Y2K Finances

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first_img Checking and savings account statements. Loan and repayment schedules (including credit cards) and payment receipts. “. . . You need to keep good records all the time, not just because you’re worried about the Y2K ‘bug.'” Esther Maddux, UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences FDIC Federal Trade Commission Department of Commerce Investment account statements. With these records, if problems do occur, you’ll be able to straighten them out quickly. For further peace of mind, the Federal Trade Commission offers these precautions to ease your way into the next millennium. For more information about Y2K and your finances, visit these sites on the World Wide Web: Computer experts have been working hard to make sure nothing will happen to your bank accounts on Jan. 1, 2000, said a University of Georgia specialist. You need not worry. “There are some end-of-year statements and paperwork to collect,” said Esther Maddux, an Extension Service financial specialist with the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences. “But you need to keep good records all the time, not just because you’re worried about the Y2K ‘bug.'” Banking and financial institutions began preparation for the 1999-2000 rollover severalyears ago. So their systems are either compliant or are scheduled to be compliant before the newyear. “The banks are ready,” Maddux said. “So banking customers just need to collect recordsthey normally would at the end of the year.” Maddux recommends you have three to six months’ worth of these records at the end of the year.center_img Social Security Administration Ask your financial service provider how it is dealing with the rollover. If you’re not comfortable with the response, consider doing business elsewhere. Some people plan to have a little extra cash on hand near the new year, just in case. But remember, cash can easily be lost or stolen. Banking experts say any funds in FDIC-insured accounts are safe, no matter what happens to the computers. In a recent on-line interview, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation chairman Donna Tanoue said, “FDIC-insured deposits are safe, just as they always have been. The FDIC’s protection of insured deposits will not be affected by the year 2000.” Ask what type of backup records are kept in case of an emergency. How would these records be used to identify and correct problems affecting your deposit, loan, or other account? Get a copy of your credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus — Equifax (800-685-1111), Experian (800-682-7654) or TransUnion (800-916-8800) — before and after Jan. 1, 2000. You may be charged up to $8 for your report. Check for errors and report them to the credit bureau. last_img read more

Colombia Stands in Solidarity with Haiti

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first_imgDiálogo: What is your message to the citizens of Haiti? Adm. Santamaría: It is incumbent upon us and upon all partner nations to reach out. We are here to contribute what we can in order to support you and to somehow emerge [from this disaster] and continue this journey of life. — U.S. SOUTHCOM PAO Update on the U.S. Military Hurricane Matthew relief in Haiti: – As of Oct. 12, Joint Task Force-Matthew helicopters have delivered more than 255,000 pounds of relief commodities (aid and supplies) to areas devastated by Hurricane Matthew. – More than 400 task force personnel and 12 helicopters are on the ground in Haiti. – The amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) is scheduled to arrive in Haitian waters today. Iwo Jima brings more than 500 Marines from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, aircraft — including four MV22 Ospreys — and 225 pallets of supplies to support the relief effort. Mesa Verde will transfer aircraft, equipment and associated personnel assigned for relief efforts to Iwo Jima. By Geraldine Cook/Diálogo October 12, 2016  The vessel ‘ARC 7 de Agosto’ arrived in Haiti on October 11th, after traveling 660 nautical miles for 50 hours from Cartagena, Colombia. Designed to carry out such operations as patrols, maritime traffic control, search and rescue missions, peacekeeping operations, and environmental control, the ship has a helicopter, rescue team, and humanitarian aid aboard. Admiral Leonardo Santamaría Gaitán, commander of the Colombian Navy, spoke with Diálogo on October 11th about the solidarity that Colombia is showing for Haiti. Adm. Santamaría mentioned that the vessel dropped anchor in Port-au-Prince with 56 crewmembers, eight doctors, 21 members of the Colombian Navy’s Ground Search and Rescue Unit, and six members of the helicopter crew.Diálogo: What kind of aid did the Colombian Navy’s ‘ARC 7 de Agosto’ vessel take with it to Haiti? Admiral Leonardo Santamaría Gaitán, commander of the Colombian Navy: What we are providing is basically a first wave of support. The ship arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, just this morning. There are 22 tons of aid aboard, comprising food and toiletries. Practically, this is what our sister country of Haiti needs most right now. Parallel to this are the vessel’s capabilities, as well as those of a humanitarian assistance search squad. We also have a helicopter aboard, with the capacity for search and rescue missions and all the equipment necessary to do so. In addition, we also have an interceptor motorboat to help provide the assistance required right now.The vessel is also capable of carrying 40,000 gallons of water, while the onboard desalination plant is able to produce 1.5 tons of water a day. This is being coordinated with the Haitian authorities. At this moment, we are beginning to unload part of the humanitarian aid, while our available personnel are providing medical care. Diálogo: Why is it important for Colombia to stand in solidarity with Haiti? Adm. Santamaría: This is essentially a situation which no country in the Caribbean basin is exempt from. At some point, our island departments of San Andrés and Providencia were also under Hurricane Matthew’s threat.This is the part, I believe, that is natural: it is normal for sister countries to support each other in the face of emergencies and situations that impact our populations. It is almost an obligation our countries have to assist and accompany each other during these calamities. Diálogo: How does being able to support the Haitian population make you feel? Adm. Santamaría: As commander of the Colombian Navy and as a person, I think it’s very satisfying to be able to see the commitment of our sailors, the tremendously fast readiness of the ship, the ability to fine tune all of the vessel’s systems and capabilities –from the aerial component to that of the reaction boats and humanitarian assistance squad– in record time. It’s very satisfying to be able to show our Navy’s capabilities, that we are able to deploy in a very fast, timely manner as part of a multinational force, in a way that employs direct bi-national coordination with a sister country that needs help. Diálogo: What message would you like to send to the countries of the region and the world so that they might also support the Haitian people in this time of need? Adm. Santamaría: This is a greeting that is linked to cooperation, to becoming a part of this event of coordinated support, verifying which needs are the most urgent. This way, we can organize them in a very efficient manner in order to be able to best meet the needs of this sister country as it suffers through this disaster.Diálogo: How has the role of the Colombian Armed Forces evolved its national and international reaction to natural disasters and providing humanitarian assistance? Adm. Santamaría: This is a role that has always existed and, in one way or another, has been activated to a great extent over the last few years. The international role of humanitarian assistance and of participation in multinational operation in the fight against transnational crime and in humanitarian aid has improved greatly. We have received support from the U.S. government in training our personnel. We have participated in Operation Atalanta, which sought to counter international crime in the form of pirating off the Horn of Africa. We have received support from partner nations such as Spain, which allows us to show that we are, in a way, a much more mature Navy. We can perfectly align ourselves with and adapt to these multinational forces, which, of course, allows our Navy to be much more efficient while supporting these kinds of humanitarian assistance missions.Diálogo: What would you consider the most important challenge the Colombian Navy has regarding the humanitarian aid it offers other countries? Adm. Santamaría: The challenge we have experienced while working on this issue has been the importance of being able to collaborate, being able to participate with the means and resources that are available. [We have had to think about] how we can combine each country’s capabilities, so that they can be united while facing these needs. [We have pondered] how to overcome these, as I call them, “poverties” – that is, the different possibilities, capabilities, or resources of each country – in an organized, efficient manner and as a multinational task force in order to be much more efficient and to be able to be in an optimal position to provide the attention, assistance, or support that other countries might need. We are committed to this. The Colombian Army is working to continue to train its personnel and continue to be associated with these types of operations that show, in one way or another, the evolution our country has had in this type of participation.Diálogo: What lessons has Colombia learned in terms of managing natural disasters and in its humanitarian aid efforts? Adm. Santamaría: One of the most important points is the need to be organized and to have adequate planning, because you can’t necessarily provide support if you don’t really know what is needed. Extremely clear coordination is required in order to see what the person or country that requires the aid truly needs, what actual support would somehow allow those needs to be met with actual capacities, and to avoid suddenly ending up being a distortion of the support that was intended.last_img read more

NAFCU witness: Reg burden is credit unions’ top challenge

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first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr NAFCU witness Peggy Bosma-LaMascus, president and CEO of Patriot Federal Credit Union in Chambersburg, Pa., will deliver NAFCU’s message that credit unions need substantial regulatory relief during a hearing this morning by the House Financial Services Committee.Bosma-LaMascus will testify before the panel alongside other financial industry witnesses in a hearing titled “Preserving Consumer Choice and Financial Independence” and focused especially on rising compliance costs under the Dodd-Frank Act.Today’s hearing will be the second in two months in which NAFCU has urged lawmakers to address onerous constraints of current rules and take action to reduce the proliferation of new ones.Bosma-LaMascus will emphasize that credit unions have a long history of helping the economy grow, even during the recent financial crisis, yet they remain highly regulated and are restricted in their ability to provide services and build capital. She will push the provisions of NAFCU’s five-point plan for credit union regulatory relief to address this. continue reading »last_img read more

Save $250 on NAFCU’s online training subscriptions before Friday

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first_img continue reading » Friday is the last chance for credit union professionals to save $250 on an all-access pass to NAFCU’s exclusive library of online webinars. These online training programs are tailored for staff and volunteers looking to learn, grow, and help their institution. Use code SUMMER by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Friday, Aug. 30.For just one price, receive access to over 50 hot-topic compliance webinars per year and learn to master challenges like BSA, data security, risk management, loss prevention, and more. This also includes training modules on special topics such as NAFCU’s complete training on credit card compliance.With the all-access pass, credit unions can look forward to receiving the following:Online compliance training subscription: includes over 50 compliance webinars and the ability to maintain NCCO, NCRM, NCBSCO designations; ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

GO-TIME: Commonwealth Saves Local Governments $1.8 Million Through Innovative Electricity Program

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first_img January 12, 2018 SHARE Email Facebook Twitter GO-TIME: Commonwealth Saves Local Governments $1.8 Million Through Innovative Electricity Programcenter_img Efficiency,  GO-TIME,  Government That Works,  Innovation,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA –Local governments, school districts and others will cut their electricity costs by $1.8 million over the next four years, thanks to COSTARS, a state purchasing program that allows members to purchase materials at discounted prices, said Ken Hess, deputy secretary for the Department of General Services.“One of the Wolf Administration’s priorities is to create a ‘Government That Works’ by adding or creating value for the customers we serve,” Hess said. “The Expanded Electricity Procurement Program has proven its value as a successful way for COSTARS members to reduce their electricity bills and generate savings for their local taxpayers.”The state’s cooperative purchasing program, or COSTARS, allows its members – including municipalities, public authorities, school districts, and certain non-profits – to use state-awarded contracts to purchase a large variety of materials and services at lower prices.Since 2009, a collaboration between the Department of General Services’ Bureau of Procurement and the Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) has competitively bid and awarded contracts for more than 7,000 electricity accounts among state government and a limited number of COSTARS members saving $4 million annually through 2019.Last year, through the Public Utility Commission, PSFEI amended its electric broker’s license to expand the electricity procurement program to all COSTARS members.“With the success we have experienced in saving our COSTARS members millions of dollars on their electricity bills, we are looking to increase the participation at our next electricity bidding event in April,” Hess said. “The more COSTARS members that participate in each event, the better the opportunity for obtaining the lowest possible pricing.”To participate in the commonwealth’s next electricity bidding event in April, interested COSTARS members need to register with Scott Harford of PSFEI, at sharford@engr.psu.edu or 814-863-2090 by March 31, 2018.The Expanded Electricity Procurement Program is part of the department’s broader efforts to save money on goods and services purchased by state government, which have resulted in over $140 million in savings over the last two fiscal years. Overall, state agencies have saved over $373 million through this and other initiatives through GO-TIME.For more information on COSTARS or how to participate in the program, visit COSTARS online.last_img read more

IT woes force Syntrus Achmea to drop industry-wide pension funds

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first_imgDutch pensions administrator Syntrus Achmea Pensioenbeheer has said it will stop providing services to industry-wide pension funds, as its new IT system has struggled to cope with their disparate arrangements.The company said it had been forced to take drastic decision after it became clear the new system could not accommodate the schemes’ various pension plans and numerous “exceptions”.A Syntrus spokesman said the company concluded it could not resolve the issue within a reasonable time period.As a result of its decision, Syntrus is to make “hundreds” of workers redundant. At present, industry-wide pension funds (23) account for about two-thirds of Syntrus’s business.Five of them have left to find new providers, while two others have decided to liquidate next year; Syntrus said it would aim to transfer the remaining 15 schemes before 2019.The pensions administrator is introducing an IT system to increase accuracy and cut costs by at least 20%, with a view to stemming losses at its pensions management business since its inception in 2009.The system is also meant to address quality complaints that had lead to the departure of a number of large clients, such as the pension funds for the retail, confectioner and tyre and wheel sectors.Early last summer, when Syntrus first announced the new system, it warned that it would need to “harmonise” pension plans.Tom van der Spek, director of old-age provision at Syntrus, told IPE sister publication Pensioen Pro that the company would need to invest millions to keep the old system running for its sector scheme clients.“Given their decreasing numbers, the investment would not be justified,” he said.Van der Spek said Syntrus would instead focus on corporate and occupational pension funds, as well on the general pension fund (APF) of insurer Centraal Beheer, which is part of Achmea Group.The company’s spokesman added that Achmea’s strategy would also target asset management growth.The provider services about 70 pension funds, including the 23 sector schemes.The ramifications of Syntrus’s decision for the company’s staff of about 700 remain unclear.The union FNV warned that it expected at least 500 jobs to “disappear” over the next two years; Syntrus has said the figure would be “a few hundreds”.last_img read more

Marenave’s Final Vessels Sold Off

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first_imgThe remainder of the fleet once owned by German shipping trust Marenave Schiffahrts has been sold through a bank-driven process, data provided by the company shows.The data lists a mix of six tankers, two containerships, four bulk carriers and a car carrier as sold. The majority of the fleet was disposed of in March, May and June, respectively, while the final two ships were sold in the second half of September, according to data provided by VesselsValue.The two ships in question, the LR1 tankers Mare Pacific and Mare Atlantic, reached a price tag of USD 5.9 million and USD 5.4 million. VesselsValue data also shows that the 68,500 dwt tankers, built in 2001, were purchased by Greece-based Stalwart Management.With the final vessels disposed, the company has fulfilled the conditions for its restructuring, as earlier set by Marenave’s financing banks.However, the company’s existence was once again put into question in mid-September as the proposed capital reduction, another condition for implementing the restructuring concept, was rejected by key shareholders.At the annual general meeting held on September 15, members postponed capital reduction. Consequently, the investment agreement involving CPO Investments GmbH & Co. KG (Offen Group) and DEVK Allgemeine Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft fell through.The shipping trust started its negotiations with the financing banks in late 2016 in order to avoid insolvency after it received notice from the two banks financing the Marenave-fleet stating that Marenave’s restructuring concept will not be supported.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Federer keeps Team Europe ahead in Laver Cup with win over Kyrgios

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first_imgRelatedPosts Federer pays surprise visit to rooftop tennis girls Coronavirus fears: Kyrgios withdraws from US Open Federer out of tennis until 2021 Tags: Nick KyrgiosRoger FedererTeam Europelast_img

Success breeds interest – Samaras

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first_img For his part, Samaras insists he has no intention of leaving Glasgow any time soon. The 28-year-old arrived at Parkhead on loan from Manchester City in January 2008, before signing a permanent deal the following summer and is now the longest-serving player at the club aside from skipper Scott Brown. While speculation surrounds the future of some Hoops players such as Gary Hooper, Victor Wanyama and Fraser Forster, Samaras – voted player of the year by the club’s supporters recently – is “fully committed” to the Clydesdale Bank Premier League champions. He will sit down and discuss an extension to his current deal which finishes next year, at a time to suit both parties. He said: “I have one more year of my contract and hopefully I will be here next season. Six years is a lot but it has gone so fast and when you feel good at the club, people are looking after you and you feel you are part of a big family, I cannot see a reason to leave. “But it is too soon to speak about a contract. When they are ready and I am ready then we will have a chat. But we have plenty of time, don’t worry.” Georgios Samaras is not surprised that Celtic boss Neil Lennon has been linked with a move to Everton. The race for the managerial hot-seat at Goodison Park is under way after it was confirmed that David Moyes will take over from soon-to-be-retired Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United on July 1. “I haven’t heard anything but all I can say is that when you are playing at a high level like the Champions League and doing well then for sure people will come and watch the players or the manager or whoever is part of the team,” said the Greece international. “That is normal. When you are doing well, people will come and watch you. But I don’t know what he is thinking or what he wants to do.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Osvaldo ready for boss reunion

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first_img Press Association Osvaldo has signed a four-year deal at St Mary’s, adding to a fine week for the Saints who kicked off their new Barclays Premier League campaign with a 1-0 win at West Brom on Saturday. The Argentinian 27-year-old played under Pochettino for just over a season at Espanyol and believes it was a period which produced the best spell of his career so far. Osvaldo said: “I’ve worked with Mauricio before and I know him quite well. The season I shared with him at Espanyol was my best season as a football in a personal and collective sense. “It’s fantastic to work with Mauricio. He’s a great motivator and for me it’s very important to work with people who appreciate and respect how I work. “For some years I’ve been working with people who don’t appreciate how I work as a player, so it’s great for me to to be working with people who do appreciate it.” Osvaldo, who has won nine caps for Italy, scored 16 goals in Serie A last year but admitted to a long-held desire to play in the Barclays Premier League, with Tottenham among a number of clubs linked in the summer. He added: “I’ve been dreaming about playing in the Premier League and I want to do something important in this league, so I’ve made this dream come true. “I’ve always been a massive fan of the Premier League. The technical level of the league is amazing and it is very dynamic. Overall I’m thrilled to be here.” Osvaldo’s arrival takes Southampton’s summer spending spree over the £30million mark following earlier deals for Victor Wanyama and Dejan Lovren. center_img Southampton’s record signing Pablo Daniel Osvaldo is relishing the prospect of reuniting with former boss Mauricio Pochettino after completing his move from Roma for a fee in the region of £15million.last_img read more