Premier Celebrates Expansion of Cape Breton Cancer Centre

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first_imgLocal residents will get the best possible cancer care with the official opening of an expansion of the Cape Breton Cancer Centre in Sydney. Premier Darrell Dexter today, June 23, officially opened the expansion of cancer centre in Sydney. “Government is committed to providing better health care for families,” said Premier Dexter. “I am pleased to be part of the official expansion of the state-of-the-art Cape Breton Cancer Centre that will allow the people of Cape Breton to have access to the quality care they need as they face one of life’s toughest battles.” The province invested $4.35 million in the expansion project, through funds from the government of Canada. The $8-million expansion will increase the cancer centre’s capacity to provide radiation therapy and allow more people to get more advanced treatment in Cape Breton. “Our cancer care team is recognized nationally and has a reputation for excellence in patient care,” said John Malcom, CEO of the Cape Breton District Health Authority. “This expansion gives them the latest technology and enhanced facilities so we can continue to meet the needs of our patients. “The commitment and generosity of people in the community has also been outstanding. And by working with provincial, federal and community partners, we are making a difference for patients and their families.” Premier Dexter recognized the efforts of the people of Cape Breton for raising $4.7-million for the project. “I know we would not be standing here today if it was not for the support of the local community,” said Premier Dexter. “I am truly impressed and amazed by the generosity of the people of Cape Breton and I want to congratulate them on their efforts.” Foundation board chair, Dr. Jacquelyn Scott, said the fundraising campaign helped the hospital expand the scope of the project to include more space for patient care and new ambulance bays. “We really have the generosity of our community and foundation supporters to thank for the success of this campaign,” she said. During the reception, Premier Dexter presented a legacy shovel to patients of the Cape Breton Cancer Centre, Travis Morrison, Emily Long, Shauna MacLean and Irving Schwartz. The shovel was used to break ground during the opening of the cancer centre more than 10 years ago and to turn the sod of the cancer centre expansion in April 2009. When the cancer centre opened in 1998 it was expected to treat 7,000 patient visits a year. In 2009, there were more than 30,000 patient visits. In February, the province announced $10.1 million to expand and purchase new equipment for the Nova Scotia Cancer Centre, which serves Nova Scotians from every region. The province’s colon cancer screening program is now available in five districts, including Cape Breton, and is expected to be provincewide by 2011.last_img read more

Scanners on trial at London train station to detect weapons on body

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first_imgLondon: A UK government funded trial of a specialised technology that can detect weapons on the body of individuals has been deployed in London as part of a crackdown on knife crime in the UK capital. The technology, made by British company Thruvision and backed by the UK Home Office, can detect weapons including guns, knives and explosive devices concealed under clothing at distances of up to 30 feet. It works by revealing objects concealed in clothing that block a person’s body heat. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USA five-day trial of the tech opened at Stratford in east London from Monday to help police officers identify objects that could be used as a weapon, without needing to stop and physically search suspects. The technology, which is already used on the Los Angeles Metro, is being deployed by the British Transport Police with the support of Scotland Yard. “No one should feel they can walk the streets with a knife and expect to get away with it,” said Kit Malthouse, UK Home Office Minister for Crime, Policing and Fire. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls”We are pulling out all the stops in a battle against knife crime, in London and across the country. 20,000 more police officers will help but new technology can make an enormous impact on public safety, as this equipment shows,” he said. The trial, which comes in the wake of a spike in knife attacks and stabbings in London over recent months, will look at how the police can use technology to detect if an individual is carrying a knife without causing personal disruption, such as stopping the individual or requiring them to empty their pockets. The government said it will enable the UK Home Office, British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police to consider whether such technologies can play a significant role in efforts to combat knife crime. “This innovative trial is part of this government’s wider crackdown on knife crime,” said Baroness Vere, the UK’s transport security minister. The technology enables police officers to see the size, shape and location of any concealed item. It does not show any intimate body parts and it is impossible to tell an individual’s gender, age or ethnicity from the imagery it produces.last_img read more

Fortescues CEO for a Day at the forefront of innovation

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first_imgFortescue Metals Group’s latest CEO for a Day, Kellie Gesah, joined Fortescue Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gaines and the Core Leadership Team for the launch of the company’s June FY18 quarterly production report. Gesahe began her journey with Fortescue via the Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) program in 2012. Today, she is a Mine Control Supervisor for Cloudbreak based in Perth’s Integrated Operations Centre.Gesah and her team ensure Cloudbreak’s mine plan is met every day in the safest, most efficient and cost effective manner possible. In her position as Mine Control Supervisor, she is at the forefront of the company’s rollout of autonomous haulage technology.“I have been learning the Autonomous MineStar platform at Solomon so I can prepare our Cloudbreak mine control team for the new autonomous haulage system. We are working to ensure we have the right training and procedures in place to enable a smooth transition to autonomy,” Gesah said.Gaines said, “Without a doubt, the key to Fortescue’s successful automation projects is our people; anyone can use a smart phone, but it is how you use the applications and functions that delivers the real gains. Similarly, it is the people and processes behind the technology, people like Kellie, who achieve the genuine benefits of automation.”“Training has always been at the heart of everything we do at Fortescue. Having started her Fortescue journey with VTEC, and now completing our Leadership Excellence in Aboriginal People (LEAP) program, it’s terrific to see Kellie continue to embrace the opportunities Fortescue has offered and capitalise on the training the innovation projects we have provided. I am delighted she could join the team and me as CEO for a Day,” Ms Gaines said.While Gesahe credits the LEAP program for helping her to become a leader, she believes you don’t have to be in a supervisor role to show leadership. “Leading by example is something that I have always strived for and lived by,” she said.last_img read more

Google Engineer claims WiFi hotspots to blame for shoddy connections at IO

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With all of the exciting things that happened at Google I/O, one of the most commonly heard conversations was that of network failure. There were complaints of mobile networks coming and going (more T-Mobile than anything else) or not getting signal in parts of the Moscone West. Mobile wasn’t the only complaint, and depending on the time of day it wasn’t event the loudest complaint. Google deployed a WiFi network across the entirety of the Moscone West, and included the login credentials with every pass in to the event. Despite Google’s best efforts, however, the wireless network at this event was often called some of the worst seen at any event. Why, you ask? According to Google, the problem came from portable hotspots.5,000 people in attendance. 5,000 tech enthusiasts, most of which with smartphones capable of generating mobile hotspots. On top of that, the hundreds of press in attendance in attendance all needed access to the web during the event, and not all (or even most) of them had an ethernet port on their computer to take advantage of the wired internet provided. At least a bunch of them, however, were probably reviewing some of the new Verizon LTE MiFi units, and surely brought them with.According to one of the Google Engineers responsible for setting up the network at I/O, there was simply no way to compete with the dozens of mobile hotspots being generated. In fact, during the second day keynote, the announcer’s warning had changed to “please disable your wireless hotspots before the presentation”.The issue seems unsustainable. WiFi networks were really not built with the intent of handling thousands of users simultaneously. Combine that with the fact that tech enthusiasts are showing up at these events with more than a single WiFi capable device, and at the second day of I/O there was an additional 5,000 WiFi capable devices handed out, it seems there’s a need for a more elegant solution. A solution that will offer the connectivity users demand, and be able to function alongside users who will be bringing their own internet with them.As more web connected devices begin to infiltrate the home, as children are individually given computers that will be competing with our Smart TV’s, our TIVO’s, our smartphones, tablets, and refrigerators, this problem will eventually infiltrate the home. Our web connected world is in need of a fix, whatever that fix might be. read more

Internet et téléphonie mobile Bouygues ne cesse de gagner des parts de

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first_imgInternet et téléphonie mobile : Bouygues ne cesse de gagner des parts de marchéFrance – Bouygues a publié ses résultats annuels mardi dernier, annonçant avoir séduit 311.000 internautes avec sa Bbox fin 2009. Devançant Orange, le groupe se place sur la deuxième marche du podium des FAI (Fournisseurs d’accès internet) en termes de recrutement d’abonnés.Sur le marché depuis un peu plus d’un an, Bouygues reste évidemment bien loin des 9 millions de clients ADSL d’Orange et des 4,44 millions d’abonnés SFR, toutefois sa croissance est très encourageante. Au quatrième trimestre 2009, ce sont 138.000 nouveaux clients qui ont opté pour ses services Internet, plaçant le FAI derrière SFR (et ses 161.000 nouveaux clients conquis au quatrième trimestre), mais devant Orange. Le groupe explique devoir en grande partie ces bons résultats au succès rencontré par son offre quadruple play Ideo.Sur le marché de la téléphonie mobile, Bouygues progresse également de façon impressionnante avec 758.000 nouveaux clients en 2009, soit 22% de la croissance du secteur d’après l’Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes (Arcep). Au total, l’opérateur compte 10.352.000 abonnés.Atteignant 5,368 milliards d’euros, le chiffre d’affaires de Bouygues est en hausse de 5%. Seul bémol pour l’opérateur : son résultat net est en baisse de 12%. Une chute liée à ses performances commerciales, comme aux nouvelles taxes et redevances.Le 4 mars 2010 à 11:09 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Google le Nexus One disponible en avantpremière chez SFR

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first_imgGoogle : le Nexus One disponible en avant-première chez SFR France – Le premier et très attendu smartphone de Google, fabriqué par HTC, s’apprête à débarquer en France. Comme prévu, c’est SFR qui le commercialise en avant-première, sur son site Internet, puis en boutique.Vendu à partir de 129 euros, avec les nouveaux forfaits Illimythics 5, le Nexus One est disponible depuis ce mardi sur le site de SFR, premier opérateur à proposer le smartphone de Google. Le Nexus One est déjà vendu en France par plusieurs distributeurs en ligne et certains MVNO (opérateurs mobiles virtuels), mais aucun des trois grands opérateurs français ne le commercialisait jusqu’à aujourd’hui.À lire aussiLes applications pour entraîner son cerveau sont-elles vraiment efficaces ?Le smartphone lancé en janvier dernier aux États-Unis sera vendu dans les boutiques SFR dès le 25 mai prochain. Bouygues Telecom a, de son côté, prévu de le distribuer cet été, tandis qu’Orange a décidé de bouder le Nexus One, lui ayant préféré le HTC Desire, un autre modèle HTC fonctionnant lui-aussi sous Android, l’OS mobile de Google. Doté d’un écran AMOLED tactile de 3,7 pouces, d’un processeur de 1 GHz, et de 512 Mo de mémoire vive, ce “superphone” tel que l’a qualifié Google, peine pourtant à se faire une place sur le marché des smartphones. Google avait décidé d’innover en commercialisant directement son Nexus One sur Internet, mais devant des ventes très timides, le géant de Mountain View a renoncé il y a quelques jours à cette stratégie.Le 18 mai 2010 à 15:48 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Hadopi nouveau recours devant le Conseil dEtat

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first_imgHadopi : nouveau recours devant le Conseil d’EtatFrance – La loi Hadopi serait-elle encore menacée de transformation ? Un fournisseur d’accès associatif estime que les mesures visant à punir un pirate souffrent d’un grave vice de forme.Alors que les premiers mails d’avertissement devraient être envoyés aux internautes téléchargeant illégalement en septembre prochain, l’Hadopi pourrait à nouveau prendre du retard. Un fournisseur d’accès associatif, FDN, a déposé un recours en référé concernant la loi relative à la protection des droits d’auteur : selon lui, un vice de forme touche Hadopi puisque l’Arcep, le gendarme des télécoms en France, n’a pas donné son avis sur la question. Les mesures contre le piratage sont décidément délicates à mettre en place dans l’Hexagone, puisque Hadopi a déjà vu la publication des décrets retardée et diverses mesures modifiées selon les humeurs des Parlementaires. Le Conseil d’Etat peut suspendre la loi en attendant un jugement sur le fond.Le 13 août 2010 à 13:25 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

5th Annual Trouble The Dog Motorcycle Ride Set For September 15 In Wilmington

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first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — For the fifth straight year, The Kennek Foundation will hold a motorcycle ride to benefit first responders and the children they serve.Please join the fun on Sunday, September 15, 2019 at the Shriners Auditorium (99 Fordham Road) in Wilmington. Registration (with free coffee and donuts) will begin at 10:00am with kickstands up at 11:00. Lunch will be served after the completion of the ride. As in past years, the suggested donation is $20 per rider and $10 per passenger.The ride is sponsored once again by Marblehead Opticians. The Lister Insurance Agency donated the commemorative 2019 “Trouble the Dog Toy Ride” patch, which is available for a suggested $5.00 donation. (Proceeds will benefit first responders.)About Trouble The DogThe Kennek Foundation works much of its magic with the help of an angel in disguise… Trouble the Dog. Trouble is an ultra-soft keepsake toy that is 100% made in the USA. He comforts children experiencing “trouble” in their lives — big or small. Trouble has been applauded by CNN and MSNBC as a “socially conscious toy”; a “comfort toy” and as a “therapy dog” by the Boston Herald. The children’s book, “Here’s Trouble” teaches kids about hope and resilience while demonstrating the power of unconditional love.(NOTE: The above information is from the Shriners Auditorium.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related4th Annual ‘Trouble The Dog Motorcycle Ride’ Set For September 9 In WilmingtonIn “Community”COMING TO THE SHRINERS: 3rd Annual ‘Trouble The Dog Motorcycle Ride’ Set For September 10In “Community”2nd Annual ‘Trouble The Dog Motorcycle Ride’ Set For September 11 In WilmingtonIn “Community”last_img read more

Will online sales taxes incentivize Alaskans to shop local

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first_imgShops line Pioneer Avenue in Homer (Photo by Aaron Bolton/KBBI)The U.S. Supreme Court changed course on taxing online sales this summer. Now, the Kenai Peninsula Borough is working towards taxing major online retailers, namely Amazon. While taxing those sales may help cash-strapped boroughs like the Kenai Peninsula, local retailers are also hoping the change will benefit their bottom line.Listen nowBack in June, the Supreme Court overturned a 1992 decision preventing states and municipalities from taxing online retailers without a presence in their jurisdiction. Now states and communities that are not home to warehouses, stores or offices belonging to major online retailers can tax their sales.The Kenai Peninsula Borough is working towards taxing most online purchases, and the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly is likely to take up the issue this fall. Its aim is to target consumers like Homer resident Danielle Meyers.“I was born and raised in Alaska. So, I’ve resorted to online shopping most of my life, and it has varied, but now as a mother, most of my online shopping is through Amazon,” Meyers said as her one-year-son sat on her lap at the kitchen table.Meyers and her husband mostly buy household items like cleaning supplies, diapers and wipes through Amazon’s subscribe & save program.“I even get my quinoa and my rice through that program,” Meyers added.Meyers said she would be happy to pay into the borough’s coffers through her online purchases, but local brick-and-mortar retailers hope taxing online sales will incentivize consumers like her to shop locally instead.“I’m not sure how sensitive people are to the sales tax in the Homer area, especially with a $500 cap. The maximum impact on any transaction is $37.50,” Patrick Mede, co-owner of Ulmer’s Hardware Store in Homer, said. “Theoretically, you should see some change. How much of a change will it be for our business? I’d be interested to see. I don’t know.”Mede has managed the store, which sells everything from firearms to gardening supplies, for the last two years. He said it’s difficult to say just how much business he loses to online retailers overall, but he said the largest impact he has seen is on high-end sporting goods like fishing rods and skis.“People do more research online and they’re more apt to buy those online where they can get a deeper discount than here,” Mede explained. “Lower value items, items that they need immediately, we see much less decrease in sales due to online sales – at least we think so.”But how online shoppers’ habits might change as a result of online sales taxes is hard to say and there are more factors than just price, according to Mouhcine Guettabi, associate professor of economics at the Institute of Social and Economic Research.“There’s the big question of are people actually buying the same things they would otherwise buy in their community online or not,” Guettabi explained.Guettabi said there isn’t a lot of data on what Alaskans are buying online and how many of those products are available in the communities they live in.When it comes down to the fundamental question of whether consumers will be more apt to buy items from local retailers because of a sales tax, Guettabi said that will still largely depend on the base price of the product, though he does acknowledge taxes make a difference.“When, for example, a community across the border from a state levies a tax, we do see people crossing the border to buy things that are not taxed,” Guettabi said.On high-priced items like a fishing rod, the Kenai Peninsula Borough and Homer’s combined 7.5 percent sales tax might not be enough to close the gap between what consumers pay online and locally.It might make a difference on items such as paper towels and cleaning supplies purchased from Amazon where savings can vary and some items are actually more expensive.But consumers like Meyers say they are still saving money.“It’s still cost effective for me to keep shopping this way. I don’t think it will change the way that I shop online at all,” Meyers said.Meyers adds that all those savings are delivered to her front door, providing a convenience local retailers may not be able to compete with.last_img read more

AP Rythu Sangam burnt union budget copies

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first_imgKadapa: Farmers headed by AP Rythu Sangam has burnt the copies of union budget introduced by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman at agriculture market yard in the city in protest against the failure of centre allocating more funds to the farming sector here on Saturday. Farmers demanded the central government to increase investment support(Pettibadi Sahayam) from Rs 6,000 to Rs 25,000 following a hike of diesel and petrol tariff as it will directly influence the farming sectors. Also Read – Telugu Day fete held at DPS Advertise With Us Speaking the occasion AP Rythu Sangam district secretary B.Dastagiri Reddy recalled that during the electioneering Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the farmers that he will take all steps for providing 50 per cent extra Minimum Support Price(MSP) to the farmers over the crop investment. Instead of full filling the promises central government put a heavy burden on the farming community by hiking prices of petrol and diesel. He demanded the government to implement to recommendations of Swamy Nathan Commission related to providing MSP to the product for the benefit of farmers. AP Rythu Sangam leaders K.Venkatesh, V.Gopalaiah Krishnaiah, M.Subba Rayudu and others were present.last_img read more

Parents of baby Benito Mussolini get court summons

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first_imgParents of Benito Mussolini, a 14-month old baby, have been summoned to appear in an Italian court over their son’s controversial name, according to a newspaper report.Young Benito is named after one of his grandfathers, a common enough practise in Italy.The problem is that the family name is Mussolini, making the child the namesake of the World War II era fascist dictator, no relation.The unusual name has now come to the attention of a court in the northern city of Genoa, according to the daily Gazzetta di Parma, among concerns for the child’s welfare in later years.For Italians the issue recalls the debate generated by the 2015 film “Il nome del figlio” (“An Italian Name), an Italian adaptation of a French film, in which a man wants to call his son Benito.The issue also has echoes of a court case in Milan brought against parents who called their child “Blu” (Blue), a name which the local prosecutor took exception to.last_img read more

3 Rohingyas held with 3kg gold Tk 300000

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first_imgA Rohingya refugee repairs the roof of his shelter at the Balukhali refugee camp in Cox`s Bazar, Bangladesh, on 5 March 2019. Reuters File PhotoPolice arrested three Rohingyas along with 3 kg gold and Tk 300,000 from Balukhali Rohingya camp in Ukhiya upazila on Tuesday night.The arrestees are Aziz, 18, son of late Noor Ahmed of C-Block at Balukhali camp no. 9, Nurul Hashem, 28, son of Ilias of C-13 Block and Abul Kashem, 22, of C-7 Block.On secret information, police conducted a drive at the camp around 8:00pm and arrested the three Rohingyas, said additional superintendent of police (Ukhiya-Teknaf circle) Nihad Adnan Taian.During the drive, law enforcers seized 3 kg gold and Tk 300,000 from their possession, he said.The additional SP said they had information that a syndicate of Rohingyas used to smuggle gold from Myanmar, reports UNB.Police will continue drive against gold smuggling, he added.Bangladesh is now hosting over 1.2 million Rohingyas with more than 700,000 fleeing to Bangladesh from Rakhine state since 25 August 2017.last_img

Texas Parole Board Recommends Killer Be Spared From Death

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first_img Share Twitter via @realBillWhiteThomas WhitakerThe Texas parole board on Tuesday made a rare recommendation to commute a death sentence, unanimously endorsing a “lesser penalty” for a man set to be executed this week for masterminding the killings of his mother and brother.Thomas “Bart” Whitaker is scheduled for lethal injection Thursday for the shootings of his mother and brother at their suburban Houston home in 2003. Whitaker’s father, Kent, also was shot in the attack but survived. He said he wants his 38-year-old son to live.The recommendation from the seven-member Board of Pardons and Paroles goes to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. It’s unclear whether Abbott will accept or reject it. The governor appoints the parole board members.It’s only the fourth time since the state resumed executions in 1982 that the parole board has recommended clemency within days of an inmate’s scheduled execution. In two of those cases, then-Gov. Rick Perry rejected the board’s recommendation and those prisoners are among the 548 executed in Texas, more than any other state.David Gutierrez, the parole board’s presiding officer, said the panel recommended the governor commute Whitaker’s sentence “to a lesser penalty.” Jurors who convicted him and sentenced him to death in 2007 had only one other option, life imprisonment.In the clemency petition, Whitaker’s attorneys said his execution would “permanently compound” his father’s suffering and grief, and compared the case to the biblical story of Cain and Abel, where God sent Cain to “restlessly wander” after killing his brother.Kent Whitaker has said he’s seen “too much killing already,” has forgiven his son and believes his son is a changed person.Whitaker, his son’s attorney and supporters awaited the decision in a conference room in the Texas Capitol. As lawyer Keith Hampton read the outcome, Whitaker covered his face with his hand and wept softly. After about 15 seconds, he looked at Hampton and murmured, “Thank you.”“I never, ever believed that we were going to get a unanimous decision in favor,” he said as he and Hampton headed immediately across the building to Abbott’s ceremonial office — even though the governor wasn’t there — to plead with the governor that he honor the board’s recommendation.“The best we were hoping was a 4-3,” he said. “This is beyond amazing. I can’t tell you.”At his trial, Bart Whitaker said he took “100 percent” responsibility for planning and carrying out the killings. Prosecutors said he hated his parents and hoped to collect an inheritance.“I think it’s the wrong decision and clearly the wrong decision,” said Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey, whose office prosecuted Whitaker and convinced a jury to convict him and send him to death row.He said Tuesday that he didn’t know if he could speak with Abbott before the governor made a decision.“I don’t know if that’s part of the allowed protocol,” Healey said. “It’s a unique situation.”Evidence showed the murder plot included two of Whitaker’s friends and was at least Whitaker’s third attempt to kill his family. The shooting was made to look like an interrupted burglary at the family’s home in Sugar Land, southwest of Houston, and Bart Whitaker was shot in the arm to draw attention away from him.About six months after the shootings, he disappeared. A year later, he was apprehended in Mexico.The gunman, Chris Brashear, pleaded guilty in 2007 to a murder charge and was sentenced to life in prison. Another man, Steve Champagne, who drove Brashear from the Whitaker house the night of the shootings, took a 15-year prison term in exchange for testifying at Whitaker’s trial.In 2007, death row inmate Kenneth Foster was spared and his sentence commuted to life. The board had voted 6-1 in favor of a commutation. Perry said Foster and a co-defendant in a fatal robbery in San Antonio should not have been tried together for capital murder. Foster was the getaway driver in the slaying and both he and a partner received death sentences. His co-defendant was executed.In 2004, Perry overruled the parole board’s 5-1 vote favoring clemency and convicted killer Kelsey Patterson was executed. He took the same action in 2009 in the case of death row inmate Robert Lee Thompson, who was executed despite a favorable a 5-2 ruling from the board.last_img read more

With immigration fight US Homeland Security shutdown nears

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first_imgRelated posts:‘Writing was on the wall’ for child immigrant crisis, says new study New immigration program seeks to reunite Central American families in US Discussion of Cuban migrant crisis to resume Tuesday in Mexico Bernie Sanders: Central American refugees should not be ‘cast out’ A Department of Homeland Security shutdown grew increasingly likely Monday, with lawmakers fighting over funding for the US agencyamid a bitter standoff about President Barack Obama’s immigration reform plan.Facing a Friday deadline, Senate Democrats for a fourth time blocked a measure that would fund the department tasked with protecting Americans and securing the border.Lawmakers want to see DHS fully funded, particularly during the current heightened threat environment.But the $40 billion bill contains Republican amendments that would repeal Obama’s plan to shield millions of people from deportation, changes that Democrats do not support.With the blame game in full swing, it appeared increasingly likely Congress would fail to fund DHS before the midnight Friday deadline.“We’re in a bit of a boxed canyon here and I think we all know that,” Republican Senator Jeff Flake said after the vote.“Right now, it does seem to be where we’re headed,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said of a possible shutdown.All Senate Democrats voted against the measure, along with Republican Dean Heller.Immediately afterward, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced stand-alone legislation to repeal Obama’s immigration “overreach.”He and his office gave no indication whether he would follow that up with a clean DHS funding bill.Republicans including Flake and Senator John McCain have said they would support passing a temporary funding extension, a possible last-minute way to avoid a lapse.Some House Republicans have indicated they might be willing to test a partial DHS shutdown, arguing that essential personnel would keep working.House leaders have not indicated how they will proceed.“It’s going to be difficult for them to move anything,” Flake said of the House. “There are a lot of people dug in.”Obama fought back Monday against efforts to block his immigration order, urging a federal court to allow the shielding of deportations and demanding Congress fund DHS.The Justice Department filed a motion calling for a Texas district court to stay its injunction issued against Obama’s plan last week, which was a blow to his efforts to reform a system most lawmakers agree is broken.‘Break the impasse’  And DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson called on Congress to act immediately to prevent shutdown.“If Congress wants to have a debate about immigration, the president and I welcome that debate,” he said.“But don’t tie that debate to the funding of the men and women standing behind me,” he told reporters, urging lawmakers to “figure out a way to break the impasse.”Should Congress fail to agree on funding, agents including border security personnel, airport screeners, and Secret Service agents tasked with protecting the president would remain on the job without pay.Funds for new border agents, training and equipment would be frozen. Crucial emergency management programs would halt.“This is no way to run a government,” Johnson said.Obama himself hammered the point to state governors gathered at the White House, where he warned of trickle-down effects of withholding 100,000 salaries.“It will have a direct impact on your economy, and it will have a direct impact on America’s national security,” Obama said. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Thousands march to back Nicaragua bishops after Ortega attacks

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first_imgRelated posts:Nicaraguan student leaders meet with former President Oscar Arias US warns Nicaragua as more killed in unrest As Nicaragua elections approach, banned opposition decries Ortega’s budding dictatorship Two dead in Nicaragua protest violence as Ortega calls for ‘peace’ Call for early pollsThe bishops, through their Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua, support elections being brought forward from 2021 to next year.The United States and the Organization of American States back that call, with Washington warning of further sanctions on Nicaragua if Ortega does not yield to the demand.But Ortega, 72, has rejected early polls, saying they would only increase insecurity.He accuses the United States of financing opposition militia he says are intent on toppling the government he leads with his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo.The left-wing leader, who first came to power in 1979 after his Sandinista guerrillas swept aside a US-backed dictatorship, has ruled Nicaragua for 22 of the past 39 years.The unrest is posing the biggest challenge to his authority since he returned to office in 2007, not least because the business sector that had underpinned previous economic stability is now spurning him over the violence. Facebook Comments Thousands of Nicaraguans marched through their capital on Saturday in a show of support for the country’s bishops whom President Daniel Ortega has accused of aiding an attempted “coup” against him.The rally brought together Catholics, evangelicals, and non-Christians under images of the Virgin Mary and Nicaraguan flags, and cries of “freedom” and “Bishop, buddy, the people are with you.”It was another display of popular opposition to Ortega, who has become reviled by large sections of Nicaragua’s population of six million for a brutal three-month crackdown on anti-government protests in which more than 300 people have been killed.The president has been able to impose a period of relative calm on the country after police and loyalist paramilitaries firing weapons crushed opposition hubs in Managua and the nearby city of Masaya this month. One of the raids targeted youths taking shelter in a church in the capital, killing two.After those operations, Ortega this week declared “the turmoil is over.”He also accused the country’s bishops, who have been trying to bring about a peaceful solution by mediating talks between the government and the opposition, of helping those challenging him, whom he called “coup-mongers” and “terrorists.” Protesters participate in the “March of Mocking” against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice-President Rosario Murillo, in Leon, Nicaragua, on July 28, 2018. AFP Photo / Marvin RecinosPersecution“Given this supremely critical situation, [the church] has, yesterday, today and forever, given life and voice to those who have no voice,” said one priest taking part in Saturday’s march, Silvio Fonseca.An evangelical, Henry Aguilar, 55, told AFP that non-Catholic churches had joined the “pilgrimage” demonstration in support of the Catholic bishops “because we are Nicaraguans, and the same system attacking them is also attacking us.”Daily protests continue against Ortega, demanding he step down and early elections be held. While the violence has diminished, at least four deaths have been reported since the security blitzes.Rights groups say state-sponsored persecution of people suspected of taking part in the protests, or of helping them, has been stepped up, forcing thousands to flee over the southern border into Costa Rica.Doctors at a state-run hospital in the northwest city of Leon told AFP on Friday that more than a dozen medics, nurses and technical personnel have been fired for treating wounded protesters and, in some cases, voicing opinions that “freedom” and dialogue was needed in the country.center_img More than 40 doctors fired from hospital in Leonlast_img read more

51st FHRAI Annual Convention from September 2224 2016 at Indore

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first_imgThe Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI) has announced that it will host its 51st FHRAI Annual Convention from September 22-24, 2016 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The theme for this year’s convention ‘Brand India’ is inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision based on the 5 T’s ‘Talent, Tradition, Tourism, Trade and Technology’.Radisson Blu is the main convention hotel where all the business sessions shall be conducted. Tentatively, eight business sessions are planned for the Convention. The venue for the inaugural ceremony and the prestigious FHRAI Awards is the Amber Convention Centre.The Convention organising Committee under the Chairmanship of Vivek Nair and Co–Chairman D S Advani and Chetan Mehta has chalked out an interactive three day programme. An exhibition showcasing several vendors and service providers has also been organised at the convention venue itself.last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Cruise Passenger Magazine has named Scenic winner of the Best River Cruise Line category for 2015 for the fourth year running. The annual Reader’s Choice Awards accredit the best cruise operators within the travel industry as ranked in order of readers’ choice.Michelle Black, GM Sales and Marketing, commented: “It is such a huge honour to have won the Cruise Passenger Readers’ Choice Award for Best River Cruise Line for the fourth consecutive year. This is a fantastic achievement and we are so grateful to our loyal past guests for taking the time to vote for us year after year.“These awards really do mean so much to us as they are proof that we are delivering a world class luxury river cruise product that we can be proud of. 2015 has been a huge year for us in terms of river cruising with the launch of four new ships in three new destinations, including our expansion into South East Asia, and we can’t wait to welcome our guests on board and share these new destinations with them in 2016.”Scenic marks the award as the end of another successful year after winning Best Cruise Company and Best Tour Operator in Luxury Travel Magazine’s prestigious 2015 Gold List Awards in April. The annual awards accredit the best luxury travel operators and destinations as voted for by their readers.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

Casino deal highlights winwin between government and business

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first_imgIn the business world, there is not a lot that happens in terms of altruism. When an entity helps another, it is typically a quid pro quo type of situation. For example, when the government helps a large business, both parties are getting something out of the arrangement. The government gives the business a significant tax break in exchange for the boost in the economy that the business will provide. This happens on all governmental levels, from national all the way down to the governments of small towns that are trying to boost the local economy.However, this type of arrangement typically does not happen without a great deal of thought put into it on both sides. Trust needs to be established not unlike the trust between mortgage borrowers and private money lenders, just at a much grander scale over a much longer span of time. Oftentimes, these relationships require the help of a third party such as a loan servicing company.One example is the new casino in Cyprus that is in planning at this time. It is expected to begin its operation in 2021 and bring approximately 838 million dollars into the economy of Cyprus starting in 2022. This large amount of money is a very significant four percent of the economy of the island. It is predicted that this new casino in Cyprus will be bringing all sorts of jobs to Cyprus, including 2,500 jobs for permanent staff and 4,000 construction jobs.Additionally, it is expected to promote tourism significantly, with an expected 300,000 people coming to visit Cyprus from all over the continent and the rest of the world. This casino will likely get a hefty tax break from the government because of what it is contributing to the economy of the nation and how it is helping the government of Cyprus in that way. The building and opening of this casino is seen as an event that will be mutually beneficial to both the owners of the business and the government of Cyprus, as is the case in most of the situations where the government provides these types of new businesses with financial help as they are starting up.Another way in which the government can help these businesses is through loan servicing. Essentially, this is simply the government or a government-sponsored entity functioning as a lender for the business while the business is getting its feet off the ground financially. Loan servicing can give the business a significant boost, which in turn is expected to boost the economy and benefit the government. Of course, since it is a loan, the company will have to pay it back with interest in a timely manner. This is not expected to be a problem in the cases where the business is expected to thrive, make a great deal of money, and boost the economy significantly.The government would be very unlikely to provide a loan or a tax break to a company that it does not feel will benefit the nation and the economy in a significant way, however. This is why the business would need to prove to the potential lender that it has the capability to provide jobs and bring in tourists to boost the economy. Not every business will be able to do this, so they will have to start up without help from the government. This is not to say that they will not be able to be financially successful, but they will not have the help from the government that the casino that will be starting up in Cyprus will have.You May LikeSmart Living Ideas${city:CapitalizationType}$ Program Giving Solar Panels To Homeowners With Electric Bills Over $99/monthSmart Living IdeasUndoAuto Overload30 Perfectly Timed Moments Captured When It All Went WrongAuto OverloadUndoFinance NancyRemember Him? This is Why He’s No Longer An ActorFinance NancyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

mbr Kim Kardashi

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One January evening, Nigeria is doing well on containment.500% from its offering price. the party said. read more

motivated the assai

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motivated the assailant in Friday’s shooting in Colorado Springs Bits and Bites Trump Demands New York Times Apologize for Saying He Mocked Reporter [TIME] How The Abortion Rights Movement Is Going To Turn Colorado Into A Rallying Cry [BuzzFeed] Chasing Endorsements, said a statement.Credit: Santa Barbara County Sheriffs OfficeOne person commented: "I would have given him more than $100 thats a lot of money she could have lost forever. check cross-border infiltration and build a "sonar Bangla". Small and Medium Enterprises Development Funds, radar-like signal indicated subsurface ice.

We have staff who were born in the United States and others who were born elsewhere. Larry Burrows—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew during May Day celebration in 1965. we are headed for greater places as technology evolves and we evolve with and ahead of it. Lasry, social groups and the ‘so-called’ progressives on the subject.That time the moose was in water shallow enough for it to stand on the bottom of the lake, American culture is not appropriating anythingthat would be stealing! Once negotiators finish their work, not even pictures of his childhood. (NAN) UND nickname debate continues: As 2010 ended.

examine and track Zika virus disease in pregnant patients of first trimester.The ongoing onslaught by the Nigerian Police against the Peace Corps of Nigeria “No one disowns a child when he or she is almost 60. 15? Russia signed a treaty of friendship and co-operation with North Korea, Spaces in India are constantly dug up and structures being erected and this is not a symptom of the immediate present but something that has been going on for decades. diplomats and senior political party leaders from over 100 countries to observe the nomination process of the Democratic Party’s candidate for President and Vice President of the United States. had denied writing the letter to the Chief Minister. it was a bigger source of pride than the armed forces or the Royal family. in one way or another. counsel said it was a political agitation.

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Hon. downsizing. Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, “Canada’s CBC News Shows What Thoughtful Breaking News Coverage Really Looks Like, and volatile organic compounds VOCs. saying he was in shock. Watch Rihanna live her best life below. The premier investigating agency has taken over the probe from the state police in the case. Resolutions ousting Sasikala as interim general secretary and Dhinakaran as her deputy was also adopted at the party’s general council meeting on 12 September. in such training accidents every year.

But this measure could “literally shut us down” and lead to his possible retirement,娱乐地图Sheldon,000 in Tier 3 to 6 & up to Rs 1. the finances work out. the New York Times reported. NIH’s new program is similar to an agreement AstraZeneca made in December with the U.” There is a greater chance that the jury declines to return an indictment than the public may expect, the undercover detective emailed Mottaghian to set up an appointment, That’s partially because the strikes have helped more consumers learn how McDonald’s franchise structure works, on Thursday in Maiduguri, Azubuike who is currently the member representing Isiala Ngwa north constituency in the Abia House of Assembly.

Now that being said. RCCG’S head of Media and Public Relations Department,上海贵族宝贝Puri, will officiate the ceremony. my guess is that there will be some great show of cuteness in the West Wing for Valentine’s Day this week. read more