Fallout 4 has an infinite bottle caps exploit

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first_imgAs with all Bethesda games, Fallout 4 has its fair share of launch build problems across all platforms. Many of them are just funny or a little frustrating when they impact gameplay. However, one newly discovered exploit/glitch is going to have Bethesda rolling out a patch as soon as is humanly possible. The reason? It allows vendors to gift you infinite bottle caps, the in-game currency.The exploit works as follows: approach any vendor and buy all of their stock of a single ammo type. Then sell back one round of that ammo. Then sell all the remaining rounds back of that same ammo. At this point, one of the rounds remains in your inventory even though you sold all rounds. You can then repeatedly sell this one round back to the vendor until all of his money is gone.The vendor will replenish his stock of bottle caps 24 hours after running out, so you can go sleep for that amount of time in-game and return to the same vendor to do this all over again. Alternatively, just go to another vendor. As the video below shows (PlayStation 4 1.01 version of the game), you can also use the exploit for all items.How someone happened to figure out this exploit existed is anyone’s guess. Was it pure luck or a concerted effort to try anything and everything to break the vendor system? Clearly it’s not something Bethesda’s QA department tested for.I’m sure it will be very tempting to take advantage of this glitch, but then you’d be cheating. If you’re fine with that then go right ahead, otherwise, expect Bethesda to have patched it out of the game within a few days. In the meantime, if you need some tips for playing the game we’ve got you covered.If you’re into other fun Fallout 4 semi-exploits, you can find the developer’s room in the game:last_img

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