Peter McNeven Cup

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first_imgThe inaugural Peter McNeven Cup taps off at Caboolture on Sunday, July 5th commencing at 9.30am.Attached in the draw for the opening round. Related Filespeter_mcneven_cup-pdflast_img

Government Supports Sustainable Transportation in Shelburne

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first_imgShelburne residents will have a new bicycle lane with support from the province’s sustainable transportation grant program, Connect2. Acting Energy Minister Mark Furey announced today, Nov. 2, $50,000 for the Town of Shelburne to develop a bicycle lane along Water Street. “We know that people are more likely to cycle when there is good infrastructure in place,” said Mr. Furey. “This project will help residents of Shelburne access the downtown shops and services, without getting in their cars.” The bicycle lane will connect to historic Dock Street, which is a multi-use street with a low speed limit. “The Town of Shelburne is the fastest growing community in southwestern Nova Scotia,” said Mayor Karen Mattatall. “With the assistance of Connect2, we are improving our cycling infrastructure for residents of all ages.” Connect2 aims to create and promote active transportation options for trips of two kilometres or less between community hubs in rural and urban parts of the province. This year, Connect2 will support about 22 projects across the province. All projects will be completed by the end of March. For more information about Connect2, visit read more

Invest Nova Scotia Welcomes New Board Members

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first_imgEleanor Beaton of Windsor and Charlotte Murray of Halifax were announced as new members of Invest Nova Scotia’s board of directors today, Jan. 22. Ms. Beaton has spent her career helping professional women and business owners build the confidence, presence and influence needed for success, while Ms. Murray has co-founded, coached and managed various startups. They will both serve four-year terms on the board. “We are pleased to welcome Eleanor and Charlotte to the board, and look forward to working alongside them as we continue to help innovation thrive in our province,” said Kenneth Deveau, chair of Invest Nova Scotia. “Eleanor and Charlotte have made their mark on the business community, here in Nova Scotia and across Canada,” said Business Minister Geoff MacLellan. “Their experience in both leading businesses and helping businesses grow, will help guide Invest Nova Scotia as they continue to fund innovative projects to grow our economy.” Invest Nova Scotia was established in 2014 as an independent decision-making board for granting economic incentives. Projects must spark innovation, be measureable and sustainable, and advance the strategic goals of the ONE Nova Scotia Coalition. For more information on Invest Nova Scotia, visit read more

Africa to be Security Councils top priority this month says President

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5 September 2007The President of the Security Council for September today announced that issues affecting Africa will dominate the 15-member body’s work programme this month. “My priority will obviously be Africa,” Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert of France told reporters at UN Headquarters in New York, adding that the Council hopes to continue to mobilize the international community to assist Africa in tackling the challenges the continent faces.To this end, Mr. Ripert said that on 25 September, there will be a high-level Council summit to discuss African peace and security, characterizing the event as major, given the importance and number of individuals expected to participate in the debate.“What we would like is both to examine crises but not necessarily for the heads of state and government to give their solutions, but to look at how we could improve the response of the UN to this emergency and how to assist African governments and African organizations in dealing with crises,” he noted.These crises are complex and often involve such issues as the environment, immigration and natural resources, Mr. Ripert said, adding that as a result, peacekeeping forces alone cannot resolve today’s conflicts.The President announced that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, currently visiting Sudan, will brief the Council on 12 September regarding his trip, which will also take him to Chad and Libya. In addition, consultations will be held this Friday regarding the authorized hybrid UN-African Union (AU) peacekeeping force (UNAMID) in Darfur.Also regarding Africa, Mr. Ripert said there would probably be consultations on Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR), given the repercussions of the humanitarian situations in the two nations on the Darfur crisis.“As we’ve said, the situation is not improving,” he noted, citing the nearly 400,000 refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Chad, and the more than 200,000 others in the northeast of the CAR. “It’s getting worse.”Mr. Ripert said Council members would work to pass a resolution on the deployment of a possible international presence in the area with both a police and military component.Outside Africa, other issues to be discussed include Haiti, Iran, Afghanistan, the Middle East and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which is being set up to prosecute those people responsible for the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri. read more

Huge gulf in HIV services between Western and Eastern Europe – UN

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21 July 2010Spotlighting the gap in access to treatment and prevention services between Western and Eastern Europe, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today called for concerted action to address the situation in Europe, home to the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world. Spotlighting the gap in access to treatment and prevention services between Western and Eastern Europe, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today called for concerted action to address the situation in Europe, home to the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world.There were more than 1.2 million reported HIV cases in the region by the end of 2008, with over 100,000 new infections occurring during that year. The number of reported cases ever year is now relatively constant in Western Europe, at roughly 20,000 per year, but increasing in the East at some 80,000 annually.“While HIV epidemics in Western Europe are, with some exceptions, generally stabilizing, in many countries in Eastern Europe, they rage out of control,” said Andrew Ball, Senior Strategy and Operations Adviser of WHO’s HIV/AIDS Department.Injecting drug use is largely fueling the epidemic in Europe, the agency said in a press release. It noted that more than half of the people living in HIV in some countries are injecting drug users, and that a large proportion of these people also have tuberculosis and hepatitis C.In many European countries, WHO said that drug users are often stigmatized and are excluded from receiving HIV treatment and other services.Ukraine is one of the nations most severely affected by the epidemic in the region, with more than 15,000 new infections in 2008.In response to that surge, the country has distributed clean needles and syringes and set up programmes such as opioid substitution therapy to treat drug dependency, which WHO said is proven to improve the health of injecting drug users.In Western Europe, Portugal, a country which once had a growing HIV problem, has seen its rate of new infections stabilize thanks to its moves to reduce the number of drug users and to deliver prevention and treatment services to them.Governments and their partners, WHO said, must step up action to rein in the spread of the epidemic and ensure that HIV services can be accessed in Eastern Europe.The recommendation comes as UN agencies, government officials and health experts meet in Vienna for the global XVIII International AIDS Conference.Earlier this week, WHO issued a new report which found that the number of people receiving life-saving HIV treatment has soared by more than 1 million to 5.2 million, marking the largest jump ever.The agency also appealed for earlier treatment for people living with HIV before they become ill due to their weakened immune systems.HIV-related deaths can be reduced by 20 per cent between 2010 and 2015 if guidelines for treatment are broadly implemented, helping to prevent infections such as tuberculosis, the number one cause of death for people with HIV. WHO noted that deaths from TB can be curbed by up to 90 per cent if people living with both HIV and TB begin treatment earlier. read more

Morneau faces more questions despite promise to sell shares use blind trust

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OTTAWA — Cracks began to show in Bill Morneau’s cucumber-cool countenance Friday as the finance minister faced still more questions about the handling of his personal fortune, even after pledging to sell at least $21 million worth of stock in hopes of muting conflict-of-interest allegations.More than once, Morneau struck a note of exasperation during a news conference in Waterloo, Ont., where he was promoting the Liberal government’s efforts to address concerns and complaints about a package of proposed small-business tax reforms.Just the day before, the former businessman committed to sell about one million shares in Morneau Shepell, the family-founded human resources and pension management firm that he helped build over 25 years, and to put the rest of his substantial personal assets in a blind trust.But if those steps — over and above what Canada’s ethics commissioner told him would be necessary, he reinterated — were meant to silence questions from journalists and opposition critics, Morneau was sorely mistaken.At one point, he was asked about his use of numbered holding companies based in Alberta and Ontario to hold some of his assets.“So, is the question why they’re numbered companies and they don’t have names? You know, seriously,” Morneau replied, all but rolling his eyes.“The process we have in our country isn’t that I report to journalists on my personal situation. It’s that I report to the ethics commissioner and I make sure that she fully understands my situation.”Morneau was in Waterloo to announce government plans to work with the venture capital and angel investment sectors to address concerns about the tax reform proposals and ensure investment in the country’s fastest-growing companies is not impeded.It was just the latest in a series of changes Morneau has announced throughout the week to the tax reform plan. The changes have been welcomed by business groups, farmers and others who’d denounced the original proposals, although they continue withhold final judgment until they see the details.But the announcements, including revival of a promise to cut the small business tax rate to nine per cent, have been overshadowed by the controversy swirling around Morneau’s personal finances and ethics.“By following the rules and by living up to the highest standards, by respecting the officer of Parliament, you know, I expected that that should work. I expected that doing what finance ministers before me had done, doing what the other 337 members of Parliament of have done, is the right way to address that issue,” he said at one point.“What I found is that there’s some noise around this. There’s people like you asking about specific issues in my personal finances.”Morneau reiterated Friday that he followed the advice of federal ethics commissioner Mary Dawson to the letter and is now going beyond her recommendations in selling off his Morneau Shepell shares and putting everything else in blind trust.In a letter to Morneau shortly after he was appointed to cabinet, Dawson told him he was “not required” to divest his assets or put them in a blind trust because they were not directly held by him but by numbered companies he owned.She recommended that “the best measure of compliance” would be to set up a conflict-of-interest screen, administered by his chief of staff, to ensure he abstained from any discussion or decision that might impact the interests of Morneau Shepell.Such a screen would prevent any appearance of a conflict of interest and “also ensure the integrity and impartiality of cabinet decisions and maintain the public’s confidence,” Dawson wrote in the letter, released by Morneau’s office Thursday.Morneau did set up the screen, as advised, but that has done nothing to quell accusations from opposition parties that he broke the law and put himself in a blatant conflict of interest.In the House of Commons on Friday, Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre called on Morneau to disclose whether he recused himself from making decisions on a number of issues that could have benefited Morneau Shepell, a human resources and pension management company.“Did he recuse himself from any discussions on the Barbados tax haven where his company has a subsidiary?” Poilievre demanded.“Did he recuse himself from any discussions on target benefit pension plans, from which his company stands to profit in the millions? Did he recuse himself from tax policies forcing small businesses to invest in individualized pension plans from which his company stands to profit?”In her letter to Morneau, Dawson noted that he was not required to recuse himself from “an interest in a decision or matter that is of general application.”However, New Democrat MP Murray Rankin said following Dawson’s advice doesn’t excuse Morneau.“Even if he were following all the rules, he must understand that any reasonable person would conclude that, at the very least, he was in an apparent conflict of interest and certainly failed to exercise the kind of judgment one would expect from a finance minister,” he said.Rankin called on Morneau to “apologize to Canadians for breaking their trust.” read more

Army baffled by allegations in Geneva

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“All these manifestations appear every year around the same time when UN Human Rights Council gathers for their sessions in Geneva. It will be the practice, next year, too because the LTTE rump does not want to see a promising and prosperous Sri Lanka and they want to thrive on those allegations until they re-emerge,” he said.He said that the critics never want to heap praise on the Sri Lanka Army for its decisive eradication of the world’s most feared terrorist outfit, the LTTE at the expense of many heroic lives. “The vigorous unilateral allegations against the Army, now made in Geneva, baffle all of us who decisively waged the humanitarian operations in Wanni at that stage when I was the Wanni Commander because neither myself, nor any Security Force Commander or for that matter, any Division or Brigade Commander, to say the least, in the province, received a single complaint against the Army from any of those quarters, now screaming elsewhere. How come? Why no such complaints of this nature were made at that period against the Army or any specific ground commander, is really food for thought and incredibly confusing,” he said in the statement. Jayasuriya said that since the culmination of the war various interested parties have been making a barrage of criticism against the troops, based on a rash of unfounded allegations, malice and ulterior motives. The army is baffled by the allegations being raised in Geneva against the military, the army media unit said in a statement today.Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya urged his troops to be on alert to the “malicious propaganda network” against the army. “Why is it so? Was it because they still could not contain or uproot their own terror cycles in their home fronts or just because of their mere hypocrisy,” the army commander said. (Colombo Gazette) read more

As fighting in Libya escalates so does number of children at imminent

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Calling the escalation in fighting “the worst in years”, Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and Virginia Gamba, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, issued a statement reminding all of Libya’s warring parties that they are obliged “to protect children at all times in full compliance with international law”.“Killing, injuring and recruiting children, and attacks on education, medical and water facilities are all grave violations of children’s rights and must cease immediately”, they stated – reminding that in line with Security Council resolution 2427, “prevention measures must be put in place to better protect children”.Together they also urged for “safe and unimpeded humanitarian access to all children in need, and for a ceasefire to allow civilians to safely leave areas under conflict”.Children caught in the middleNearly 1,800 children are among the civilians who need urgently to be evacuated from frontline fighting, as the raging violence has already displaced 7,300 others, the two UN officials said. Moreover, around 500,000 children are estimated to be affected by violence across the country’s west.“Children trapped in conflict areas are at risk of running out of food and losing access to medical care” they explained. “Unable to leave these areas, they cannot safely seek protection or assistance”.Pointing out that the violence has also left nearly 1,000 refugee and migrant children held in detention centres “in grave danger”, Mses. Fore and Gamba stressed that “they should be immediately released and provided with safe shelter until their asylum claims can be processed or they can be provided with safe repatriation assistance for reunification with their families”.For their sake, and the sake of the country’s future, the fighting must stop – UN officials“The principle of non-refoulement must be respected”, they maintained, underscoring that unaccompanied minors, many of whom are in transit, “are at risk of grave violations including recruitment and use, sexual violence or abduction”.The fighting is also depriving children of their right to education.The two UN officials detailed that the academic year has not only been suspended in all schools throughout conflict-affected areas, but seven are acting as shelters for displaced families. Additionally, a recent attack on an education warehouse destroyed five million schoolbooks and national school exam results.“Libya has suffered through more than seven years of persistent conflict that has left at least 820,000 people, including some 250,000 children, in dire need of humanitarian assistance”, the UN officials stressed, “and the situation is deteriorating yet again”.“For their sake, and the sake of the country’s future, the fighting must stop,” concluded Mses. Fore and Gamba. General Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army, which controls much of eastern and southern Libya, has waged a two-week military campaign to take Tripoli from fighters loyal to the UN-recognized Government.  122,088 students can’t access their schools in #TripoliThe ongoing hostilities has disrupted education in nine municipalities in the Libyan capital. Teaching teams are unable to access schools in affected areas. Children should not bear the brunt of armed conflicts#NotAtarget— UNICEF Libya (@UnicefLibya) April 18, 2019 read more

Tom Rooney steps away from Ohio State rugby after more than 20

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In his final home game as coach of the Ohio State rugby team, Tom Rooney’s team displayed the toughness and rigidness of the coach’s more than 20-year career. The Buckeyes lost to 10th-ranked United States Naval Academy, 23-18, on Saturday in a tightly contested and physical game. The night was more significant than the final score as the game served as a celebration and remembrance of Rooney’s career. Sophomore scrumhalf Luke Hickey said the team will miss Rooney’s charisma and presence. “You know when he’s on the field because he’s always chirping in your ear, helping you out and telling you what to do,” Hickey said. Many in Columbus consider Rooney a Buckeye legend because of his resume. He was originally a wrestler at OSU and then played for the Columbus rugby team Scioto Valley RFC in 1982 where he was elected captain of the team. An injury forced him to redirect his focus on coaching in 1992 as an assistant with OSU. Rugby is not a Division I sport at OSU, but Rooney still made his presence known. “In Ohio and the Midwest, he’s become a legend of the sport,” Hickey said. Assistant coach Ron Bowers will take over the rugby program next year, and said he has learned a lot from working alongside Rooney. “He’s taught me how to conduct myself as a professional and how to lead by example as a coach,” Bowers said. Rooney was emotional after his final home game and talked about some of his favorite memories from coaching at OSU. He said he had a lot of memories, but his proudest moments were watching his team and players success over the years. “I was an assistant for two final fours here, there have been 23 All-Americans from the program. I’ve also had two kids named to the National team, and I got to travel to watch them compete internationally and represent our country,” Rooney said. Rooney said he was also proud of being involved with the development of the two rugby fields at the Fred Beekman Park. The university said it would turf the fields at the park but Rooney said the project has been delayed for the third time in a row. Rooney said he would like to see that project completed in the near future because it will help the team overall. “Not having the turf field is really going to make competition difficult for us,” Rooney said. “I think that’s a really unfair position for the university to have taken.” Even on his last day on the job, Rooney was looking out for his team to help them any way he could. As Rooney walks away from coaching to take on an administrative position, The OSU rugby team thanked him for his commitment to the program for more than 20 years. “We all loved playing for him and we’re really going to miss having him around here,” Hickey said. “OSU rugby and Coach Rooney go hand-in-hand.” read more

Spanish warship causes outrage in Gibraltar waters by playing national anthem

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The Spanish navy has been accused of attempting to provoke British forces by sailing a ship near Gibraltarian waters playing the Spanish national anthem.The Spanish ship, a Descubierta-class corvette dating from 1980, allegedly sailed through the waters close to the Rock in what would be an illegal act. The stunt is the latest incident in the 300-year-old dispute between Britain and Spain over the territory.Footage posted on social media purports to show the Infanta Elena manoeuvring near the coast of Gibraltar and the Spanish national anthem can be heard. The passage of the Spanish ship was recorded by a local Twitter user on the afternoon of December 4.The Royal Navy ships of the Gibraltar Squadron are often called into action to intercept Spanish naval vessels that have manoeuvred too close to the British territory.The Telegraph understands that there was confusion around the use of loudspeakers, with one report suggesting no music had been played and that the video evidence had been doctored.Spanish actions in and around Gibraltar are frequent. Last month a Royal Navy vessel fired a warning flare after a Spanish Guardia Civil vessel got too close to nuclear submarine HMS Talent. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Show more Earlier this year a Spanish patrol boat reportedly confronted an American nuclear submarine attempting to dock at Gibraltar. According to multiple sources, flares were fired across the bow of the Spanish Guardia Civil vessel Rio Cedena in mid-April as it twice attempted to sail across the front of the American ballistic missile submarine USS Florida, a 20,000 ton Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine.Referring to the latest incident, a spokesman for the government of Gibraltar said the Spanish naval incursion into British Gibraltar Territorial Waters “represents an unprofessional provocation which is as childish as it is meaningless.”Last month, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said Gibraltar will “always be under the Union flag” amid concerns over the impact of Brexit.He said he could give “categorical reassurance” that Gibraltar is “never under threat”.”Ever since the Royal Marines seized it all those centuries ago, it will always be under the Union flag long into the future,” he said.”Rest assured we will always look after Gibraltar.”His comments came after Spain signalled it is preparing a fresh push over the sovereignty of Gibraltar as part of Brexit negotiations.Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez claimed the Withdrawal Agreement represented a win for his country, saying: “With the departure of the UK we all lose, especially the UK. But in relation to Gibraltar, Spain wins, and Europe wins.” read more

GE to build combined cycle power plant to support Saudi phosphate mining

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first_imgGE has been awarded a landmark contract valued at nearly $1 billion for the engineering, construction and provision of gas turbine services for the Waad Al Shamal combined cycle power plant of Saudi Electricity Co (SEC). Scheduled for completion in 48 months, the plant will support the phosphate mining operations in the locality, in turn driving industrialisation and job creation for Saudi nationals. GE will deliver the turnkey power plant, supplying four advanced GE 7F.05 heavy duty gas turbines and a GE steam turbine, and featuring solar innovation technology. The 1,390 MW combined cycle plant will be able to provide the equivalent power needed to supply more than 500,000 Saudi homes. Ziyad Al Shiha, CEO of SEC, said: “We continue to strengthen the Kingdom’s power infrastructure to meet the growing demand for electricity and to accelerate all-round growth. Waad Al Shamal is a strategically located power plant that has tremendous potential to energise the local economy and create jobs for Saudis through its support to the industrial sector. By awarding the contract to GE, we are further building on the long-term partnership we have with GE, with a focus on advanced technologies.” One of the gas turbines will be assembled fully at the GE Manufacturing Technology Center in Dammam, underlining GE’s commitment to localisation. The remaining gas turbines will be produced at GE’s manufacturing plant in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, and the steam turbine will be produced at GE’s manufacturing plant in Schenectady, New York. Mohammed Mohaisen, president and CEO, gas power systems, Middle East and North Africa, said: “GE has been a long-term and trusted partner of SEC and we are committed to delivering our cutting edge competencies across the power sector of the Kingdom – from turnkey project development to accelerating power plant productivity and efficiency through our digital industrial solutions. Waad Al Shamal brings significant value to the Kingdom by strengthening the northern grid and through its potential to energise the local industrial sector. By installing a gas turbine that is fully assembled at GE’s Manufacturing Technology Center in Dammam, we are delivering on our commitment to provide stronger localisation support to our partners.” GE’s 7F.05 heavy duty gas turbine technology brings industry-leading flexibility to the Waad Al Shamal plant with a 10-minute startup to an 80% load. It can accommodate a wide range of fuels lending greater flexibility to the operations while providing customers with lower fuel costs compared to previous GE technology. GE Power will also extend its long-term service support to the plant to ensure seamless operations.last_img read more

Wilbek Hansen has it all

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← Previous Story Montpellier beats Chambery in French derby! Next Story → Hungary: MKB Veszprem easily past Pick Szeged! After the naming of Mikkel Hansen as world’s best player by the International Handball Federation, the Danish coach Ulrik Wilbek was quick to keep up the praise on Hansen. “I believe it is deserved, and not only he scores goals, but also contributes with great overview of the play, as well as contributing to the defence” – said Wilbek for DR Sporten, also adding that “Hansen has everything, and not only plays well in some matches, but also keeps his form throughout the season, playing at the highest level all the time”.source:

Conor Murray signs new twoyear IRFU contract

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first_img“I am thrilled to sign a new IRFU contract and to continue playing my rugby with Munster. In 2013 I learned a lot as a player with my province, Ireland and the Lions and I hope to continue to develop and push for honours over the coming years.” Munster head coach Rob Penney joined his young star in greeting the news with pleasure, given that Murray is already a key component of his side.“We are delighted that Conor has signed a new IRFU contract which will secure him to Munster until the end of the 2016 season.“Conor has illustrated in recent months the value he brings to not only Munster but to the national team as well At 24 he is still a young guy and he has the potential to go on to become one of the best scrum-halves in the game.”IRFU CEO Phillip Browne – who now must ensure other top Irish players such as Sean O’Brien and Jamie Heaslip are tied down new deals – echoed Penney’s sentiments.Conor has made a significant impact on Munster and Irish rugby since making his breakthrough in 2011. We are delighted that he has signed a new contract that will keep him at Munster until the end of the 2016 season.”The hope is that this deal being sealed encourages the likes of O’Brien, Heaslip and others to commit their futures to the IRFU and the Irish provinces. After very different news had been rumoured to be on the way today, Murray’s re-signing is extremely welcome.‘If a player gets three concussions in a season they should get expert neurology advice’Marty Moore delighted to avenge 43-0 hammering at Franklin’s Gardens CONOR MURRAY HAS signed a new two-year contract with the IRFU, keeping him with Munster until at least 2016.The 24-year-old had been linked with a move to French club Toulouse in recent months, so this announcement comes as some relief in Irish rugby circles. Murray has won 22 caps for his country, while also appearing in the two final tests of the Lions’ tour to Australia this year.The Limerick man made his provincial debut against Connacht in April 2010 and has gone on to rack up 49 appearances, including a start against Perpignan in the Heineken Cup last weekend. Unfortunately, the scrum-half sustained medial ligament damage to his right knee in that game and will be out of action for up to 6 weeks.Commenting on his new deal, Murray said:last_img read more

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hints at opening Gigafactory in India

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first_imgElon Musk, the founder of US-based electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors, has hinted at setting up a Gigafactory in India to manufacture lithium-ion batteries in order to address the problem of power shortage in the rural areas of the country.”Given high local demand, a Gigafactory in India would probably make sense in the long term,” Musk tweeted.If the plan is implemented, it would give the much-needed boost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to bring Tesla’s technology to the country to “power India’s rural homes,” the Business Standard said.During his visit to the US last month, Modi held discussions with Musk at the Tesla campus in Silicon Valley on the potential of having a battery making facility and other renewable energy technologies in India. The Modi government aims to generate 100 GigaWatt of solar power by 2022. But the country has commissioned solar power plants with a total capacity of just 4.57 GW as on 22 October.A study by Deloitte and the Confederation of Indian Industry in August showed that India has the capacity to produce 759 GW of solar power.Tesla is already making a power storage device named as PowerWall, which is highly expensive for the Indian market. High cost and difficulties in raising its production “will likely keep the invention from coming to India any time soon.”Regarding Tesla cars, Musk said: “Auto import duties are prohibitively high. Hoping for a special category for EVs. Most of our discussion (with Modi) was on batteries.”last_img read more

Rohina Anand Khira has designed a life right out of Pinterest

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first_imgRohinaPR HandoutDesign genius and a Path-breaking Textile Designer Rohina Anand Khira has always managed to create a storm in the Home Decor industry with trend setting home linen. Rohina started off with her design career 10 years ago when she took over the reigns of the brand Ajay Anand Living and rebranded it as AA Living.By the end of her first year as director, Rohina had transformed her family’s export factory showroom into a high-end boutique brand by shifting the focus to exclusive décor design, branding and visual merchandising.In 2016 she was recognised by GoodHomes Magazine as one of the top 100 innovative minds in the industry. She won the Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards (IDIA) in 2016 as ‘Instagrammer of the year’ and ‘Social Media Wonder Women’ in 2017. This year she was awarded the Elite “Woman of the Year 2019” as one of the 35 most respected and influential women achievers and entrepreneurs.One look at Rohina’s Instagram handle and you’re transported into this Creative Director’s world of Décor, Art, Travel and Design. Having a cohesive Instagram feed is goals for most millennials these days – it reflects who you are and reasserts your brand image!An Instagram Influencer and trendsetter in the Design Industry, her Instagram feed is a Pinterest board full of latest design trends, interior spaces, exotic locations, local foods and inspirational quotes. When she took to this platform to showcase her latest designs of her muse Frida Kahlo and her interpretation of her portrait on a cushion – little did she know she was setting in motion the next big trend in the interiors space! Ever since this cushion started selling at her store AA Living (Mumbai) and the brand’s online store, it has gone viral and loved by celebrities and influencers across India. Design aficionados have finally opened their minds to the idea of bohemian living spaces.Talking about her interpretation on Frida Kahlo, Rohina comments “Frida comes with her own personality – which includes weathered fabrics, tassels, fringe, and lots of crochet. India has been so obsessed with their living rooms looking expensive with heavy reflective fabrics, and embellished cushions. I was just relieved when people took to this new casual-living trend.”Everyone who follows Rohina’s journey on her social media is well aware of her love to travel. Rohina is always travelling across the globe with her family – her husband and two little girls. Her products are a perfect example of how she blends international style with her own design aesthetics to create a range of products that are not just Pinterest worthy but also adds instant personality to any space.Talking about how travel inspires her design sensibilities, Rohina Anand Khira says, “When you travel so much, you get to pick up on key trends that are reflecting no matter what country you may be visiting. I feel like I am always putting my version of a ‘trend’ into my collections at my store AA Living. Although Frida Kahlo has been a popular artist since decades – I felt like her voice and vibe needed to be encapsulated into a living space. Her face, like her art, lends well to any indoor space with plants and flowers. Add a crochet wall hanging, fairy lights, some vintage textiles and you have yourself a room that oozes personality! Recycled sustainability is also something that I personally support and encourage – hence my love for weathered and antique textiles.”last_img read more

Quota protestors suspend decision to boycott exams

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first_imgBangladesh Sadharon Chhatra Adhikar Sankrakkhan Parishad leaders and activists stage demonstration in Shahbag intersection demanding reform in existing quota system in public services.Quota protestors have suspended their decision to boycott exams, in consideration of Ramadan and the session jam following the quota reform strike.Addressing a press conference on Dhaka University campus, Bangladesh Sadharan Chhatra Adhikar Sangrakkhan Parisad (Bangladesh General Students Rights Protection Council) made this announcement on Saturday.However, they will continue boycotting classes until the a gazette notification is issued regarding reforms in the public service quota system, said Hassan Al Mamun Hassan, convenor of the Chhatra Parishad.The protestors have condemned harassment and abuse of students in different universities and colleges across the country and demanded that the authorities take immediate action against the accused, Hassan said at the press conference.“Certain ‘over-enthusiastic unscrupulous quarters’ are such instigating such violence to embarrass the government” he added.In reply to a question as to who these ‘over-enthusiastic’ quarters are, the joint convenor of the council, Nurul Haque said, quarters within Chhatra League are harassing the general students.“Anyone who believes in the ideology of Bangabandhu, will never act in this manner,” he said.Nurul Haque went on to say, “They are continuing with such violence because no action is being taken against them. This lack of action makes us wonder if they government is backing them.”   Joint convenors of the council Rashed Khan and Faruk Hossain were also present at the press conference.last_img read more

Affected By Floods Finding Help Giving Help

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first_imgThe Greater Houston Storm Relief FundHouston mayor Sylvester Turner has created what he’s calling the Greater Houston Storm Relief Fund to accept flood recovery donations.Turner announced the fund today ahead of a community meeting in the Greenspoint area where he plans to answer questions and respond to concerns from residents on the north side.Waste Management donated $50,000 to open the fund and a nonprofit organization will continue to operate the fund at no cost.Turner says 100 percent of donations will go to flood victims. For more information: ArmyDelivering essential food items to flood victims. This story is being updated as more information becomes available. This story was originally published on April 19th, 2016. The American Red CrossA new shelter is opening up in the Greenspoint area at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. The American Red Cross says it is for those who are not able to remain at their homes due to storms and flooding. It is located at the New Light Christian Center, 1535 Greensmark Drive, Houston, Texas 77067. The American Red Cross urges anyone impacted by the flood can meet with a Red Cross caseworker and register their household by calling 866-526-8300 – option 1.Those who wish to donate to flood relief may do so at  Sharelast_img read more

Buy This Comic Come Into Me 1

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first_imgStay on target Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img “From the critically acclaimed writers of The Dregs comes a new horror series about body image, social media, and memory. When an entrepreneur with a god complex creates a technology that allows two minds to share one body, he doesn’t anticipate the degenerative effects of long-term trials. Come Into Me is a contemporary comment on connected culture and our longing for approval in the digital age. This is a world where technology and flesh become indistinguishable, begging the question, ‘How much sharing is too much sharing?’ Prepare yourself for the insane lovechild of The Fly and Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.”COME INTO ME #1(W): Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler (A): Piotr Kowalski (C): Niko Guardia (L): Ryan FerrierFrom my previous reviews for Geek, we all know (or now know, welcome!) that I love body horror. If someone can think of a way for our bodies or minds to be changed or manipulated in some way (usually by technology), I’m all for it. This is the case with Come Into Me. This comic that takes body horror and the human connection into a horrifying fusion future that no one should want.via Black MaskZac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler combine their powers to bring us a haunting future that can permanently intertwine us. What happens when someone’s body breaks down? They need a different body to inhabit it. Sebastian, the man, myth, and legend is the creator of ImBeing, a company that specializes in this practice. ImBeing will not only allow us to know what each other is thinking, experiencing or feeling without having to try. It takes this concept and interlocks us to each other in a way that, again, no one should want. Come Into Me #1 brings Thompson and Nadler together to create an absorbing and compelling idea that can easily be a Cronenberg movie written by the pair.Something that’s very interesting about this comic that very much took this to a new level was how great beginnings come into great corruption. Mostly because of self-gratification and greed. The company (and Sebastian) have strict rules about for the trails, especially after a disaster that carries out beforehand. When a woman comes in and connects with Sebastian, it changes his perspective on the project and also his life. This woman suffers from her own greed and self-gratification, for a very different reason. Thompson and Nadler write them as two half of a whole, which very much details what this narrative is about.via Black MaskPiotr Kowalski’s art is a hauntingly cryptic and enhances the experience within this comic tenfold. With a script as marvelous as Thompson and Kabler’s with Kowalski’s art, you’re left wondering what everyone’s thinking, feeling, experiencing. Kowalski truly shines when balancing the stories of Sebastian and Becky. Both when the pair is apart and when they become one. That’s where we see the differences between them, but knowing they want the same. Kowalski brings the longing of two people together. He also plays back into replayed memories that are utterly stunning.Kowalski’s art is only enhanced by Niko Guardia’s colors. He flows between neon and pastel, bright and dark, cool and warm. It not only disorients the readers in a good way but brings a personality and mood to these characters. I’d almost go as far to say that the colors, very much engulf the characters but also play to them. Guardia’s colors create our knowledge and mood of these characters, and we’re in their world (and minds now.)via Black MaskRyan Ferrier’s letters work with this comic so brilliantly. He knows where to place to make a smooth conversation. Placing in a way that amps the story to widen your eyes to figure out what’s happening next. He excels when it comes to the conversations between Becky and Sebastian. So much relies on that conversation, especially when they take place in his head as the host. Ferrier’s letters places to give life to both the characters, even when ones not seen. He never let either one of them feel off.Come Into Me #1 is a new experience that, again, no one should want, but everyone should be apart of. It’s harrowing, haunting and beautifully tragic story about human connection that we all want, what we’re willing to share and what we’re eager to do to get it. Come Into Me #1 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop.3/7/18 Releases – In addition to Come Into Me #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Vampironica #1 by Meg Smallwood & Greg Smallwood (W), Greg Smallwood (A), Jack Morelli (L) Archie ComicsEternity Girl #1 by Magdalene Visaggio (W), Sonny Liew (A), Chris Chuckry (C) Young Animal/DC ComicsJudas #4 by Jeff Loveness (W), Jakub Rebelka (A), Colin Bell (L) BOOM! StudiosDry Country #1 by Rich Tommaso (C/W/A) Image ComicsNew Mutants: Dead Souls #1 by Matthew Rosenberg (W), Adam Gorham(A),  Michael Garland (C) Ryan Stegman (CA) Marvel Comicslast_img read more

Destiny trailer will leave you begging for a movie

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first_imgBungie has been laying it on thick for the last week in preparation for the September 9 launch of Destiny, but today’s trailer is something completely different. Instead of the usual in-game content or cinematic fun, Bungie has treated us to a little bit of what Destiny would look like as a live action film.When the folks at Machinima teamed up with Microsoft to launch a Halo mini-series in preparation for Halo 4, it opened the doors to a whole new kind of emotional connection with the Halo universe. Instead of the empty bond you would normally have with the faceless and almost entirely voiceless Master Chief, you now had real faces attached to the worlds you were about to explore. The release was so successful, Microsoft is planning an entire series to go along with the launch of the next Halo game with the help of Ridley Scott himself. Bungie has decided Destiny $49.99 at Dell needed to have a little bit of that same live action flavor, and after checking out the trailer you will absolutely be demanding more.Joseph Kosinski of Oblivion and Tron: Legacy fame has worked with Bungie, Activision, and 72andSunny to put together this 90 second commercial, and unfortunately this is all there is to enjoy. The spot puts you side by side with one of each of the Guardians, and gives you plenty of attitude and excitement to get you pumped for the game.Next Tuesday is right around the corner, but between this and the awesome Google Maps promo that wait is starting to feel like forever.last_img read more

Caribbean tourism hits new record in 2016 despite drop in Canadian numbers

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first_img Share Tags: Caribbean, Caribbean Tourism Organization, Trend Watch Posted by BRIDGETOWN, Barbados — It was a record year for the Caribbean in 2016, which welcomed over one million more visitors than the previous year to reach an impressive 29.3 million.According to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), this was the first time Caribbean tourism surpassed 29 million arrivals, once again growing faster than the global average.“Despite political, security and economic uncertainties and challenges in our main source markets, tourist arrivals to the Caribbean increased by 4.2% in 2016, better than the 3.9% overall internationally,” said Hugh Riley, Secretary General of CTO. Riley also noted during his presentation of the Caribbean Tourism Performance Report 2016 that visitor expenditure hit a new high as well, growing by an estimated 3.5% to reach US$35.5 billion.The United States remained the Caribbean’s primary market with an estimated 14.6 million stay-over arrivals, up 3.5% on 2015. However, it was Europe that recorded the highest rate of growth among the main source markets, led by strong increases from Germany (8.2%) and the United Kingdom (4.1%).More news:  Save the dates! Goway’s Africa Roadshow is back“Despite terrorist attacks in some countries, the Brexit referendum in the U.K. and bumpy economic outcomes across continental Europe, arrivals from that market climbed by 11.4% to reach 5.6 million. The strong European performance was evident by the healthy increases of between six and 16.8% in each month, compared to the corresponding month in 2015,” added Riley.Canada, normally a robust market for the Caribbean, recorded a decrease for the first time since 1994, and only the second contraction since 1982. The 3.3 million arrivals from Canada represented a 3.4% drop when compared to 2015.Plus, Riley revealed that cruise arrivals grew at a slower pace of 1.3% to approximately 26.3 million, while the hotel sector recorded negative growth, with all hotel indicators contracting, with the exception of the number of available rooms, which grew by just over 1%, according to Smith Travel Research.So what’s the forecast for 2017? The CTO predicts increases of 2.5% and 3.5% in long-stay arrivals and increases of between 1.5% and 2.5% in cruise passenger arrivals. Caribbean tourism hits new record in 2016 despite drop in Canadian numberscenter_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Travelweek Group Friday, February 10, 2017 last_img read more