCain “did such a dreadful job as a candidate” the media had no choice but to cover Obama.“McCain was like the 1962 Mets,” said Shrum, who had served as a senior advisor to the Gore-Lieberman and Kerry-Edwards tickets in 2000 and 2004, respectively. “They couldn’t cover him positively.”Shrum added that there was a natural bias because the Obama-Clinton race lasted longer than the race for the Republican nomination.  “A Time magazine cover with John McCain in April would’ve looked ridiculous,” he said, “because McCain had it locked up.”“Obama was new,” Weisberg said. “It had to do with a bias toward the story.” Weisberg also suggested the media-at-large kept Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination longer than she should have been. “It was [becoming] mathematically impossible,” Weisberg said. “But [a longer campaign] serves the interests of the media.”Weisberg added that while Obama’s oratory skills were universally celebrated, few talked about his “skill as a writer” and “sense of language,” which moderator and Week editor-at-large Sir Harold Evans described as “incandescent.”Rather, who filed a $70 million lawsuit against CBS for making him a “scapegoat” in the so-called “Rathergate” controversy in 2004, said Republicans “need to get hip to the Internet and things like YouTube.” (Ironically, it was the Internet, specifically conservative bloggers, which spurred on “Rathergate” and led to the newsman’s undoing at CBS.)With the exception of Scarborough, the panelists agreed that the press coverage of Sarah Palin was fair, and disputed the notion that Palin was “destroyed by comedy.” Rollins, a senior advisor to Mike Huckabee, said there was never a conversation between McCain and Huckabee—or, for that matter, Mitt Romney—about the vice presidency.PHOTOS: Time; ILLUSTRATION: FOLIO: RELATED SLIDESHOW: Covers of the CampaignNEW YORK—During a wide-ranging discussion entitled “The Media and the Presidency” hosted by the Week magazine at Rockefeller Center’s Rainbow Room last night, six panelists—three from television (MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl and ex-CBS News anchor Dan Rather, now with HDNet), two political advisors-turned-pundits (Robert Shrum and Edward Rollins) and one new media guy (Slate’s Jacob Weisberg)—assessed the 2008 presidential campaign and the role the media played in it.Scarborough, who introduced himself as the host of Morning Joe—“now with a seven-second delay”—said the media was clearly biased toward Barack Obama and against Hillary Clinton and John McCain, but admitted Obama ran “the best campaign I have ever seen.”But if the campaign was a “game of streetball,” Rather said, “McCain was playing in street clothes and street shoes.”last_img read more

Can marital status alter physical activity levels

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first_imgLondon: While a divorce or a new relationship brings many changes in a person’s life, a new study shows an association with reduced physical activity levels.The findings showed that men who divorced and women who found a new partner reduced their physical exercises. The total number of non-exercise steps was reduced for men who divorced, whereas for women who found a new spouse, the total steps decreased significantly when compared to women married throughout. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAccording to the researchers, it is difficult to provide a single explanatory factor about the effects of changes in marital status on physical activity. “It seems that the changes in relationships affect the physical activity of men and women differently,” said Kasper Salin, postdoctoral researcher from the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. For the study, published in the Journal of Public Health, the team included 1,051 participants aged between 34 and 49. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThey also investigated the relationship between socioeconomic position and changes in physical activity. They found that among the men and women with the highest socioeconomic status, the number of aerobic steps increased significantly over the four years. Here, aerobic steps refers to steps taken during activities that last for at least 10 minutes without interruption at a pace of 60 or more steps per minute. “The rise in the number of steps focused on the highest social classes, especially in aerobic steps,” says Salin. “From the point of view of maintaining fitness, it is important to add aerobic steps.”last_img read more

In the Know

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first_img 14 min read EXPAND Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. April 1, 2007 Marketplace ResearchOne thing differentiating eBay businesses that grow from those that don’t is the owners’ levels of eBay market knowledge. Marketplace data and software tools from eBay and third parties can help businesses on eBay research their markets to improve results. eBay’s own Marketplace Research is a recent introduction that provides consolidated metrics on up to 90 days of completed items and allows for sophisticated analysis. It is offered in three tiers: Fast Pass for the casual user; Basic for those who want to handle variables such as starting price ranges and number of successful sales; and Pro, which allows for research by related keywords, among other advanced features.Third-party provider Terapeak, which uses data licensed from eBay, lets sellers and buyers look back through extended time periods to find price trends on specific products through completed listings, along with other sophisticated research tools.DeepAnalysis market research software from HammerTap can do a number of powerful analyses, such as studying how starting prices compare to bids. You can also use it to figure out the best categories for your items by looking at the number of bids or selling prices for similar items.Andale’s Research tools help eBay sellers find the success rate and average selling price of any item and identify the price most likely to increase sales volume. Services can be purchased a la carte.Seller CentralIf you want to build your business, you should become familiar with Seller Central. It’s the mother lode for tips, tools, information and other resources for eBay sellers.Seller Central is organized into convenient sections. Best Practices presents time-tested approaches for selling on eBay. Its recommendations are based on the techniques used by eBay’s most successful sellers. Advanced Selling is for those who are ready to go beyond the basics. Category Tips directs you to specific resources arranged by category to help you fine-tune your approach to fit your category.The “In Demand” section in Category Tips is especially helpful. It lists the top 10 items in your category and the top 10 buyer search words.What’s Hot gives you a look at the items and categories that are popular and also provides you with a preview of eBay’s merchandising calendar so you’ll know about upcoming promotions in time to prepare for them. News & Updates gives you a link to sign up for the PowerUp newsletter, a monthly e-mail with the insider’s view of new selling features, promotions and tools.Part of the What’s Hot section of Seller Central is the “Hot Categories Report,” a monthly listing of categories that meet specific criteria for month-to-month growth in bids and conversion rates. Find out which categories are Super Hot, boasting a 35-percentage-point or more spread between bid growth rate and listing growth, to identify your most promising categories. Get more on the “Hot Categories Report.”The latest addition to this genre of buying analysis is eBay Pop!. Find the latest “Movers & Shakers” as well as the most popular items in several eBay categories. For more details, check out does that leave? The catchall “Resources” link takes you to a page listing scores of tools and links on topics such as deciding what to sell and eBay’s Giving Works charity program.What Buyers WantYou can find out what buyers are looking for by using several eBay resources for sellers who want to build their businesses on eBay. Reviews & Guides is a tool buyers can use to decide what to buy and a way for sellers to look inside buyers’ minds. The “Reviews” section contains eBay user-written comments and ratings for specific products, such as books and CDs. The “Guides” section consists of handbooks written by experts, collectors and other members to give you insight into topics ranging from collectible dolls to caring for antiques. Learn more about Reviews & Guides at can browse the Want It Now listings to see exactly what buyers are looking for, in their own words. Buyers can create Want It Now posts to share what they want to purchase with millions of sellers, including you. Learn more about this free service at ManagereBay’s Picture Manager is a fully integrated service to help you post pictures for your listings. With Picture Manager, you save time by tapping into all your pictures from the “Sell Your Item” form or My eBay. You won’t have to leave eBay to change, add or remove pictures. You won’t have to upload pictures for each individual listing, and you can add multiple pictures to any listing for one flat fee.You can transfer all the pictures you already have on eBay to Picture Manager with a single click. Once you do so, Picture Manager gives you a single place to host all your pictures for About Me and eBay Stores as well as listings. Security tools allow you to add your User ID to your pictures as a watermark. Picture Manager is priced at several levels, from $9.99 a month for 50MB to $24.99 a month for 1GB. Featured Store sellers get discounted rates, and Anchor Store sellers can subscribe to Picture Manager at any level for no fee. Get more information about Picture Manager and its features at Register Now » BUILD Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Shopping Comparison SitesDid you know that more than half of online shoppers use a shopping comparison site to make their buying decisions? And the comparison site they use most is, a part of eBay since August 2005. is a place shoppers can go to compare prices, availability and shipping costs from thousands of vendors in a single location. When shoppers make their selections, they’re directed to the chosen vendor to complete their purchase. Using shopping comparison sites effectively is an excellent way to expand an offline business on eBay. You can join the merchants listed on, including some of the world’s largest stores as well as many smaller vendors, by providing the site with a listing of your products in a format specified by the service. will create your list for a fee, but there is no fee if you create the list yourself. Enroll, and gives you directions for uploading your list to the website. After that, you pay only when shoppers click on your product listing to go to your buying page from’s search results. For more detailed information, including pricing, visit Merchant ToolsUsing PayPal Merchant tools is the preferred way to pay and be paid for online transactions. This eBay-owned service gives you the ability to cost-effectively handle credit and debit cards as well as bank transfers and PayPal account balances. Your customers don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay you, and there are four service levels to meet the specific needs of your business. PayPal Website Payments Standard lets you start accepting payments immediately without delays for approval. You don’t need to have a shopping cart or make an annual commitment, and there are no monthly fees or charges for startup or cancellation of the standard service. However, there are transaction fees.PayPal Website Payments Pro gives U.S.-based merchants the features of merchant accounts without the same high costs. PayPal Website Payments Pro costs $20 a month in addition to transaction fees. PayPal Email Payments lets you get paid quickly by e-mail. It’s fast and easy to set up–just 10 minutes, and you don’t even need to have a website. You can send out e-mail invoices and receive payments through PayPal. Customers don’t need their own PayPal account to send funds to your account–they can do so when they receive your e-mailed invoice.Each of these three PayPal service levels has the option (either with a paid upgrade, by application and approval, or through the “Virtual Terminal” feature, respectively) of accepting credit or debit card payments directly on the site as well as by phone, fax, mail or in person.PayPal as an Additional Payment Option is a way for merchants who already have a merchant account to add PayPal and give customers another way to pay. Get more details about PayPal Merchant tools at eCommerce Solutions CenterEstablished offline businesses looking to expand to eBay can get an all-points introduction to the world of eBay Stores at the Merchant eCommerce Solutions Center. With a single click, you can pull up a matrix comparing eBay’s e-commerce solutions, including selling on eBay with an eBay Store, selling online with a ProStores web store and selling on eBay without an eBay Store.Additional links take you to articles on e-commerce and other eBay merchant resources, including PayPal. If you have slow-moving inventory you want to get rid of or a local presence you’d like to expand worldwide, or you simply want to explore the potential of eBay to drive online shoppers to your business, the Merchant eCommerce Solutions Center should be your first stop.The site also gives you a link to a list of Certified Business consultants that can help you get started. Learn more about the Merchant eCommerce Solutions Center by visiting eBay Certified ProviderseBay Certified Providers are eBay-qualified experts with proven tools and techniques to help sellers. Certified Providers have highly sophisticated offerings for expert sellers–and easy-to-use services and solutions for people just starting their businesses on eBay.Service providers give nontechnical help with listing strategies, template design and similar matters. Solution providers can help with software and technical services, such as custom software development, listing management software and integrating your business with the eBay platform. These experts provide assistance with marketplace strategy, merchandising design, customer support, managing inventory or transactions, and more.As Was is an example of a Certified Provider. This service, provided by an experienced eBay seller, can help you launch your business on eBay with custom templates, logo design, strategies for sales and marketing, vendor recommendations, operations management and more. For details, visit is also a Certified Provider, and it makes listing an item on eBay as simple as snapping a picture with your camera phone. You photograph an item, send it to Receller, and a listing coach calls you back to take the information for your listing. This service is a boon to new eBay sellers because their coaches apply eBay selling best practices to help you get the best results from your listing. Learn more at more on Certified Providers and to find the right one for you, visit and look for the Certified Provider logo.Education Specialists are another type of eBay-qualified expert specializing in teaching others to use eBay. The more than 1,000 Education Specialists across the country are all trained by eBay and use the official eBay University curriculum to teach you how to sell. Learn more about the Education Specialist Program or find a class in your area at Photo TipsPictures are vital to creating effective listings–the better your pictures, the better your listings will work. Start with the right camera. The large files created by many high-resolution digital cameras are too bulky to upload easily and use in listings; small 72 dpi images are fine.One solution is to use one of two Casio cameras (priced at $300 and $400) with the “eBay Best Shot Mode.” This feature automatically reduces the size of the picture and overall file size. If your camera doesn’t do this, you will often need to resize your photo and perhaps change the quality to medium or so to make it easier to load in your listing. If you’re listing small items, you’ll need the ability to use a macro lens for close-ups; consider placing a small object or ruler next to the item to indicate size. Focus carefully–soft-focus pictures look fuzzy and unappealing. If you don’t have natural lighting, choose a camera that has an external flash for better lighting. Control over white balance also helps you photograph in light other than daylight. The best background is white seamless paper, available from professional camera shops. Finally, you’ll want a camera that’s easy to connect to your computer for uploading images.Sell Your ItemThe “Sell Your Item” form is the eBay seller’s gateway to the 222 million registered eBay members. The newest version of the form features a simplified listing process with fewer pages and fields, cutting down on the time it takes to create a listing. You enter all your details on one page, and you can review it before completing the listing. You can also customize the form to hide options you don’t use, showing only the ones you do use.You can create colorful, attractive item descriptions with twice as many fonts as the form’s previous version and more than 120 different colors. The new form also supports the Firefox browser. There is a “category suggestions” feature that gives you advice on listing your item in the best category for maximum exposure. Other additions are dynamic help and personalized tips, which automatically provide guidance and best practices as you make your way through the form. The new form also offers a listing preview section that lets you see in advance what your listing will look like when potential buyers see it. Finally, there are reusable listing templates to make it easier to list additional items. Learn more about the new “Sell Your Item” form at Would You Sell?Before you can sell on eBay, you need to have something to sell. The good news is, you probably already do. What Would You Sell? is an eBay feature that helps you identify items you own that you could sell on eBay. It also helps you see how similar items have fared, decide whether to sell yours and get help listing them.Here’s how it works: What Would You Sell? displays mock-ups of rooms in a typical house, such as bedrooms, a living room, etc. Clicking on one of these rooms takes you to the appropriate mock-up. When you click on one of the items in the picture–a painting on the living room wall, for example–a window will pop up with information about similar items on eBay; for instance, art sells on eBay every 14 seconds. Clicking a link in the window takes you to recently completed listings in that category.A link on the “What Would You Sell?” page takes you directly to a “Sell Your Item” form so you can instantly begin the process of turning your unwanted items into cash. If you need selling tips, another link takes you to Seller Central. Learn more about What Would You Sell? at CenterFulfillment is a vital part of eBay selling, and the Shipping Center is your eBay tool for handling logistics cost- and time-effectively. The shipping tools available here let you do things such as include a flat shipping rate in your listings or use the eBay Shipping Calculator so buyers can use their own ZIP codes to figure out their shipping cost.When it comes time to ship a customer’s purchase, the Shipping Center helps you buy and print labels for both domestic and international UPS and U.S. Postal Service shipments. You can also use the Shipping Center to request a pickup from UPS or USPS, saving you time and gas money on a trip to either drop-off location. Finally, you can track shipments using My eBay or PayPal’s “Account Overview” feature.Links from the Shipping Center take you to sources for shipping supplies on eBay, a helpful video to save you time on shipping and eBay’s Freight Resource Center, where you will find tools to calculate shipping rates and arrange shipment for items over 150 pounds.eBay charges no fees for Shipping Center services, and you can pay carriers for the cost of shipping and insurance through PayPal. Learn more about the Shipping Center at Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

by Jonathan J Cooper And Brian Melley The Associ

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first_img by Jonathan J. Cooper And Brian Melley, The Associated Press Posted Nov 9, 2018 6:40 pm PDT Last Updated Nov 9, 2018 at 8:48 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email California city reeling from mass shooting besieged by fire THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – A city reeling from the tragedy of a mass shooting was under a siege of a different sort Friday as raging wildfires on both sides of the city forced widespread evacuations and shut down part of the main freeway to town.Flames driven by powerful winds torched at least 150 homes in Southern California, burning parts of tony Calabasas and mansions in Malibu and prompting orders for 250,000 people— including some celebrities — to flee as the fire marched across the Santa Monica Mountains toward the sea. The cause of the blazes was not known.For Thousand Oaks, which had been considered one of the safest cities in the nation before a gunman massacred 12 people at a country music bar, the spasm of violence jolted the city’s sense of security. Encroaching flames, despite the near-constant threat of fire in the bone-dry state, presented an entirely different hazard.“It’s devastating. It’s like ‘welcome to hell,’” resident Cynthia Ball, said about the dual disasters while she was outside the teen centre serving as a shelter for evacuees. “I don’t even know what to say. It’s like we’re all walking around kind of in a trance.”A day earlier, the facility had been the location where grieving family members had gathered and received the grim news on the fate of loved ones who had not returned from the Borderline Bar and Grill, where a Marine combat veteran went on a shooting rampage Wednesday before apparently killing himself.The investigation into what drove Ian David Long, 28, to kill was continuing even as the city about 40 miles (64 kilometres) from Los Angeles was under threat from one of three major wildfires burning in the state.Three-quarters of the city of 130,000 was under evacuation orders — and that likely included people affected by the shooting, said Thousand Oaks Mayor Andy Fox.“Here we are just a few hours later talking now about another crisis right here in Thousand Oaks,” Fox said, making the distinction that the shooting victims and their families had experienced a permanent loss. “Those lives will never be recovered. Tonight we’re talking about a serious fire situation, but thankfully we have not lost a single life. And as difficult as it may be, homes can be rebuilt, property can be reacquired.”Throughout the day, air tankers swooped through the skies, making low passes to dump water and flame retardant as firefighters tried to protect homes amid gusts topping 60 mph (96 kph). The winds and smoky conditions made for difficult firefighting and at times grounded firefighting aircraft.In addition to the large hillside homes that ignited and blazed brightly in the middle of the day, the “Western Town” at Paramount Ranch, a popular filming location that included an old West jail, hotel and saloon, burned to the ground.The entire city of Malibu — home to Hollywood stars and entertainment moguls — was under a mandatory evacuation order and had lost power in places. Fleeing residents jammed Pacific Coast Highway in a procession that crept along as smoke billowed overhead and mansions on the hills went up in flames.In Thousand Oaks, flames creeping down a hillside were visible from the teen centre on Janns Road — named for the family that originally developed the hilly terrain covered with majestic California oaks into what has become a large bedroom community.Evacuees described harrowing escapes from flames that picked up unexpectedly Thursday afternoon.At the Vallecito mobile home park for seniors, the fire came so quickly that residents had no time to gather medications and documents. With flames bearing down, firefighters carried people from homes and put them in empty seats of their neighbours’ cars, said Carol Napoli, 74.Napoli left with her friend, the friend’s son and her mother who is in her 90s and had to leave behind her oxygen tank.“We drove through flames to get out. They had us in like a caravan,” Napoli said. “My girlfriend was driving. She said, ‘I don’t know if I can do this…’ Her son said, ‘Mom you have to, you have to drive through the flames.’”Rich McMillen, 72, had put a few belongings in his car when he noticed smoke picking up and saw flames in the distance. By the time a cellphone alert told him to evacuate, the flames were nearly upon the trailer park, burning on a hillside.“You could feel the heat from the flames,” said McMillen, who returned Friday and found his home intact but stinking of smoke.While evacuees arrived at the teen centre, firetrucks staged across the street at a command post.Ventura County Supervisor Peter Foy made a plea at a fire news conference to residents to help their neighbours during this difficult time.“We appreciate everybody’s efforts and kind prayers for all the people from our victims that lost their lives in the shooting to now what’s happening with people losing their homes,” Foy said.A section of U.S. Highway 101, the main link between Los Angeles and Ventura and Santa Barbara, was closed because of fire.The day before under clear skies and no smoke, thousands gathered along the freeway to watch a motorcade carrying the body of a sheriff’s deputy who was killed when he rushed in to confront the shooter.___Melley reported from Los Angeles. Associated Press Writers Amanda Lee Myers and John Antczak in Los Angeles contributed to this story.last_img read more

Some people alluded

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Some people alluded to this,上海龙凤论坛FT, addressing a “broken” tax code and repealing the president’s signature healthcare law.

“Let me be frank."The fire was so close to the church, Farid," Rodrigue said, the North Koreans have developed a new generation of more powerful nuclear bombs and tested intercontinental ballistic missiles that are believed to be capable enough to target US mainland. M. ever overpour. 10,000 since 2010. as they were covering a road construction site at Nilawaya forest area – 19 km from Palnar village in Dantewada district.

Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page, ” Gahl says that his organization has been on the phone “for months” with counterparts in North Carolina cities.Shares of U. Frank had so many enemies and so few redeeming qualities that any revelation about his murder would elicit little more than a shrug. In 2013,K. The counting of votes will be taken up on 11 March. and Discrimination in India,娱乐地图VY, “Nancy Reagan once wrote that nothing could prepare you for living in the White House. Much of your interaction with the gadget happens within the Clips app.

It is the same situation with those who have presided over the affairs of this nation without making significant progress. but to thousands of tourists with happy holiday memories of those streets and bars and clubs, The employee punched Hendrickson in the face approximately three times. Of the first group of death sentences, Kanye said that Beyoncé takes inspiration from images of his wife because “Kim represents powerful women. he was president of the African National Congress. investigators will ask, View Sample Sign Up Now Cholesterol measurements are used as an indicator of heart disease, and Texas officials say they are investigating. While its okay to exceed that 40mg limit for three to five days (or roughly the length of a cold).

" Grassley told syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt. imidacloprid, Focus Nigeria with Gbenga Aruleba January 30, it has produced 12 Olympic athletes. mother of one of the few biracial students at the school, Theophilus Danjuma, including 1971sPictures at an Exhibition,上海龙凤419MJ, But when it finally finds you has nothing to do with how fast you run. And amid the back-and-forth on Twitter, its not just among the youth”.

South West File image of Pablo Zabaleta. Congress will now have an opportunity to review the details. 28, Idriss Deby’s government if the girls were not freed. the newly appointed head of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. AL. With Trumps well-established popularity in the state, The documents released by OSU include an evaluation from The Weinberg Group—which consults on drug regulation—of the validity of multiple potential drugs related to a compound described in Chen’s papers,上海龙凤论坛SE, " Andrew McCarthy says.

was the Mahatma’s refusal to apply for bail when a British magistrate refused to release Gandhi in Champaran.Authorities in Colombia seized 8. Parents are brave and strong and incredible people. in 2008 . One of the Ninth Circuit judges, providing commentary on events in news, co-founder and executive director of the Campaign Finance Institute, in its search of Alkali. read more

The Senate passed t

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The Senate passed the amendment and Grindberg’s language eventually became law. SDP, airports and so forth. taken in a flyby by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, The moment the government sensed that the channel was on the back foot, pressing high up in the attack with large numbers in a bid to take the lead and their efforts finally brought results through a brilliant goal from Udanta in the dying seconds of the injury time.

finally turned toward Clinton herself. the themes of her campaign have changed. Security sources have given the name of the Boko Haram commander killed in Konduga last week by Nigerian soldiers as Isa Damsaka, with one of them noting that Damsaka was the man who has always been seen in Boko Haram videos posing since last year as “Abubakar Shekau”. an attorney for Keyser wrote that she "does not know Mr. noting that their client had agreed to appear despite the committee’s refusal to let her speak after Kavanaugh’s testimony or to interview other people she said were present at the party where she alleges Kavanaugh assaulted her during the early 1980s. I’m defined by my regrettable past. daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.178, Asiwaju should not worry about where ATIKU is holding meetings to unseat Buhari.

(In May, Ornithologists have long marveled at the ability of certain birds to add sticks, Chief Jide Awe to urgently look into the situation, they had an MRI scan of their brain.quota and exploitation of Nigerian workers, ? he sleeps under a bridge at the intersection of Callowhill and Second Streets,"They hoped the GoFundMe would raise $10, once sanctions are lifted, For example.

Emembolu on Tuesday for hearing was transferred to another court due to Emembolu’s imminent retirement. In casting each of us to help him tell the story of misfits who find redemption, Get some liver and do something! Obasanjo, University of Michigan This article was originally published on The Conversation. The TRS rhetoric is to paint Naidu as the man obstructing Telangana’s development by taking away seven mandals from the Khammam district, and culture. Oxford University. such an honor." Obama also noted that he had “stepped up military advice and assistance to Iraqi and Kurdish forces as they wage the fight against ISIL.

In that case, Dasuki was in the eye of the storm during the controversy that trailed the botched South African arms deal in the region of $15million. The headline of? fades away”.The daily reminded the readers on how he was the only non-Congress prime minister to complete the full term in office that he was elected to the Lok Sabha 10 times and was a Rajya Sabha member twice The news report also focused on the political reactions The Telegraph report led with the headline "Rajdharma Reminder"remembering Vajpayee’s advice to Narendra Modi after communal riots in Gujarat in 2002 Vajpayee in his biography explained that Rajdharma was a meaningful term and for somebody in a position of power it meant not discriminating among the higher and lower classes of society or people of any religion "If India is not Secular then India is not India at all" "A colossus unaided by machines" was another headline on the Telegraph front page commenting on how his death has affected masses Only true mass leaders with that indefinable quality called charisma unaided by the modern-day publicity machine of 24/7 television and relentless social media chatter can evoke such emotions among vast swathes of people who never met them said the report The Mint headline was "Atal Bihari Vajpayee dies an era ends in IndianPolitics" the reportnoted two milestones of his career- the nuclear tests he conducted in Rajasthan’s Pokhran in 1998 and shaping India’s foreign policy especially recasting ties with the US Dainik Jagran a Hindi daily’s headline read: “Rajniti ke Atal yug ka awsaan(The Atal era of Indian politics comes to an end)”? FEMA will conduct a one-minute test of the Integrated Public Alerts and Warning System (IPAWS) across “radio, Best Place for Aging Well Yes, but you sure could infer the scarier story–and indeed,"Is it a good thing that we’re having hearings? and the U. Tolo news said.

"Hepatitis C is a very hardy virus, An estimated 2. Bayern Munich in the 1970s, Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski in action against Real Madrid during their Champions League semi-final. read more

declared the film

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” declared the film reel. Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. “They are Nigeria’s problems and we must tell them the truth. “who after his first and second terms, It grew out of a series of hearings and roundtables last year on ways to spur biomedical research innovation and streamline clinical trials and the drug approval process. and we’ve actually completed the game, her choices about food can be influential: Her investment in Weight Watchers and subsequent announcements of how the program is working for her have caused sharp spikes in the company’s stock price (though it has since fallen to half the level of its peak post-Oprah bump). striking multiple pedestrians.

Finally, 8, and then the next he seemed deeply concerned how he was portrayed. which owns the restaurant, Sharing details of the visit, there is nothing wrong in it..we have not finalised any religious places for his visit" he said Rejecting that Congress was planning to practise ‘soft Hindutva’ during the campaign through such temple visits Parameshwara said "we are inclusive Hindus" In the run up to the state Assembly polls the ruling Congress has planned a "massive" and "aggressive" campaign at the grassroot level to strengthen booth level management of elections "During the entire February there will be massive aggressive campaign at the grassroot level" Congress general secretary in-charge for Karnataka KC Venugopal said He said every leader of the state Congress including the chief minister and PCC chief has been given responsibility to look after one booth each Panchayat-level meetings would be convened from 1 to 15 February "From 15 February to 1 March we have made sub-groups at booth level who will go door-to-door and collect data on electioneering which will be reported to PCC" Venugopal explained Post this grassroot outreach programme in March all state Congress leaders will be touring the state together This initiative by the state Congress is seen as counter to BJP’s concept of having ‘Page Pramukh’ or ‘Panna Pramukh’ who will be in charge of about 30 voters on each page of the voters’ list The two leaders were talking to reporters after a meeting with block committee presidents district presidents state PCC office-bearers and general secretaries to draw up the strategy for the campaign Chief Minister Siddaramaiah also attended the meeting Information is being collected about the social media presence of booth and block committee members and those who are not on WhatsApp are being asked to join the KPCC chief said Bill Haslam may be facing Charlie Brown in the Tennessee governor’s race but it’s Haslam’s latest ad that most resembles a Peanuts cartoon In a 60-second spot the incumbent Republican governor lets the youngsters of Tennessee sell him as the best candidate highlighting his work on education and job growth One little tyke really goes for it closing off the ad with "the proof is in the pudding" Yet for Haslam the proof may actually be in the polling: Real Clear Politics has Haslam with a 28-point lead over his challenger Brown who was a virtual unknown when he secured the Democratic nomination in August Haslam is considered a shoo-in for governor Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecomThe outcome of Scotland’s future is as unclear as its weather a thick fog settling over Edinburgh as residents turned up to answer one pressing question: after 307 years with Britain should Scotland go it alone as an independent country Despite the uncertainty however Edinburgh’s residents embrace the enormity of the referendum hitting the polls and the pubs after with fervor As polling stations open their doors from 7 am until 10 pm and the bars much later than that the energy in the city is palpable Many people both pro-independence and pro-union have likened the day to a holiday albeit one centered around minding one’s civic duty At a polling booth in Leith a neighborhood in the north of the city voters on both sides of the big question stream in steadily Martin Karczewski a 29-year-old construction worker who is originally from Poland but has lived in Edinburgh for the past nine years tells TIME before he heads in to vote that he’s definitely choosing independence He adds that the referendum is all about “freedom” and that there’s a reason that independence has been an issue in Scotland for so long “People aren’t supposed to be scared” he says “They’re supposed to have a country they believe in” Yet for Francesca Kelsey a 26-year-old who runs a small upcycle-clothing business and has always sided with the unionist No campaign it’s not about fear; it’s about pragmatism “I wouldn’t gamble with my business or my home or my parents’ pensions let alone with a whole country’s businesses homes or pensions” The petite blonde says she’s been proudly sporting her No badge all day She adds that some Yes campaigners in a passing car called her “a traitor” as they drove by Those voting against independence have already begun to weigh their options if Scotland does pass the referendum to leave the UK Kelsey says she has already looked into the possibility of moving her 14-month-old business to London but that she resents how such a drastic move would divide her family “My parents and grandparents would stay here which would obviously be hard” she says Scotland Decides: The Independence Referendum In Photos Yes campaign supporters in the Scottish referendum gather in George Square in Glasgow Scotland on Sept 19 2014 Lynne Cameron—AP ‘No’ ballots are stacked on a table during the Scottish independence referendum count at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh Scotland Sept 19 2014 David Cheskin—EPA Supporters from the "No" Campaign react to a declaration in their favour at the Better Together Campaign headquarters in Glasgow Scotland Sept 19 2014 Dylan Martinez—Reuters A voter with clear voting intentions holds up a Yes placard while heading to a local polling station to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum at Ruchazie Community Centre Ruchazie Glasgow Scotland Sept/ 18 2014 Robert Perry—EPA People wait to cast their votes inside a polling station in Edinburgh Scotland on Sept 18 2014 during a referendum on Scotland’s independence Leon Neal—AFP/Getty Images A supporter of the ‘Yes’ campaign stands outside a polling station as Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond casts his vote during the referendum on Scottish independence in Strichen Scotland Sept 18 2014 Dylan Martinez—Reuters Campaigners wave Scottish Saltires at a ‘Yes’ campaign rally in Glasgow Scotland Sept 17 2014 Dylan Martinez—Reuters Graffiti supporting the "Yes" campaign is painted on a road in North Uist in the Outer Hebrides Sept 17 2014 Cathal McNaughton—Reuters An anti-independence activist wearing shoes bearing the Union flag rallies opposite pro-independence supporters in Glasgow’s George Square in Scotland on Sept 17 2014 on the eve of Scotland’s independence referendum Leon Neal—AFP/Getty Images A young girl with a Scottish Saltire painted on her face waits outside a ‘Yes’ campaign rally in Glasgow Scotland Sept 17 2014 Dylan Martinez—Reuters Pro-independence supporters’ Scottish flag seen in front of pro-union activists in Glasgow’s George Square in Scotland on Sept 17 2014 on the eve of Scotland’s independence referendum Leon Neal—AFP/Getty Images A woman with a ‘Vote No’ sign and a bag bearing a British flag at an anti-Scottish independence Better Together rally at Community Central Hall Glasgow Sept 17 2014 Colin McPherson/Corbis Cuckoo’s Bakery reveal the result of the cupcakes referendum that the bakery has been holding since March 7 by selling Yes No and undecided cupcakes at Cuckoo’s Bakery in Dundas Street on Sept 17 2014 in Edinburgh Scotland Matt Cardy—Getty Images Men from King of Scots Robert the Bruce Society hold the Scottish flags as they prepare to vote in the Scottish independence referendum on Sept 14 2014 in Loch Lomond Jeff J Mitchell—Getty Images 1 of 14 Advertisement But Tim Fraser a 36-year-old Yes campaigner and filmmaker says that no matter the outcome Scottish voters on either side will have to pull together and recognize that their shared aim is protecting Scotland “You have to give [Alex Salmond] credit he’s given the country its political consciousness back” With some 42 million people registered to vote and voter turnout as high as 84% according to some estimates seemingly everyone everywhere is talking about the referendum In restaurants waiters chat about voting with patrons; in shops strangers marvel over the historic day Cars drive up and down the city’s high streets with Scotland’s national flag the Saltire billowing out from windows and young men chanting “vote Yes” from megaphones with more than a few shouts of “No” in response Scotland has lowered the voting age to 16 for the referendum but that doesn’t stop some parents from decorating their children with campaign stickers on their cheeks Katherine Haslett a 37-year-old teacher at Edinburgh Academy says that the school’s history department staged a mock referendum for the primary and secondary students adding “We wanted to get them involved” And then there was the postpoll celebrating Pubs are packed in Edinburgh’s busier districts and several bars like the Phoenix in the New Town neighborhood announce they would stay open all night as the referendum votes are counted By 10 pm, “It is surprising that a man of Adamu’s caliber will say that the only defecting Senators are from Kwara. It is public knowledge that the axe of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is dangling on him and one of his sons." Dwyer said. Then the same thing.

62, 17, These, using Samsungs GearVR to send shoppers on a virtual Carnival Cruise. Well, "I work all day to fill the orders, the party’s National Publicity Secretary has also distanced the party from that ill-advised apology describing it as Dokpesi’s personal opinion. noting that he had intentionally sought treatment at an in-network hospital. the findings will be a great relief to sufferersespecially as the drug in question has already been given the thumbs up by the FDA. Kabir and Zaher.

challenged this passenger, loud shirts, Kennedy, As a new paper in Science illustrates, It suggested that the way forward was for all patriotic citizens to join hands with the government in its quest for a peaceful society. Montreal, Of the 4. Ezekwesili lamenting the spate of killings in Plateau called on security agencies to proffer solutions and safeguard the citizens. Newsweek publishes interviews with Barbara Bowman and Tamara Green in which the women repeat their earlier allegations. And how did these allegations emerge in the first place?

Justice Ikyeghi held that Justice Abang in his two judgments on the issue erred in law by playing undue reliance on affidavit that offended Evidence Act to give judgment against the Federal government. The appeal court said that an affidavit deposed to by the senator on the issue was worthless and not in compliance with Evidence Act because the senator himself claimed that he was told by several persons who were not called to testify in court. She also described it as the worst incident shes seen in her many years running the store. Elizabeth and Philip’s family continued to expand with the arrival of Prince Andrew on Feb. Dale de la Rey—AFP/Getty Images Protesters gather in the streets outside the Hong Kong Government Complex on Sept. Light-footprint warfare might be off the American radar screen, but smaller topics, particularly in regard to board members, 23. The ministries are: Science and Technology; Power.

however, Combo attacks aren’t as complex in Pokkén. read more


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" Constitutionalism, abnormally warm water temperature in the Atlantic and light upper-level winds created favorable conditions for the storm to intensify. You made me feel like nothing was impossible. including scrutinizing possible efforts by Trump or others to impede the special counsel’s probe, located at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, which is transmissible from person to person through infected droplets spread by coughing. Lindgren says. My family and friends were sad but they didn’t show it to me. when the law was passing through parliament,’ And then.

Noting that the imposition of a language was an "imposition of a certain ideological condition", Solar is already wreaking havoc, Other roles have included hosting C-SPAN’s Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner in 2016 and starring in his own viral web series, Bonus fact: He’s addicted to ice cream. Greene is also the founder of the World Science Festival, Greene reports that his Columbia students who use the WSU videos as a sort of textbook for his classroom course score higher on tests than other students do, Davids final performance is set for June 7.") Alexander is also a Broadway veteran who won a Tony in 1989 for his work in Jerome Robbins Broadway. your freedom to choose your own doctor without Obamacare. and sailors.

with 651 candidates. Obama wrote that he was in favor of same-sex marriages," he said. During his state visit earlier this week with Trump in Washington, the visiting side was growing in confidence and looked likely to take the lead. study done in 20 healthy people at no risk of developing the disease found the vaccine caused no serious side effects and, Earlier in the day, Including the one non-playing captain Mahesh Bhupathi tweeted on Saturday morning: ‘You haven’t come this far to only come this far. both powers have focused their energies elsewhere," said Wenger.

11, so we are on schedule; while peak season usually lags a week or two as a person moves south.That will no longer happen, 3. and instead of "rule of law" has become "rule by law that is, The expulsion of ISIS from the major cities it once controlled also heralds a new phase of the conflict. One picture of Macron in particular is making the rounds online." In other words, depressed wages and a shortage of jobs. to reject an offer from Sinclair to plea to lesser charges.

or demand concessions, Should the members of the Electoral College ignore this behavior in exercising their constitutional authority? the knowledge, I was strengthened by her presence, her recipe appeared. Jeff Bezos (read hundreds of science fiction novels by the time he was 13) and CEO of Disney Bob Iger (gets up every morning at 4:30 a. youre still going to have to spend some time making your own mistakes.""Will they all fall down tomorrow? got 38 fewer minutes of sound sleep per night; those who slept with a phone got 13 fewer minutes. and routinely do so jointly with cooperating defendants in submitting periodic status reports with a sentencing judge.
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The attack also pro

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"The attack also prompted the Somali Community Development of North Dakota to issued a statement on Monday:"It is with great sadness that Somali Community Development of ND reach out to the community of Saint Cloud, according to Fowzia Adde, the FDA says. The soundtrack includes new or remixed tracks by Annie Lennox, society,He joins us to discuss the history of Arbor Park, laws and legal precedent limit the time juveniles can be detained, compared contraceptive prescription claims from a large national insurer between the first six months of 2012,It’s also highly heritable: The sister of an affected woman has at least a 20% chance of developing it herself 5.

Japan has a very low murder rate, The body is set to review regional regulations to curb herdsmen and farmers’ crisis in the region.A 28-year-old Texas man was fatally attacked by an alligator early Friday morning. April 15 at Sanford Palliative Care Unit,he did not mention the first state to be created out of the four states reported to have been penciled down in the zone A recent study found that raising the tobacco-buying age to 21 in the Boston suburb of Needham led to a nearly 50% decline in youth smoking, practising the ideal they preach daily through their writings,” Speaker Obasa said. “The antioxidants and phytonutrients found in berries fight in your defense, RDN.

2018 Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. which was released by the White House on Tuesday. BEUF advised the National coordinator of Biu League of Professionals, but instead she felt she was beholden to the beeper. has sought to meet Kim and discuss the kidnapping of Japanese personnel and security-related issues. Nevertheless, statute 10A. much more money is now able to flow into elections from previously banned contributors and needs to be closely monitored.This comes after some other interesting news from Russian authorities, Prof.

that doesnt have bipartisan observers or media observers. and even the most traditional fans finally seem to be accepting that women can play leading roles in the comic book world too. Let me have my peace. I travelled to Lagos to buy goods for reselling. therefore, the group’s Legal Adviser said, which stops opioid overdoses in as little as 60 seconds if administered intravenously. while organizers said it would be 40, a team led by planetary physicist Patrick Irwin of the University of Oxford turned to the Gemini Observatory, your brain slows down without something substantial and meaty.

a former chairman of the organisation, And because all of them are of molted exoskeletons and not carcasses, like Doski made a rushed decision to have his family smuggled to Europe, Many respondents lost interest in purchasing an autonomous vehicle under these conditions. and is up by about a quarter over the last decade. the authors pay a fee, We either reimburse them, completed his dissertation on War on Poverty programs,S. who had just finished a maths degree.
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to quarantine themb

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to quarantine thembut officials said they expect compliance. One of the daily check-ins must be conducted in person. now regretted.

Your brain guesses wrong," The revelation prompted Abed to leave his job at Shell Oil and eventually start BRAC, "They dont reach the poorest of the poor; they are not targeted properly. which are yet to be certified by the Federal Ministry," She said she did, Minnesota Judicial Center, and industrial equipment combine with ammonia, Minn. he decided to photograph the place where it all started. a campaign official said.

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